Saturday, May 2, 2015

Double unto them Double Part Three

Unseal the recent past that is soon to be. Beware, great quaking and waves are minutes away…

The above is not literal. Quakes and waves symbolize social upheavals and great change.

Three days after I wrote about details in the previous article titled Double unto them Double Part Two that put the Vatican and cohorts on the hot seat, a 7.8 earthquake occurs in Nepal on 4/25/2015. In recent years I have gone to great lengths to help everyone paying attention grasp that we are "no longer in Kansas."  

Once again, remember the assertion that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs, so here we go again. My cluelessly arrogant opponents actually think they can break out of the trap so foolishly jumped into. In actuality, they have slammed the door shut on themselves and anyone else stupid enough to continue assisting them in any manner whatsoever. As with the previous articles in this series, we'll be deep in the number symbolism used by the Vatican and cohorts to plan and structure their actions.

Hold on to your hats…
Plate 18 - Vaticinia Nostradamus
Notice the 9 stars once again and remember that one of the meanings refers to single year cycles, as did the five stars in image 17. Thereby, if we look back nine years ago, it takes us to 2006, the date of the second and third of three prophecies and the self-publishing of the second editions of "Revelations from the Apocalypse" and "Apocalypse Symbol Guide". 2006 presents the same symbolic date math as 2015 as covered in the previous article. Also, we have five stars within clouds in image 17 and 5 more associated with the moon in image 18.

Looking back five years to 2010 again, I was renting a room at a Tibetan Buddhist center in Eugene, Oregon, which is where I completed and self-published "Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols" during that summer. Remember that Nepal is now considered the ancient home of Buddha and Buddhism. These details will become more relevant below as we talk about the location, timing, and symbolic details associated with the devastating Nepal earthquake on 4/25/2015. Also, remember that Nepal's northern border is with Tibet, yet most of the maps I have seen in the news hide that fact by putting the word China atop Tibet on their maps.

Notice that the digits of 25 sum to 7, and 4/25 sums to 11, and 2015 sums to 8, so 4/25/2015 sums to 19. The relevance of the numbers 7, 8 and 11 are obviously and directly associated with me. Their importance will become more so herein. The number 19 is very curious though because of very specific details about 19 as the "magic number of the Quran" in my previous article 3 days prior exploring the relevance of the symbolic date math and how it has been used by the Vatican and cohorts.

Everyone paying attention in recent years has observed a very long list of bizarre events occurring on symbolic days. This alone proves they have not been merely coincidental, but there is much more validating evidence of why and how. Some of them were natural, far more were man-made, aka orchestrated violent newsworthy events and other bizarre media distractions, and some have been human engineered disasters that were made to appear natural or accidental.

The pace of these have gone up dramatically since 9/11/2001, which is a prime example of a human-engineered disaster on a symbolic day (9+1+1=11 and 9+1+1+2+0+0+1=14). I won't dwell on this in this article, but the heavy symbolism associated with that event proves it was not conceived by Muslims but by some using Judeo-Christian symbolism in the same bizarre fashion as numerous earthquakes and a very long list of violent newsworthy events since, that had nothing to do with Muslims. Even so, the patterns and techniques are precisely the same as those being blamed on them, though the evidence points instead to the Vatican and cohorts.

The human-caused (orchestrated) events like the mass shootings, aircraft shoot downs and crashes, and others I have been discussing are invariably on symbolic dates with various other symbolic details incorporated in the framing and execution. Many also use important symbolic details from my recently posted videos and articles, completely eliminating any chance whatsoever of mere coincidence. There is now a mountain of proof these have been purposely orchestrated events as part of the desperate effort to defeat me, the predicted outcomes in the Hebrew prophecies, and their own Creator.

It must again be noted here that the assertions about prophecy, prophets, and prophecies by religious leaders have been mostly wrong, with any notable successes buried in a morass of errors and purposeful deception laid down across the past two millennia. Christianity is by far the worst offender here because its very purpose is to spread false prophecy, blatant lies, and to turn people against me. Both Judaism and Islam suffer from the ills of religion too, but as it should be obvious, the prophets were Hebrew sages and not priests, and thereby within the midst of millennia of accumulated errors are the redundant and verifiable proofs of the truth patiently passed down through time.

