Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Hit Gone Wrong

This article is a followup to my earlier Facebook post, Pot, Kettle, Black, about how Pope Francis has been using an alleged Mafia hit on Monday night 3/17/2014 to shift attention from him and the Vatican and its far greater crimes in recent years and past centuries. It also refers to details from the previous three articles, which start here.

Read the following news articles for details of the alleged Mafia hit in question…

-The Little Boy Mowed Down by the Mafia
-Mafia hitmen gun down convicted mobster, his girlfriend and her two-year-old son
-Pope Francis tells Italian mafia to repent

The timing of the alleged Mafia hit, that was used as the basis for Pope Francis' later statements and actions, was far too conveniently framed and well-timed to be merely coincidental. Now everyone can see how the Vatican and Pope are clearly using this incident to scapegoat and demonize others in a truly desperate (and brazen...) effort to turn the attention away from themselves, just as I described in the previous article and many earlier ones. This is the same pattern seen throughout their history and it is one of their favorite techniques for "lowering" others while deceptively elevating themselves as heroes in the minds of a target public. This is the very same tactic used two millennia ago and across the intervening centuries to demonize "the Jews" (and others) and recast Christian Rome as the hero, while hiding the truth about their own great crimes in Judea and elsewhere.

Now to dispel any notion they were simply lucky this "newsworthy killing" coincidentally occurred, precisely when they desperately needed something to change the subject. As the previous post reiterated, and as I have shown repeated and redundant evidence of, Pope Francis, the Vatican, and cohorts respond directly to my Facebook postings, articles, and press releases. Furthermore, they repeatedly and verifiably use symbolism and key details from the videos I post on my Facebook page to plan Pope Francis' counter responses. As also repeatedly demonstrated, this is often accompanied by bizarre violent events, most often on symbolic dates, that have been purposefully designed to distract from and hide the meaning of the symbology I am writing about.

They are also still struggling to misdirect from my ability to repeatedly and accurately predict details of future events using symbolic videos and other media.

This alleged Mafia hit occurred in Italy, late night on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, only a few hours after I posted the following details on my Facebook page, between 8:43 and 9:00 AM PST.

This was three days before the article titled "Third Time is the Charm" was posted to this blog on the 20th. It is also 4 days after the one year anniversary of Pope Francis' selection on 3/13/2013. It is obvious why the Vatican might fear the contents of the above post and its related videos, since they know I am the personification of all their greatest fears, and their actions repeatedly prove it. Also, pay very close attention that this was posted on 3/17/2014 to my Facebook page. Their reactions to my Facebook posts and articles since the 2010 publication of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols also illuminates how much they fear both me and evidence of the truth.

In these three articles, and throughout my writing in recent years, the vital importance of the number 17 has been redundantly demonstrated. Consequently, it is also vital to the Vatican and Papacy for different reasons, as the selection of Pope Francis has clearly shown. As you can now also prove, they view and [mis]use symbology, as if it were magic, instead of as a source of encoded wisdom. They also take bizarre actions in direct response to my postings of the truth (light…) about ancient symbology and especially my use of it when speaking about them. Now we can see this well-timed and perfectly framed attack that is being called a Mafia hit, occurring late night on 3/17/2014, and mere hours after my Facebook post. This was obviously rushed so it would occur before midnight on the 17th, just 3 days before the Equinox.

The sum of the digits of 3/17/2014 (3+1+7+2+0+1+4) equals 18 (6+6+6), and 3/17 thereby sums to 11, and 2014 sums to 7. All the numbers of that deeply symbolic date are represented on the front cover of  Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, published in 2010. As I have shown, the front cover contains multiple levels of accurate details, verifiably encoded in its symbology and published long before they occurred. The top of the three images is number 17 and the two below are images 11 and 18. As before, the numbers 11 and 18 are derived from the symbolic values of the target date(s). In this instance, they all occurred on a single day. As I have shown, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the Vatican is intensely focused on the use of important symbolic days, as a component of what they clearly view and use as magic to reinforce their deceptions and illusions.

