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Understanding the Wisdom of 666

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The above image illustrates the last six ages, plus the start of the new age, using a corrected and simplified zodiac as a timeline chart. As demonstrated throughout the previous chapters, the symbology of the four elements, the zodiac, and cyclic time are pivotal to proving the truth and grasping the wisdom that flows from the last six ages. To truly understand the import of what we’ll cover in this chapter, it is first necessary to grasp the details presented in all of the previous chapters. The above chart shows the short and long cycles encoded within Genesis, Revelation, Ezekiel, and related texts. As redundantly encoded by the sphinx and pyramids, it starts at the Age of the Lion.
The above image is from the first page (pg 195) of chapter 8, "The End is About Time" in my book, Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols. It is a zodiac based timeline chart of the time spans and cycles encoded in the Hebrew prophecies using the symbolism of stars, angels, seals, years, etc. 

 The following verse and its mention of the well known numeric symbol 666 is one of the most iconic of those in the unique symbolic prophecy and narrative known as the Book of Revelation and St. John's Apocalypse, or just the Apocalypse.

Revelation 13:18
Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six

It is important to state at the start here that the term apocalypse is mostly misused thanks to the errors of Christianity and attempts to interpret this and other Hebrew prophecies and the purposeful spreading of fear of the so-called "end times" to manipulate followers. Apocalypse is a Greek term meaning a great revealing of long hidden and earth shaking secrets, truths, and wisdom, ergo the title Book of Revelation. The association with a great disaster is incidental to what it describes and the turbulent times it covers. Most mistake the meaning of Armageddon with that of Apocalypse.

I have discussed this before in my books and in numerous online discussions and most recently in a Facebook group. There are things I have left purposely unsaid or barely said in recent years, saving them for the time of the end of the timeline verifiably encoded throughout its unique cyclic narrative. The key fact to grasp now is that 666 is most importantly a time code, matching the pattern of other encoded timelines throughout this text and others and in the symbolism of ancient Egypt.

We are in the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar, which began in conjunction with the 21st century on the Gregorian calendar. Those seventeen 360-year cycles, are designated and numbered between small marks on this chart. The longer relevant zodiac ages are also marked and labeled. Each zodiac age is 2160 years long and that equals six 360-year cycles. Thereby each zodiac derived age is 6 cycles long, hence 6x360=2160.

As described in chapters 6 and 7 and based on the details presented in the five previous chapters, the unique repeating and cyclic structure of the narrative of the Apocalypse presents a very specific timeline, that is broken down into very specific and verifiable segments of time. Those time spans and repeating cycles are symbolically encoded using the symbolism of stars, angels, seals, years, and days, but most importantly stars and angels. Following are two pivotal relevant verses.

Revelation 1:16
And he had within his right hand, seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shining within his strength.

Revelation 10:7
But within the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as She has declared to Her servants the prophets.

In the above two verses we have the mention of seven stars and the seventh angel. Stars and angels are used to symbolize cycles of time, which are based on the ancient zodiac used by the Hebrew prophets. There are two types of stars used. One is the five pointed star, which symbolizes 360-year cycles, and the other are six pointed stars (Solomon's Seal, Star of David), which represent zodiac ages, and are equal to six 360-year cycles or 2160 years. Thereby each point of a six pointed star equals 360 years. On the other hand, each point of the 5 pointed stars are 72 years. This math is derived from that of 360 degree circles and when a five pointed star is placed within a circle, each point is exactly 72 degrees apart.

The above is the mathematical basis for the time codes, as symbolized by stars, used by the Hebrew prophets. Those timelines are also based on the ancient zodiac shown. Pay attention that the zodiac houses or signs are a series of symbols based on star constellations, hence the use of both stars and angels are part of this ancient symbolic time code. The number seven is used repeatedly and there are seven stars, angels, and seals, and the narrative very clearly steps through these symbols one at time and in an obvious cyclic manner. The cyclic nature and methodology are redundantly presented and this is to drive home the vital importance of cycles of time to what it encodes and how it is encoded.

The number seven is used to drive home the fact that there are seven cycles. Though not as obvious, but now easily verified thanks to my work, is the fact that there are more than one group and type of cycle presented. As described above, there are two primary cycle types encoded using dual types of stars. One is 360-year cycles and the other is 2160-year cycles, which are zodiac based ages. The other obvious detail are the multiple groups of seven. There are seven 360-year cycles represented and there are seven zodiac ages represented. Just as important, the seventh 360-year cycle and the seventh zodiac age coordinate to start in conjunction with the 21st century on the Gregorian calendar.