As with many other events in recent years, all the evidence says this earthquake was purposely engineered and orchestrated and/or the details in the stories about it were falsified. Before continuing, don't let the fact this was an earthquake or even the idea of man-made earthquakes throw you off the trail of what I have been proving. The fracking-caused quakes of recent years show just how easy it is to cause earthquakes in areas that have never been very prone to them. Now consider what one could do by purposely targeting known faults under the guise of oil exploration.

As I'll demonstrate soon, the efforts in Texas in recent years, including the push for fracking, have likewise been targeted against the locale of my birth and early years in this lifetime as part of the ongoing effort to turn everything I have done or been associated with against me, or destroy it. Sites like Nepal are associated with my pivotal past lives and ancient wisdom. Furthermore, Nepal is associated with Buddhism, which the Vatican and cohorts have long despised like they have any group focused on wisdom or otherwise not Catholic. Even other Christians are regularly targeted. The other vital aspect of this is the attempt to simulate clearly false versions of the Hebrew prophecies, while also trying to twist them against me. Everything that Christianity claims about the meaning of Hebrew symbolism and the prophecies that are based upon it is purposefully misleading and false.

Now take a moment and consider that someone with great wealth, no morality, and the intention to use available technologies and knowledge can purposely cause large quakes in areas with well-known and already active faults. As we have seen in Texas and Oklahoma recently, simply lubricating faults with water and/or changing the pressure at targeted zones will cause earthquakes where they were rare before. Doing so in an area already expecting a big quake in the near future will produce a far larger result. Sadly, it is not rocket science and amoral sociopaths with great wealth have indeed been causing quakes on purpose at very specific times and places and going to great lengths to cover it up in the corporate media.

Ignore all the half-brained HAARP or planetary alignment BS and other flimflam hocus-pocus that has been pushed as a smokescreen (smoke and mirrors) to hide the simple and verifiable answers that will now expose those behind these great evils.  It is also no mere coincidence that an earthquake conference was held at that precise location, just before this quake.

This earthquake was caused on purpose precisely like the long list of previous and subsequent violent newsworthy events happening on symbolic days and including numerous other symbolic elements. One of the important symbols from the Hebrew prophecies including Revelation are great earthquakes, which symbolize great social upheavals, not literal earthquakes. Keep in mind that common literal details are used as the inspiration for the symbolism and some of these literal big quakes will actually lead to the events encoded by the symbolism.

The fact of man-made quakes and the relative ease of doing so is now undeniable. Consequently, all the evidence says this and other similar events were no coincidence and thereby not naturally occurring. Just as the corporate news media has been used to cover the tracks of those behind so many other clearly orchestrated events, we can now see some doing so with this story in a way that leaves no doubt that some are more deeply involved in covering for the perpetrators than might seem sane or possible. Now we are going to review some details that will leave everyone stunned and deeply disgusted.

 Now to look at some key details:

This earthquake followed my articles titled Double unto them Double, where I talked about the symbolism of 11 and 2 and the summing of numbers and their digits to get symbolic values. Notice the 11:56 time that this quake supposedly struck and 5+6=11, hence a symbolic 11:11. Pay close attention to the times listed and other details in the excerpts below, to see that they directly match details from the article Double unto them Double Part Two, posted three days prior to this event. The numbers 7, 8, and 78 are repeatedly discussed and pay close attention to the magnitude of this quake. Either their accumulated bad luck has left this evidence or someone stupidly falsified this on purpose, and now it will sink them.

According to a line from a CNN article

"The quake struck at 11:56 a.m. local time (2:11 a.m. ET) and was centered less than 50 miles northwest of Kathmandu. It occurred at a depth of 9.3 miles, which is considered shallow and more damaging than a deeper quake."

and from numerous others via the AP

"The U.S. Geological Survey put the magnitude of the quake at 7.8. It said the quake hit at 11:56 a.m. local time (0611 GMT) at Lamjung, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) northwest of Kathmandu. Its depth was only 11 kilometers (7 miles), the largest shallow quake since the 8.2 temblor off the coast of Chile on April 1, 2014."