Now look again at the third video on the 3/17 Facebook post. The song is by DeadBolt and titled "She's a snake" from the album "Tijuana Hit Squad." Also on that album is a song titled "A Hit Gone Wrong." Normally, I use a different version of the "She's a Snake" video. Clearly, the first time use of the album's "Hit Squad" cover art within the context of the other details posted caused them to again react bizarrely, as we can now see. So, following the same pattern repeatedly demonstrated in recent years, they used the imagery on the Tijuana Hit Squad album cover to frame a violent event on a redundantly symbolic date. Not only that, but you can clearly see Pope Francis and the Vatican quickly and aggressively using that blatantly deceptive violent event to scapegoat an easy target (the Mafia) in yet another effort to shift blame away from themselves.

Anyone who has paid attention knows that the "Mafia" and other criminal operations, including Fascists and Nazis, have regularly used the Vatican bank to launder dirty money over the years. The traditional ties between the "Church" and the Mafia go beyond the religion of Catholicism and also revolve around money and banking. Pope Francis' and the Vatican's recent actions clearly demonstrate a heightened level of fear after my recent posts. Another question is why are they now throwing the Mafia "under the bus" at this very specific time. Are some in the Mafia aware of his plan and willingly going along with it, or is Pope Francis now truly afraid of the Mafia and trying to shield himself by using this ploy to scapegoat and demonize them? The days ahead will tell us more.

Now you have more evidence that this newsworthy violent event, occurring on a redundantly symbolic date, and like many other events in recents years (and before…), was purposely orchestrated by the Vatican so Pope Francis could use it, just as we have witnessed him doing in recent days. Did someone at the Vatican manipulate one Mafia Family against another? Was this yet another "false flag" attack carried out to merely appear like a Mafia hit from a competing Family? Whatever the details of the backstory, we can all clearly see that Pope Francis has been profiting the most from it. As promised before, you now have more proof that arrogance makes you stupid and some people are simply too arrogant to know when to stop.

 It is near time for the Vatican's demise…

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Third Time is the Charm

Happy Spring Equinox 2014. 

If you haven't read the previous two articles, the first is found here. The references herein won't make much sense without the background data from both previous articles.

That long-desired season of new life and ever increasing light and heat is now upon us. As we head towards Passover and Easter, I'll remind you again of something I wrote eight years ago. 

"Step lightly among clouds so the new day heats your path as wisdom's sight perfects your way."

Since the focus is and has been on symbology, the following reference is also relevant to what now faces the Vatican and cohorts. "Purposeful misuse leads to great peril".

This is the third of three articles focused on the Vatican's heavy use of "mystical techniques" (purposeful misuse of symbology…) to support its deceptive actions on the world stage that completely expose the lies about who they are, what they do, and what they have done for the past two millennia, and why. It also proves they have no faith in "Jesus" or Christianity, except as the primary facade and tool long used to deceive and oppress the world. Gaining and maintaining power by deceiving and forcing others to acquiesce to and support blatant lies, upon threat of suffering, death, and eternal damnation, summarizes their deeds across the entire past two millennia.

I posted the following (unedited) details on my Facebook page one month ago on February 20th, which are spell-checked and arranged into paragraphs below. (Here is an earlier related post, and another and one more.)

"Today is the 20th of February, and the sum its digits (2+2+0+2+0+1+4) equals 11, which symbolizes truth and justice and two pillars (dualism...). Yesterday ended the third of four symbolic periods during 2013 & 2014. Each period ran from the 10th to the 19th and the preceding and following days were the 9th and 20th. The date's digits on the 9th summed to 18 (6+6+6) and those on the 20th summed to 11. The date on the 9th was thereby doubled to 18, and the 10th through the 19th were also "doubled" dates because the day's literal numeric value matched its symbolic value. Then on the 20th, the digits of the symbolic value of 11 sum to 2, as do the digits of 20.

Now once again pay attention that the bottom two image plates on my book cover are also numbered 11 (on the right) and 18 (on the left), matching the symbolic values bracketing those symbolic periods. Also, again notice that image 17 sits atop those two and the winged sun is above all three, shining light on them? Notice the contents of plate 17 again, which just happens to match the current cycle on the Hebrew calendar, as well as Pope Francis' birthday on December 17th? Once again, they and cohorts have jumped headlong into a trap set for them many centuries ago, which I am revealing redundant proof of, using my book and related knowledge (light...).

