Friday, May 13, 2011

9/11 Symbolism Proves Osama Bin Laden Was Not The Mastermind

PRESS RELEASE - May 13, 2011
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The recent hoopla over the death of Osama Bin Laden completely overlooks the easily demonstrated fact that the 9/11 attacks utilized redundant symbolism directly linked to Judeo-Christianity, Western Esoterica, and related secret societies.

As documented within Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand, and related articles and releases, the number 11 is a pivotal symbolic and scientific clue embedded throughout ancient wisdom and the symbology used to encode it. A prime example is the fact that the Dead Sea Scrolls were buried in exactly 11 caves during the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. Similarly, in the Book of Genesis, Joseph is the 11th son of Jacob and has a dream of 11 stars. This symbolizes the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar, during which the Dead Sea Scrolls were buried, Rome destroyed Judea and Jerusalem, and Christianity mysteriously emerged. We are now in the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle, symbolized as the 7th star. Consider then why building 7 was also brought down at the same time and place as the Twin Towers.

No matter what other evidence is put forth, the redundant and precise date and number symbolism utilized in the 9/11 attacks is simply not related to Islam, but to western esoteric groups. The intense focus on the number 11 is vitally important because it is one of the hidden keys to unlocking certain ancient symbolism that completely disproves the assertions of all three Faiths of Abraham. When coupled with the great difficulty of coordinating flights 11 and 77 and ensuring that Tower 1 was hit by the second plane (flight 175 and 1+7+5=13) at 9:02 AM, illustrates an intense effort and desire focused on the number 11, as well as 7, 13 and 14.

The twin towers were a giant number 11, as well as two candlesticks and two pillars. The two candlesticks and the number 11 are both used to symbolize truth and justice. The two pillars are symbols for both dualism and truth and justice and are important within Freemasonry. Setting them on fire and destroying them, along with thousands of people inside at 9:02 a.m. on 9/11/2001 is undeniably a magic ritual based upon a bizarre view of symbols and numerology. Notice that 9+2=11, as does 9+1+1. Also 9+1+1+2+0+0+1=14 as does 7+7 and 77 is the product of 7 times 11. The focus on the numbers 7, 11, 13, and 14 and their use in a bizarre death-ritual greatly limits the number of suspects able to pull off and coordinate such a technically difficult event. None of them is likely to have been Islamic, again demonstrating that Osama Bin Laden was a convenient proxy used to cover the actions of some group(s) in the West.

Added on 8/18/2021 : That date was also purposely chosen because of where it resides on the calendar. September 11th is day 254 of the year (255th in leap years) on the Gregorian calendar; That leaves 111 days until years end. Notice that 2+5+4=11, matching the date, its date math (9+1+1), and image of the Twin Towers as a giant number 11, and much else? Next, 9/11/2001 was also 7 months and 22 days into the first term of Bush and Cheney. Notice that the sum of 7+2+2 is also 11? 

 Notice how this redundancy is too precise and persistent to be merely coincidental. It also the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as I have been showing in the 10 years since the original publication of this, in 2011.

Now, for another vital detail. Pay close attention to the date 9/11/2001. It is actually 8 full months plus 11 days into the year. Eight full months have passed and 11 days into the next month. Notice how that directly and purposely matches my birth date of 8/11, hence no mere coincidence. In other words, whomever planned and executed the 9/11/2001 attacks and the 9/11/2012 attack in Benghazi, 11 years later, did so because of me, my birth date, and the symbolism of where it falls in the year.

Those behind this event are obsessed with symbolism and the occult and as I have said of late (2020-21), fascism is cult obsessed with symbols and the occult, but for all the wrong reasons. Furthermore, fascism comes from Rome. Contemplate "the dark side of the force" for context. They are also obsessed with me as you will grow to understand.

The obvious goal was to "magically" kill truth and justice as part of the effort to start the so-called War on Terror. The use of symbolism in this manner, plus killing so many people in a blatant death-ritual, clearly exposes this as a western group obsessed with esoteric symbolism. More importantly though, it also shows a burning disdain for certain ancient symbols, as well as what they represent and prove. More specifically, this shows an amazing disdain for truth and justice, especially when associated with symbols. This alone also eliminates Freemasons and Freemasonry because their approach to symbols is to seek understanding to recover the ancient wisdom they have always encoded.

The only remaining groups that meet the criteria and have the motive are the Vatican and certain so-called New World Order proponents. A prime example is the Order of Skull and Bones of which both Presidents Bush are members. It is thereby no mere coincidence that this event occurred during 2001, after George Bush became president. Both the Vatican and their rich and powerful cohorts have long greatly feared the prophecies that promise the end of their power.

It has been well-known that the general time for the arrival of the individual some call the "Messiah" was shortly after the new millennium on the Christian calendar, which is also the start of the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. Whoever masterminded the 9/11 attacks has demonstrated a fear of symbols, truth and justice, and the expected arising of the long-awaited Messiah who is expected to free billions from slavery to the rich and powerful.

Another topic effectively demystified within Finishing The Mysteries of Gods and Symbols is the question of the so-called New World Order. As described in Chapter 8 and earlier articles and releases, the Great Seal of the USA encodes proof that the so-called New World Order is a blatant deception designed to hide the true hidden messages and purposes of the national symbols created by certain of the founders of the USA. The Vatican and its cohorts have now been caught red-handed. Their fingerprints are all over the 9/11 attacks, the subsequent War on Terror, and the Iraq War. They are the only ones with the motive, opportunity, and resources. Analysis of the symbolism proves that Osama Bin Laden was merely a proxy used to hide the true perpetrators, who can only be rich and powerful Westerners.

You may read Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand to understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology. The preface titled The Doctrine of Two Spirits can be read online. Links to read and download the e-book are in the beginning of this article.

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