Once again, the location is linked directly to me because of where I finished the book and the cover (at a local Tibetan Buddhist Center), which now presents scientifically verifiable proof of prophecy that proves everything that Rome has claimed for two millennia are blatant lies.

Then there is this quatrain, once again from my Facebook page, and directly related to my book cover and the recent discussions there.

Quatrain 2.28
Penultimate of the prophet's nickname (Buddy/Buddha)
Embraces Diane (Dhyana, meditation) as his sabbatical:
He succeeds from afar through righteous indignation
And delivers a great multitude from subjection (deception/oppression)

On April 17th, I posted the following video on my Facebook page, 5 days after the article on 4/12 and five days before the article on 4/22. Once again, there are no coincidences here. My opponents greatly fear the truth about that date, but in 2013. They also despise eastern philosophies because most provide access to the same types of wisdom they have struggled so hard to squelch, since before the start of Christianity.

This draws together the topics of Nepal, Tibet, and Asia (the east...), my life as Guatama Buddha, me in this lifetime, and others including as Michele Nostradamus. Just as important though is the number of this quatrain that purposely presents the month of February on the Christian calendar, which is month 2 and is 28 days long, except on leap years. February is also black history month in the USA, and of course, I am an African American male who is one quarter Asian Indian. Further, the first of two back to back Friday 13's occurred in February, with another in March. I have already discussed the abject fear of retribution and bad luck the Vatican and cohorts associate with the number 13 and with the truth about their hidden activities. That is one reason Pope Francis was selected on March 13th, 2013, the digits of which also summed to 13.

The digits of 2:28 also sum to 12, hence one half of the current Jewish year of 5775, which sums to 24. Consider again the titles of this article series (double unto them double) and 12 doubled is 24. Likewise,  28 divided by 2 sums to 14, same as the 7+7 at the center of 5775, which matches the structure of the Doctrine of Two Spirits (7 above and 7 below) aka, two tables of stone. 2+8 equals 10 matching the sum of my birth year, the 5+5 in 5775, and the ten commandments, which are not what AmenMoses encoded within the symbology of the original texts. Quatrain 2:28 is purposely targeted at right now.

As I have repeatedly proven, my opponents go to great lengths to map out and use this type of data to plan all important actions. One repeated use has been to plan and frame bizarre events to keep people in fear and distracted because of the Vatican's and cohorts bat-shit crazy fear of me and the truth about them across the past two (double unto them double…) millennia. These bizarre responses, and especially ongoing efforts to harass, entrap, and demonize me, directly or by proxy, always follow my successful demonstrations of prophecy and the truth about the Hebrew prophecies, which I always present using the symbology of ancient wisdom and the Hebrew canon.

As before, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs. Though all the evidence leading up to and during this single event leaves little chance of mere coincidence, it is necessary to show other instances that meet the same or similar pattern to eliminate any claims of mere coincidence and finally awaken people to what has been transpiring. As written about in recent years, notable major earthquakes guaranteed to effect the news cycle have been occurring on the 11th or on symbolic days that sum to 11. Keep in mind that we have numerous small to medium quakes around the globe on a daily basis, so some of those will always fall on such days. We are only discussing well-timed destructive earthquakes after 2001 to demonstrate the pattern leading up to this quake.

2012 East Azerbaijan (Iran) earthquakes on August, 11, 2012

First on the list are the dual earthquakes in Iran on August, 11, 2012 and that date's digits sum to 15. The next thing to notice is that these occurred on my birthday on August 11th. Next, the two quakes struck 11 minutes apart. Now stop for a moment and contemplate the oddity of doubled earthquakes on my birthday of August 11th and also 11 minutes apart. These two earthquakes, though lower strength than some, were quite destructive though with fewer casualties than others on this list.