Click image for larger version
Now we are in 2014 and my book cover from late 2010 captures vital details of the current situation. Once again, here is more proof that the Vatican is still actively struggling to defeat the returning prophet and Moshiah (Moshiach, Messiah) because they desperately fear the light. I have led them into a trap so everyone else could finally grasp the truth of this situation. Here is more proof, of who I am, and who they are (and are not), ergo here is more light...

Notice how plate 18 is also 6+6+6 and contains a dragon (mythical and mystical beast (empire))? Notice how chapter 18 in Revelation also conveys the same context? The digits of the following verse also sum to 17. The Vatican fears the prophecies, and thereby the returned prophet, in large part because I completely expose their dark machinations to the bright light and heat, hence to truth and justice.

Revelation 18:8 (reconstructed)
Therefore shall her plagues come within one day and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord who judges her.

This is another example of how wisely constructed symbolic art, narratives, and prophecies can contain multiple levels and aspects of related knowledge and wisdom. For example, we have passed the third symbolic period, which again shone new light on the Vatican and Papacy's great deceptions. Notice the three candlesticks in plate 17? Also, notice the five stars with the hand (a five star hand) coming from the clouds? We are in year 14 of the 17th 360-year cycle and 1+4 sums to five. Clouds also symbolize humility and deeds (waters) far removed from the "earth," which symbolizes the details in the bottom half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits. But also notice that the Internet is represented by clouds on network diagrams and is very often referred to as the cloud. Here we are in 2014 and on the Internet."

Since the third doubly symbolic period has passed, we are headed for the fourth, in November, which is month 11. Notice how the math puts the dual symbolic periods for 2014 in months 2 and 11, both of which symbolize dualism and truth and justice. Thereby, eleven (truth and justice, month 11, and doubled ones…) now speaks to you urgently. The fourth period is also 2x2 and 2+2, as well as 11, hence two doubled or double two's. Thereby, Double unto them Double…

Revelation 17:18
And the woman which you saw is that great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth.

Revelation 18:6
Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: within the cup that she has filled, fill to her double.

For those who have paid attention, you'll see that some of the more perplexing references I've used over the past eight years, both from my symbolic prophecies in this lifetime and those better known from previous times, are now coming together to point to very specific details and time frames. These three very unique prophecies were first published online and in my earlier (and rougher…) book, Revelations from the Apocalypse, in late 2005 to May 2006. Likewise, as this and the previous articles definitively prove, my book cover for Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols contains accurate prophecies in the form of three selected symbolic images (from the Vaticinia Nostradamus…). These are further arranged to form another symbolic construction that encodes additional redundantly verifiable details, as this and the previous articles prove. As with the prophecies in the earlier book, these details were published widely years before they occurred, and now serve as solid proof of who I am and what I am able to do. Not only did I lead the Vatican and cohorts into a trap, from which there is no escape, a vital aspect of that trap involves yet another verifiable demonstration of precise and verifiable prophecy.

My decade long project and series of demonstrations have served multiple purposes. It has helped to validate the meaning and functionality of ancient symbology and the wisdom it has always encoded. I also prove that the Vatican and cohorts have always and still regularly use and misuse symbolism to deceive in the effort to hide the truth and wisdom long encoded within ancient Egyptian and Hebrew symbology. Further, their use of "symbology as magic" is more insight into another reason they have been desperately struggling to hide and misdirect the truth about ancient history and symbols I have been publishing and demonstrating. Likewise, as an integral component of the unique sting operation I have been running, you also now have proof that the Vatican (Christian Rome) has lied about practically everything associated with the creation of the New Testament and the purported history it presents. Furthermore, you now have redundant evidence that they have gone to extreme lengths trying to hide me and defeat my efforts.