This coordination is vitally important for numerous reasons and they also coordinate with other details from earlier prophecies, starting in Genesis with the story of Joseph, which gives us the numbers of the 360-year cycles focused on in the Apocalypse. In the story of Joseph, he has a prophetic dream that sets the stage for events in his life. Later in his life he also interprets a pharaoh's dream that encodes seven years of plenty followed by seven years of drought. He is then tasked to provide a plan during those seven years of plenty so they can survive the seven years of drought. Once again, this early narrative is presenting dual groups of seven time spans.

When he is 17 years old, he has a dream of 11 stars and the sun and moon bowing to him. This presents us with the numbers 11 and 17 and the symbolism of years and stars. Both in this context are symbolizing 360-year cycles. So, in addition to the stars equaling 360 years, a symbolic year symbolizes 360 literal years. Accordingly, a symbolic day symbolizes one literal year.

Thereby, the 11 stars in this pivotal story in Genesis are symbolizing the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar, which includes the second temple period, the revolt against Rome, the destruction of the Jewish Temple and Jerusalem by Rome, the events that would lead to the start of Christianity, the time of the "Essenes" at Qumran, and their burial of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 11 caves, and much more. It is also when the original Apocalypse, aka Book of Revelation, was authored by the Teacher of Righteousness described in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and not by John of Patmos, as long falsely claimed by the Church in Rome. The 17 years are symbolizing the 17th 360-year cycle and as earlier covered, the 17th 360-year cycle is now.

This and other details give us the literal historical and the symbolic foundations for the timelines encoded in the Apocalypse. There are seven 360-year cycles starting with the 11th and ending in the early years of the 17th. Details in various other texts and in the Apocalypse also give us the specific seven ages. Knowing where the seven 360-year cycles conclude, and knowing that we are also at the start of the zodiac age of Aquarius, we can count back another six ages and it puts us at the age of the Lion, now called Leo, circa 11-13,000 years ago.

This is easily seen on the included zodiac time chart. It also matches much other lion symbolism in these texts and matches the details of the zodiac symbolism in Revelation, Ezekiel, and elsewhere, including in ancient Egypt. Thereby, we have seven ages starting at the end of the ice age, with the age of the Lion.

This is also the end of the time period called Zep Tepi, or the first times, in the stories and important symbolism of Ancient Egypt. For example, the long avenue of ram headed and lion bodied sphinxes near Luxor and the temples of Amen (Amun) in Egypt are symbolizing a time span stretching from the age of the lion (aka Leo) to the age of the ram (aka Aries). It is also important to note that they used the same animal symbolism as seen on the ancient zodiac used by the Hebrew prophets.

Since my book publication in August 2010, news has been coming out about a very unique archeological site called Gobekli Tepe. It has been dated to circa 12,000 years ago, and the dig is not yet completed. That is in the Age of the Lion and matches the timeline of the ages encoded in Revelation. Furthermore, it is located in the mountains of Ararat, which is the precise location specified in the story of Noah, also in Genesis. Details of that story are also carved into numerous stone monoliths and pillars, including large numbers of varied animal images.

The skill of the construction and the stone work and the amount of animal symbolism and other details are far more advanced and older than archeologist and others had considered possible. It pushes many timelines back thousands of years earlier. It also pushes the start of the farming cultures in that region thousands of years earlier and raises the question of who was teaching the local hunter gatherers those skills right then, and why.

I will state here that I made the assertion in my book about the fact that arks are not literal boats or boxes and are in fact symbolic constructions and conveyances for bodies of symbols. This is precisely what is seen at Gobekli Tepe during the very specific time detailed in Egypt, Genesis, the Apocalypse, and elsewhere. Furthermore, in Exodus we have the story of [Amen]Moses and another ark, which is also not a literal boat, nor is it a literal box. It is supposed to contain the fragments of dual stone tables and/or tablets carrying the wisdom attributed to "god".

A problematic detail in the story of Moses and the ark is the assertion of the literal details of 10 commandments, which should not be in this originally symbolic tale. They are later symbolized as 10 horns in Daniel and Revelation and associated with beasts and dragons. A dragon is a mystical and mythical beast and is thereby symbolizing a mysterious empire based on myths, such as the religions controlled by the Vatican. As shown herein and described in great detail throughout my book, the correct number should have been 7 items or lines on each "table of stone" with the understanding that a table is a list of items. This is described in detail in the Preface of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, so I won't put it all in this already long article.

The relevance to this description is that in the story of Moses, there is an ark that contains the remnants of the two tables of stone he smashed into rubble or fragments of stone after those he led out of Egypt chose religion instead of the wisdom he labored to bring them from the mountain top. The peaks of mountains and the capstones of pyramids are very specific and long known symbols for wisdom, which I also discuss in my book. The stories of Genesis and Exodus are attributed to Moses and the details precisely encoded therein and elsewhere lend significant credence to this assertion.