In addition to the date of 8/11 and the 11 minutes between these dual quakes, there were other extenuating circumstances that make this already eye-opening "violent newsworthy event" stand out in this list. As mentioned earlier, the Vatican and cohorts greatly fear both me and the truth about the things they have claimed and done across the past two millennia. Even more stunning though is what they have done in recent years, especially since they now know beyond doubt that the prophecies of their imminent demise are rapidly coming true. Because of that fear, some have tried to block my communications to the FBI and barring that trying to frame, entrap, intimidate, harass, and demonize me using bizarre methods like this earthquake. This deadly quake in Nepal was caused in direct response to the details in the previous articles because my pathologically arrogant opponents fear further exposure of their blatant lies and truly abominable crimes.

Sikh Temple Shooting

Back on August 5th of 2012, one of the many mass shootings of recent years occurred at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, just prior to my birthday on the 11th. The shooter's name was Wade Michael Page and as you can see he has the same last name as me. More importantly though, my brother's name is Michael and he also has an August birthdate. It was soon obvious that this was no mere coincidence, especially due to the string of such shootings already. This gentleman was born on 11/11/1971 and besides the obvious 11/11 the digits of his birthdate, the digits of 11/11/1971 also sum to 22, hence dual "double-double" numbers. Notice also that the digits of 8/5 sum to 13, 2012 sums to 5, thereby 8/5/2012 sums to 18.

Once again, since this directly matches details from my books and the cover we have been exploring, it was beyond obvious that the concentration of symbolism was no mere coincidence. Furthermore, the shooter was a neo-nazi and as with the original Nazis in Germany, they too utilize various symbolism twisted to cause fear and hide the original wisdom. In fact, the Celtic Cross graphic displayed in some articles is the precise one used in my book, on page 98 (the graphic on the right, not the photo of the  the left). Notice that 9 and 8 sums to 17 as well, and is the date of my mothers birthday, also in August.

The other important detail here is that I am part Asian Indian, because my grandmother on my father's side was Indian. Thereby, the Sikh Temple was also chosen because of that fact. Due to concern for my brother's and family's safety, since this was a thinly veiled threat, and due to the obvious evidence this event was not as it appeared on the surface, I attempted to make contact with the FBI and others via telephone.

As mentioned above, some had been trying to block my communications with the FBI and law enforcement in general. What I encountered after the Sikh Temple shooting were cluelessly arrogant people who were pretending to be the FBI on the phone. In other words, my calls were intercepted and routed to some call center team with the job to keep me away from the FBI and thereby prevent justice for those orchestrating these mass shooting events and other great crimes. The idiots even let it slip that they knew who I was and told me not to bother the Wisconsin FBI office, because they had real victims to deal with.

Not willing to accept no for an answer and no longer trusting those claiming to be the FBI on the phone while acting so blatantly and purposely disrespectful and unprofessional, I went into the Eugene, Oregon FBI office in person. I won't go into many details about that or other direct contacts with the FBI initiated by me in recent years. All were for the purpose of passing on information to set the stage for subsequent contacts and gradually (and painfully…) laying the groundwork to ensure that multiple eyes would be paying attention now.

One thing I will divulge right now is that I, an African American male with every reason to hate neo-nazi's and other clueless racist idiots, contacted the FBI, Army intelligence, and others to help them understand that Wade Michael Page had somehow been conditioned and/or coerced into performing this act. My opponents have been obsessively causing bizarre events on symbolic days, always framed with other key symbolism. The details of this event shows he was as much a victim as a perpetrator. The events of recents years now leave no more doubts about this conclusion anymore, for this or numerous other such mass shootings.

Like so many other people involved in far too many similar violent newsworthy events in recent years, Wade Michael Page was purposely chosen because his last name was the same as mine and spelled the same. Further, his first name was the same as my brother's, and last but not least was the important symbolism of his birthdate. He was somehow targeted and conditioned to perform a role clearly not under his own control. Since then, there has been an intensive effort to use racists and racism in the actions to harass and intimidate me, and it continued as I was writing this article and again listening to (and recording) the gunfire and noise canons still being used to aggressively harass me.