Christianity and Islam are both blatant Roman deceptions used to divide and conquer a vast empire across the centuries. You also now have redundant evidence that their magical and symbolic fingerprints are all over numerous terrorist events, including the 9/11 attacks in the USA. Their heavy reliance on "symbology as magic," instead of as a source of wisdom, and the timing and focus of numerous events using the exact same techniques also used during the transition from Pope Benedict to Francis and afterwards, now exposes them to the bright light. Reviewing the patterns of events of the past 13 years, and who has been involved and who Now the world can finally grasp that Christian Rome is a great evil that has long caused widespread suffering and chaos as the long term and purposeful method of managing its shadowy and mysterious empire. The Vatican, Papacy, and religion are merely the public facades used to hide their true nature behind layers of smoke and mirrors.

As I have repeatedly demonstrated, religious leaders in Rome have always been fully aware that agents of Rome created both Christianity and Islam. Each are based on stolen and rewritten Hebrew texts. They have gone to great lengths protecting this great secret, but their fingerprints and other evidence are found throughout both canons and across the entire existence of both religions. History clearly proves this about Christianity. The evidence throughout the structure, the use of symbolism in the Quran, the math of the precise daily prayer requirements (5x72=360), and other details likewise prove that Islam was created by agents of Rome. Furthermore, the assertions of both religions and the purposeful misuse of key symbolism such as angels and spirits, exposes the motive and the common source as Rome.

Two prime examples are the angel that supposedly delivers Revelation to "John" and another is said to have dictated the Quran to Mohammed. Literal angels don't exist and you now have the proof they were hidden symbols designed and used by the prophets to provide irrefutable evidence that religious assertions about such things have always been false. In other words, the religious leaders that created Christianity and Islam fell into the trap set by the Hebrew prophets themselves, who were fully aware that such lies would be told and eventually used as the basis to oppress the entire planet. Therefore, they embedded proof of the truth in the symbolism of the very texts that would be used to deceive the world and in this way guaranteed the end of those deceptions, during a predicted time-frame.

Religion and "divide and conquer" (contemplate Machiavelli…) are two of Rome's long-term techniques for building and maintaining empires and keeping subject nations and citizens deceived and fighting each other, instead of focusing on Rome's hidden role. It should also be clear that these two techniques have long been merged. As you can see by the chaos that bedevils our world, religion was purposely designed and has long been used to cause divisions and conflicts. It is also one of the long term methods for building empires. With the fall of Imperial Rome and the loss of direct control of its military empire, they relied on their new custom-made messianic religion and the greed and arrogance of monarchs and aristocrats, to forge and maintain a far larger empire. History shows that through the use of religion (and money and politics) they were able to spread "western civilization" to all corners of the globe. By using the proxy nations and leaders of the Christian Empire, they were eventually able to subdue and oppress the entire planet during the 20th century, while keeping their true role and purposes mostly hidden behind a curtain composed of multiple levels of misdirection.

Likewise, we can see how Islam and its nations have served as a long term and ready made opponent to Christian nations, with followers of Judaism often caught in a vice between them. Now that we have reached that long-awaited time, encoded within the ancient prophecies and thereby long feared by Christian Rome, the planet has once again been plunged into fear and chaos, and directly assisted by corporate news and other propaganda and disinformation sources. This has all been orchestrated to distract from me, my efforts, and what I have been proving in recent years.

The War on Terror has been little more than another deceptive Crusade orchestrated by the Vatican and its rich and powerful cohorts to distract the world's focus and prevent the outcome of the prophecies that promise a better world for everyone, after the truth is understood. It has been accompanied by a technology driven Inquisition and a global police state, which has used the fear of Muslims as the pretext for a long list of criminal activities, including blatant war crimes. All of this has served to divide and conquer the planet and create fear and chaos as a distraction. There is much more to this story, which I'll continue to explore in subsequent articles.

Viewing the events of the past 13 years (since 2001/5761) as both a microcosm and the fruits of the past two millennia helps clarify and validate the meaning of several symbolic references to Christian Rome's and now the Vatican's role and predicted imminent fate within the Hebrew prophecies. Never forget, this is the "Church" that used to torture and burn people alive for using the exact same techniques you now have proof of them employing in their current and ongoing efforts to defeat the ancient prophecies.