Looking at the details at Gobekli Tepe, found within a man made hill in the mountains of Ararat, we see stone enclosures ringed by smaller stone pillars with numerous animal carvings on them clearly mirroring the mention of animals placed in an ark in Genesis, as well as Noah building an altar to his god. They also leave the impression of being an ancient form of a zodiac. At the center of each of these circular enclosures are dual large pillars of stone, with carvings alluding to both animals and humans as well as details like symbols and components of an alphabet.

Very curious and eye opening are the larger dual stone pillars in each enclosure and the direct association with the dual stones mentioned in the story of Moses and the Exodus and his ark. Then there is the fact that this precise location and many of its details are in the story of Noah in Genesis which also alludes to an ark. These precise and stunning correlations are not mere coincidences.

Gobekli Tepe was buried in a man made mountain and hidden for several millennia before the time of AmenMoses, yet there they are, validating much that has been written off as myth. On the other hand, it shows that most of what has been asserted as literal is misinterpretation. Most importantly is the use of symbolic storytelling merged with literal locations and verifiable timelines. Those timelines are also encoded using symbolism in Egypt, where Moses was raised and educated in secret knowledge involving the advanced symbolism used in prophecies, and the history of long forgotten and purposely hidden sites and details, also steeped in ancient symbolism and the zodiac.

This lends credence to the observation that those who built and operated this structure at Gobekli Tepe were from the area we now call Egypt and from the time period they refer to as Zep Tepi and during the age of the Lion. This further lends credence to observations that the Great Sphinx of Egypt and the associated pyramids were constructed in that very same zodiac age of the Lion or possibly earlier. The Great Sphinx looks at the spot on the horizon where the constellation of Leo the Lion would have risen on the spring equinox during the age of the Lion. The positions of the three pyramids match up to the positioning of the stars in the belt of the constellation we now call Orion, also at the same time period as Gobekli Tepe. Whether they were built in memory of that time or during that time is yet to be validated.

All of these together serve to validate the importance of the tracking of the ages to the ancient sages and by Hebrew prophets. Also, the direct links to events and ancient symbolized wisdom from an earlier period of human civilization that existed during the past ice age and ended with the melting of the ice sheets, that raised sea levels by 400 feet. Those same details passed along by AmenMoses were also purposely alluded to by later Hebrew prophets and their prophecies. They are also found very precisely encoded using the same symbolic codes in the Apocalypse, further lending credence to the assertions that this document was not created by a Christian name John at Patmos, but by the Teacher of Righteousness described in the Dead Sea Scrolls, during the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar.

I have spent this extra time laying the foundations so everyone could understand this most vital symbolic code and the importance, validity, and accuracy of such time codes and cycles to the Hebrew prophets, the Egyptians, and those that came before them, many ages earlier. As I mentioned earlier, the numeric symbol 666 is most importantly, a time code. It refers to the number of ages that the referenced "beast" has existed as mentioned in verse 13:18 at the start of this article. A beast symbolizes an empire, aka a great kingdom, but most importantly a voracious one that eats smaller kingdoms and incorporates them into itself.

The beast, aka empire, that Revelation focuses on most often is Rome, the same empire that occupied ancient Israel and Judea at the start of the timeline detailed throughout it, and when this symbolic prophecy was penned. That timeline ends in the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle. This also happens to be the early years of the Age of Aquarius, that began in conjunction with the 17th 360-year cycle and 21st century. We are at that vital and very specific time period right now when these timelines come together.

Now you can understand what 666 is telling us about Rome. Remembering that each zodiac age equals six 360-year cycles, it is vital to notice that Rome was founded during the age of the Ram and grew into Imperial Rome in subsequent centuries. It continued into the age of Pisces and adapted Christianity as its official religion two and half centuries after the destruction on the Jewish Temple. About two centuries later is when the official fall of the Imperial western empire took place. Even so, the eastern empire, called Byzantium, continued for many centuries afterwards before its complete demise.

During and after this time, Rome reestablished an empire in Europe using Christianity. This has continued intact until this very day under the auspices of the Vatican and Papacy. Now we are in the early years of the Age of Aquarius. Consequently, the Roman Empire has a footprint within 3 separate ages, Aries (Ram), Pisces (Fish), and now Aquarius (Water Bearer). That is the meaning of the time code 666. Now that it has survived into this age, it is supposed to finally meet its end in the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle, Age of Aquarius, and 21st century on the Gregorian calendar. In other words, its days are numbered.

Revelation 8:6
And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.

Revelation 10:7
But within the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as She has declared to Her servants the prophets.

Referring again to the details of the above verses, keep in mind that stars and angels are symbolizing different details of the encoded cycles of time. Stars are points of light and groups of stars are the basis for the zodiac's symbolism (signs) and timelines of ages aka houses, by tracking their movements. It is the ancient source for the association of angels with stars and zodiac ages/houses. An angel is also a herald and a deliverer of messages and wisdom "from above".