It is also important to note that many of the symbolic videos I have been using are by the German band Rammstein. As with the other symbolic videos I have used, the Vatican and cohorts go to great lengths trying to turn them against me. They apparently concluded the neo-nazi angle would serve to both intimidate and discredit me, as well as them. As with others who use the symbology correctly, this band has been purposely targeted for demonization. Pay very close attention that they were quickly associated with one of the earlier and better known mass shootings at Columbine Hight School in Colorado. The linking of their symbolic videos with violence has continued because my opponents fear the symbolism and other themes used and now the shooting stands out as part of a long string of similar events that still continues.

During the August 2012 visit to the Eugene FBI office, I made it very clear that my opponents should be expected to try something big on my upcoming birthday. That visit was on the 8th and three days later dual earthquakes 11 minutes apart on the 11th occurred. Now, it is also possible that those quakes never occurred and the news and web data have been falsified to leave the impression they had. Either way, the earthquake news broke on Saturday the 11th following the news of the Sikh Temple shooting on Sunday the 5th.

Notice that the shooter was born on 11/11 and the shooting occurred on 8/5. Then midweek, after trying to get people on the phone to act sane, I went into the local FBI office. Then on my birthday, Saturday the 11th and the 7th day of this unfolding scenario, dual earthquakes 11 minutes apart occur. Further, this was not the first or even the last time my communications with the FBI have then been spun into some bizarre newsworthy scenario. Pay very close attention to how this pattern and use of symbolism matches how this Pope was chosen, as well as his and the Vatican's activities during and directly following the times encoded on the front cover of my book.

As you can see, there are no coincidences here. As I have repeatedly demonstrated to the FBI and others, my opponents have been aggressively working for a very long time to turn masses of duped people against me in various ways, including in law enforcement and others with authority and/or wealth. One of the primary methods has been through racism backed by blatant lies. In addition to watching my web traffic and communications and interfering with them in various ways, my opponents have also used details of my communications with the FBI to run scenarios against me (and them…) designed to leave the impression the FBI was simply taking what I gave them, and then turning it against me.

These attempts to drive a wedge, including aggressive efforts to entrap, frame, spy on, discredit, and so on, have never stopped. At least more people in the intelligence services and law enforcement are aware of this situation than my opponents have been allowed to understand. Furthermore, even those serving my opponents are waking up to the great levels of blatant deception used to turn them against me and others to stymie my efforts to publish the truth. Never forget, those who are willing to kill to hide the truth are most certainly lying to everyone, as I will continue to prove.

2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunamiōhoku_earthquake_and_tsunami

Next on the list is the big 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan that occurred on March 11, 2011 or 11-3-11 as seen on Japanese news sites. That date (3/11/2011) sums to 9, directly matching the published magnitude. Also, both the year and day were 11 for this great still unfolding disaster, hence another 11/11 mass casualty and greatly destructive event and its aftereffects. Pay close attention that this one occurred before the Iran quake. There is more but as with all of these events, the triggering condition is always fear of what I publish for others to see. This was also exactly seven months after the original 8/11/2010 publication of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols and the press releases and Facebook activities that ensued thereafter (another update was published in September 2010) .

12/26/2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami

12/26/2003 Bam Iran earthquake

The next two events on this list are prime examples of what has been done on symbolic days that sum to 11. It is also very important to notice that I specifically mentioned the 2004 Indian Ocean Quake and its symbolism in the previous article. Then three days later, the quake in Nepal was purposely triggered in direct response. Pay close attention to the astounding arrogance, vindictiveness, and blatant evil of this act, and consider who my chief opponents are again. The same people who have been raping children as standard operating procedure and still struggling to hide the full extent and hidden purpose.

Both the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami and the 2003 Bam Iran quake fell on December 26th in consecutive years and the digits of 12/26 sum to 11. Also, see that the digits of 2003 and 2004 sum to 5 and 6 respectively and thereby together sum to 11. Furthermore, 12/26/2004 sums to 17 and 12/26/2003 sums to 16. Now notice that the 16th cycle ended and the 17th began in late 2000 just before the start of the new millennium in 2001. Notice also that 16 and 17 sum to 33. Furthermore, 1+6 sums to 7 and 1+7 sums to 8, matching the symbolic values from the sum of 2014 (7) and 2015 (8) discussed in the previous articles.