Following the same patterns seen throughout their history, Rome finally succeeded at secretly deceiving and oppressing the entire planet, from the shadows, by the late 20th century. Now that I have exposed the truth, you can see Pope Francis and the Vatican still desperately struggling to hide both me and the truth, through a massive PR campaign, and a variety other methods. As I have repeatedly demonstrated in recent years, Rome and cohorts have gone to great lengths causing violent events and a long list of great distractions, designed to flood the media with fear and misdirections at strategic times. All has been backed by mystical techniques, in part based on knowledge they ruthlessly extracted over the centuries, under the guises of inquisition, crusades, and various witch-hunts and pogroms. Thereby, it should be no surprise that torture, terror, "witch-hunts," race baiting, pogroms, other "dark age" ignorance, and traditional evils accompanied the War on Terror.

Now that the Vatican and cohorts greatly fear what I have recently revealed, as well as what comes next, we can see the planet plunged into a series manufactured crises, from Russia's well-timed moves in Crimea, a Malaysian (a Muslim country) jetliner disappearance, North Korea's multiple missile launches, plus a non-stop string of bizarre news. Both before and after, African countries have been bedeviled by wars and repeated instances of genocide. As always, Christians have been completely duped into participating in a crusade against Muslims, among all the other insanity that has characterized the recent years and centuries prior. Likewise, Muslims have been duped and manipulated into acting as proxies and scapegoats and serving as the sources of fear required to drive Christians and Jews to support the grand deceptions of recent years.

We can now view both the past 13 years and the previous 20 centuries in the bright light of hindsight. It is now easy to see how money, religion, and politics have been used as the primary tools to manipulate everyone. This is how Christian Rome behaved for two millennia and now when faced with the specter of the long promised exposure of their lies, as promised by the Hebrew prophets and prophecies (apocalypse…), they have plunged the planet into widespread fear and chaos, yet again. Divide and conquer using religion has kept most people too distracted to understand the extreme lengths the Vatican and cohorts have gone in recent years to defeat my efforts to prove the truth about them.

Likewise, the ruthless expansion of Christianity and Christian nations in recent centuries and the endless cycles of wars, pogroms, terror, and chaos that always accompanies them have been meticulously orchestrated as part of Rome's long term plan. Their centuries long hidden agenda has been to secretly gain control of the entire planet in the hope of defeating the returning Hebrew Moshiah (and their own Creator...), early in the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar, hence during the years following 2001. The start of the so-called War on Terror, via the 9/11/2001 attacks in the USA, was no mere coincidence of history. It is also easily demonstrated that the Vatican and cohorts purposely used Muslims as proxies and scapegoats to initiate a thinly veiled modern Crusade against Islam.  Further, the heavy use of date and numeric symbolism in the timing and framing of those attacks, as well as numerous other attacks and violent events, has left the Vatican's and cohorts fingerprints throughout a long pattern of terrorism and other bizarre and violent events of the past 13 years.

Another thing I wrote eight years ago was, "Embrace great fiery chains to dry up the foul and costly waters, while singing sharply the harps of Her seven pillars and giving voice to the Roaring Jubilant Shofar!" The arrogance of the Vatican and cohorts and their heavy reliance on "symbology as magic" has left a long chain of evidence in recent years which proves they have been the hidden hand behind both the War on Terror and behind many of the terror events. In other words, they have been manipulating all sides against one another. In hindsight, it is also easy to see who was involved in helping them to push and profit from these deceptions, and there is plenty of blame to spread around.

It should be obvious that the Vatican and cohorts trust in "dark magic" and other deceptive methods of manipulating people far more than the assertions of the religion(s) they have used as a smokescreen and cash cow for most of the past two millennia. While telling their followers no one could know the date, they have known the general time frame, as have others, for centuries. It should be obvious that Christians and Muslims have all been purposely deceived to look for different false messiahs and to believe in false prophets and false prophecies. In this way (and many others) they could be misled into fearing and fighting one another. That is a vital purpose of these religions, which were both created by agents of Rome. They have long feared the outcome of the prophecies that promise their downfall, after the truth about them is revealed, during the early years of the 17th cycle, New age, and New Millennium. They have gone to amazing lengths to defeat my efforts by distracting the world with a non-stop barrage of fear and chaos.