Understanding that angels are symbolizing cycles of time as well as the delivery of knowledge associated with those cycles of time, consider the reference to the "seventh angel" beginning to sound. This is a reference to the knowledge that flows from the events of the early years of the seventh cycle which also depends on the knowledge of the previous 6 cycles and 6 ages. Keep in mind the implied importance of the number seven and the seventh period. Further, both a seventh 360-year cycle and a seventh zodiac age began in conjunction with the 21st century on the Gregorian calendar created by Rome. Thereby this very special time period will deliver stunning and earth shattering knowledge about the previous 6 ages and the previous six 360-year cycles, in addition to what has transpired during the early years of the now overlapping seventh cycle and zodiac age.

On the front cover of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, there are three numbered images from the Vaticinia Nostradami (Nostradamus), aka the Lost Book of Nostradamus. They are image plates 11, 17, and 18 using the numbering in that book, which is a specialized version of a collection of similar images based on a genre started during the 10th or 11th century in Europe by the person now known as St Malachy. He is better known as the author of the also symbolic Prophecy of the Popes which describes a line of 112 Popes from his time forward, until the time that the Vatican is supposed to cease to be. St. Francis and Pope Benedict are the last two on that list.

Now also notice the three images, 11, 17, and 18 on the front cover of my book match the years 2011 through 2017 and are now in the early days of 2018. Also, notice the chapter is 13 and the verse number is 18, where this symbol (666) is mentioned. Further, notice that 6+6+6 sums to 18, matching this year on the Gregorian calendar, created by Christian Rome, and matching image number 18, from the Vaticinia Nostradamus, on the front cover of my book. There are many things purposely encoded by the selection of those very specific images

It states in the book of Daniel that the last great kingdom, out of four that are symbolized using four metals, and as four separate predatory animals aka beasts, would be different from the rest and would last longer than the others, hence all the way into our time. That empire is Rome, which has now survived until the end of the timeline encoded in the Apocalypse. All four of those kingdoms/beasts symbolized in the Book of Daniel, hence the Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and then Roman empires, existed during the age of the Ram (Aries). They all started out as smaller kingdoms and then grew through the conquest of other kingdoms and then were defeated by the next in line. 

All of them also conquered the area of ancient Israel and Judea, hence the relevance to the Hebrew prophecies. Starting with the Babylonian Empire, which was then conquered by the Persian Empire, which later fell to the Greek Empire via Alexander the Great's conquests, which subsequently fell victim to the Roman Empire. In Daniel it also makes a point to symbolize these four empires as the building blocks and components of one eventual final empire. Thereby, the Roman empire is the culmination of a process of each of the previous empires being gobbled up by the next, lending itself to the symbolism of beasts.
Most important to this discussion is that the Roman empire, as the culmination of the four, has existed across three separate ages, Aries (Ram), Pisces (Fish), and Aquarius (Water Carrier), with the greatest period of time during the Age of Pisces as Christian Rome and now the Vatican. It also clearly states in Revelation that the same kingdom would survive a deadly wound. This has been mostly misinterpreted.

In history, we see that Imperial Rome fell, and effectively died off after Christianity became the new official religion of the empire. It then revived itself and has ultimately grown larger than ever thanks to Judaeo-Christianity and to its hidden control of money and banking.This mysterious reality is also symbolized by the dragon symbolism and the term Mystery Babylon, alluding in part to the birth of the current secretive global empire via the process described in the Book of Daniel. A dragon was also one of the major symbols and a component of Babylons religious myths.

Using these two empire building tools, Rome first spread its control throughout Europe in the subsequent centuries. Next through the colonization of the Americas and other regions. Then to other areas of the world via the wars that ensued, most especially and dramatically using the two World Wars of the 20th century. Those wars very specifically and purposely permitted the imposition of the current global financial system to all corners of the world, which is still secretly controlled from Rome. That vital detail is also alluded to in the symbolism of the Apocalypse.

Revelation 13:17
And that no man buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

There is more to this story and I have waited until now to finish it. Because of what I have already revealed in previous years, I have also been forced into a bizarre struggle for survival while keeping my efforts to expose the truth ongoing until the times encoded on the front cover of my book. Part of the evidence I have been presenting is how many people have been deceived into helping the Vatican and its primary cohorts to target me and cause mayhem and chaos elsewhere because of who I am and what I have been able to successfully prove.

I've had to leave some things unsaid and others obscured by well chosen misdirection until all the pieces fell into place and until many others reached the point when they would be able to understand enough to act wisely and appropriately. I will continue this process because there is still much to clarify to help everyone out of the mess created across the past several centuries and the recent years. At least now more people will understand key knowledge and proofs of what has been passed down across many millennia and use that to help affect long promised changes.

Here is Wisdom...