The next detail about both quakes, which again connects them directly to me, is 12/26 is my sister's birthdate and it sums to 11. Furthermore, she was born in 1956 and again notice that 2003 sums to 5 and 2004 sums to 6, and 5+6 is 11. Also, the sum of the digits of 1956 is 21, ergo 3x7, and these occurred early in the 21st century and 17th cycle. Once again, just as I have been repeatedly demonstrating via my Facebook account, these events are repeatedly based on details associated directly with me and completely uninvolved members of my family. Also, notice that this was before the publication of the first books, yet it was while I was doing research and writing and starting some of my earlier web activities and interactions with others.

2010 Haiti Earthquake

The next event in this list was added near the end so the patterns associated with the previous events would be more obvious here. The Haiti 2010 earthquake was particularly deadly and like the previous two in 2003 and 2004, this occurred while I was writing Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols and posting samples and excerpts while engaging people online as I progressed. Notice that the digits of 1/12/2010 sum to 7 and the quake magnitude was also set at 7. Keep in mind that my pen name is Seven Star Hand and we are now in the 17th cycle which is also the 7th 360-year cycle symbolized as the 7th star, angel, and seal in Revelation.

Motives for these and related events of recent years

Pay close attention that all the events listed above show clear evidence of human engineering. They are also at locations with access by submarine or marine or land-based oil exploration equipment. An obvious agenda has been to engineer events designed to target me and my efforts by using details associated with me and my writing to structure events purposely designed to kill large numbers of dark-skinned people and/or non-Christians like Muslims and Buddhists. This, like the many mass shootings and obvious terrorism related newsworthy violent events since 9/11/2001, was purposely engineered for a hidden agenda, which you are now finally able to validate through the repeated patterns of similar events, techniques, their timing, and results.

As described in more detail in earlier articles on this blog, the overriding goal for much of the bizarre things that have been occurring since 9/11/2001 have been to hide the true hidden meanings and thereby the true meaning of predictions encoded within the symbolism of the Hebrew prophecies. Both Christianity and Islam were created by agents of Rome and both are secretly under their control. With Christianity it is more obvious but all the evidence also points to the hidden manipulation of Islamic leaders and militants. Once again, contemplate Machiavelli and divide and conquer on a global scale.

The Vatican and cohorts, who have profited greatly from the existence of the lies I have been exposing, have been preparing for centuries to oppose me during the early years of the 17th cycle and 21st century. They have known full well that the primary focus of these prophecies is the end of the deceptions they and cohorts have used to gain control of this planet. They want to retain that wealth, power, and control over humanity, so they are trying to defeat my "return" through the use of abominable crimes and great deception.

During the 20th century they managed to gain control of the entire planet using money, religion, politics, and the wars and other mayhem and chaos they have orchestrated with the great wealth and power they amassed. Some might want to use the term "New World Order" but it is vital to grasp two details about that deception. First, those pushing the so-called New World Order are actually struggling to re-establish the Old World Order where royalty, aristocracies, and the Church ruled together. Next, the Great Seal of the USA contains a phrase that means "New order of the Ages" Here is an excerpt from page 206 in chapter 8.

" the phrase “Novus ordo seclorum” is 17 letters long, directly matching the 17th cycle that begins in unison with the new age. Even more interesting, “new order of the ages” is also 17 characters. This is a direct allusion to the Hebrew calendar’s purposeful synchronization with the ancient zodiac. On the other hand, “New World Order” is only 13 characters, a direct reference to the old order and ways and the great harm and chaos they have caused."

Notice how “Novus ordo seclorum” and its translation “new order of the ages” provides us with a doubled 17 in both the surface text and its underlying meaning. This alludes to the concept of symbolism and the rules of symbolism encoded in the Great Seal directly match those in the Hebrew canon, but not Christianity. The Book of Revelation is not Christian, and as I have redundantly now proved, I was the true author of that and numerous other Hebrew prophecies throughout the ages.