Monday, January 5, 2009

More Nostradamus 2012 History Channel Hokum

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Hello again all,

My head is still spinning after watching this latest attempt by the History Channel and its mysterious backers to hide the truth about the Lost Book of Nostradamus by linking it with the Mayan 2012 calendar date. Notice that they limited the number of images in this show. Read my articles to understand why they avoided them, like the plague. But, as I said earlier, arrogance makes you stupid and they have once again fallen headlong into a well-laid trap. Keep watching to see what I mean.

They pulled out all the stops and threw everything at us, including the kitchen sink. What a pile of crap. I guess the so-called experts used on this show really needed the money and exposure more than they cared about the truth. On the other hand, perhaps they just don't have the ability to discern it. After my last encounter with John Hogue, I was at least pleased and surprised that he was cast as a more reasonable character than I recently personally experienced. I'll spend some time in the near future putting a final end to these deceptions, but first I'll provide a quick overview to blow off some steam.

First and foremost of the bad logic and many lame assertions is the idea that astronomical alignments, especially with the far off galactic center, can somehow be causative of anything. These events have always been meant to serve as symbolic markers that imparted pivotal knowledge, not the cause of any physical effects. The true importance of the Zodiac and watching the stars has to do with the wisdom that we live in a cyclical reality. The Zodiac was meant as a symbolic tool because symbology models and encodes details about the non-physical aspects of reality, which unfold cyclically through space-time. The wheel of dharma-karma further alludes to the fact that our deeds and results are closely associated with the outcomes within this cyclic 11-dimension reality. Time is the eighth dimension, hence the first dimension of space-time, which are dimensions 8 through 11. The seven dimensions (conceptual-spiritual...) that precede and define space-time are what drives the wheel forward. I speak of this much more throughout my other articles and book(s).

How many times do such boneheads have to gather together to await some grand alignments' magical effect before it dawns on them that they are dead wrong, once again. It is the same with astrology, numerology, and alchemy, hence mysticism, whether old or new age. Numbers and symbols (light, crystal, stars, constellations, etc.) don't have power, they are representing specific information, not causing it. It is the wisdom they model, encode, and encapsulate that is the true power. It is safeguarded and modeled by symbology because it is non-physical in nature, hence mostly of the seven dimensions that precede space-time. At least they made some allusion to the fact that the symbolism associated with alchemy does not allude to physical metal, as John was permitted to say. In other words, Its symbology stupid !!! Metal (mettle) symbolizes the quality of one's character. The goal of wisdom is to improve one's spiritual character and to help others. Anyone chasing after magic, gold, and physical transmutation has already failed that test.

The next and most glaring problem with the Armageddon and Apocalypse assertions is the blatant and purposeful misuse of those terms. The so-called experts on this and other similar shows know that an Apocalypse refers to a revealing of hidden information that causes great upheavals. It is not physical disasters. Likewise, Armageddon symbolizes and refers to the valley (low place) of great decision(s), hence judgment(s). It thereby symbolizes a low place in time and human circumstances leading to humbling (wise) decisions and earthshaking realizations (revelations, apocalypse). The Christian assertions about a so-called battle of Armageddon are complete fabrications and false prophecy. The purpose and focus of this symbol is to refer to the set of circumstances that will cause the downfall of the world’s deceptive leadership, because of the momentous decisions and humbling situations facing humanity. Hence, people grow to understand the truth about money, politics, religion, their leaders and the great harm they have caused. Just look about you now to discern the truth. To understand the truth about some of the other symbols mentioned, just read through my other articles here and on my other blogs and web sites.

It still amazes me that some of these guys are so willing to lie. I guess I'll have to teach them the importance of the truth. For example, the women in those images and in earlier prophecies aren't symbolizing the three fates. Nostradamus makes repeated and verifiable references to Hebrew texts and Revelation. Those women are religions, hence the three faiths of Abraham. This alone should give you the ability to understand who some on that panel were taking orders from. Read my earlier articles here and elsewhere to see through these lies. This series of shows uses the very same techniques employed by Rome to construct religions (all three so-called faiths of Abraham...) and secret societies, hence the strong lie. In other words, a whole bunch of deceptions glued together with near truths and allusions to seeming truth that give the whole affair the veneer of truth. The purpose of the strong lie is to impose strong delusions. Looks like they are losing their touch, though.

It is obvious that the purpose for these shows are to confound and confuse, while making money from lies. It's pure flimflam, with no real attempt to deliver any useful information. One of the purposes for this joke of a "history" show was to confound and confuse people so you wouldn't pay attention to the fact that certain things are happening now, not later. The Vatican and world leaders are deeply afraid of what I've already proven and set in motion.

They are desperate to make people wait until 2012, so you'll ignore the fact that money, religion, and politics are going to fail, before then. 2012 marks the end of the period of stunning change, not its beginning. It is a transition marker, not a disaster initiator. These people should know this and some are blatantly lying to protect someone else.

Read my blogs to see why the mysterious backers of these shows are so desperately afraid that they have rolled out this pile of crap in the hopes of getting you to ignore the current debacles and the rapidly widening repercussions. Unfortunately for them, this BS-fest will have the opposite effect of what they had hoped. I posted three pivotal messages from Christmas AM to New Year's day. Read them to see what I mean.

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