Another reason to twist prophecies as they have over the centuries and still regularly do is to dupe followers while simultaneously discrediting the whole concept in the eyes of most others. The end result has been a thick fog (smoke and mirrors) designed to misdirect and muddy the waters to confound the truth Rome has long feared. Now that I have published the keys to understanding these ancient texts, and redundantly demonstrated that I am the long expected prophet and Moshiah (Hebrew Messiah), they have gone to bizarre lengths to force most people to focus elsewhere.

The followers of all three Faiths of Abraham have been deceived, oppressed, and manipulated in myriad ways for centuries into following various paths of error. Because of the focus on wisdom throughout the Hebrew canon, the followers of Judaism are the least deceived of the three, and that is why they have been regularly targeted by Rome. Likewise, the prophecies are clear that Jews, Israel, and the details long encoded throughout the Hebrew canon and related texts will be directly involved in Christian Rome's downfall and the forging of a better world. They also fear proof of the Hebrew Moshiah because that is also proof they have been knowingly lying about everything for the past two millennia, including everything about the existence of "Jesus." Now the world can finally begin to understand the lengths they and cohorts have gone in recent years to keep both me and the truth hidden from most. It should be beyond obvious that our civilization will never evolve beyond the sad and sordid state of current affairs, while the Vatican is still allowed to exist.
Next article: A Hit Gone Wrong

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The City of False Prophecy and Dark Magic

Comet LoveJoy - by Michael J├Ąger
Dec. 24, 2013- Jauerling Austria
This is a followup to the previous article on this blog titled, Ancient Symbology Illuminates Why Comet PanStarrs in Pisces Terrifies Vatican.  If you haven't read it yet, do so before reading this or the references won't make as much sense.

Part One
Dark Magic Eclipses Popes' Faith in Jesus

I am continuing the discussion began during March of last year after a planned pause in my articles, to allow more evidence to accumulate of the Vatican's use of "symbology as magic" in their ongoing struggle to defeat the outcome of the ancient prophecies. I paused between PanStarrs in the spring and the flurry of comets of fall-winter-2013 and 2014 to allow Pope Francis and others to further convict themselves and dig their holes ever deeper. I did remain active on Facebook during that entire period though, to continue the running commentary with time-stamped posts and comments. As I made clear in recent years, I am wrapping up a several millennia long sting operation against religious deceptions. One of my most important tools has been patience since it takes most people much longer to see the patterns I have been predicting and demonstrating. Thereby, I patiently waited, watched, and prepped until later so the events of 2013 would provide the evidence required to finally open the eyes of the blind, in 2014.

In the earlier article, I showed how the Vatican planned the Papal transition from Pope Benedict to Francis so it fell on symbolically significant days during mid-March (10th to 19th) of 2013. This was followed immediately by the Spring Equinox on the 20th. The Papal transition was accompanied by a truly impressive PR blitz with all the corporate media going out of their way to help. This was also during the passage of the comet PanStarrs (C/2011 L4) through the constellation Pisces (the fish). The precise timing of the Papal transition and accompanying activities and their clear use of "symbology as magic" during the stretch of symbolic days during a comet's passing was more evidence that they have always lied about who they are and what they do. But there was far more to their plan than was obvious earlier in the year that would only become obvious to everyone else, near year's end. So I paused and patiently let events progress so those paying attention would have proof of the truth when the Vatican repeated the same behavior before year's end. 2013 would thereby give us redundant (doubled…) proof of their lies and expose the true reasons for Pope Benedict's and Francis' actions.

2103 was a pivotal and very symbolic year, with the addition of several comets making headlines and appearances (apparitions). After PanStarrs, ISON grabbed most of the attention thanks to media hype about the "comet of the century," before it broke up at perihelion in late November (Thanksgiving Day). Luckily, there were several others in the vicinity, with the best being Comet LoveJoy. As I have mentioned before, the prophecies of Nostradamus, Revelation, and others have led to the expectations that the Vatican will meet its predicted end in close association with the passing of one or more comets. They have also spent the past many centuries preparing for this specific time, during the early years of the 17th cycle, new millennium, and new zodiac age, when the prophecies predicted their widespread exposure and subsequent rapid demise.

Now that we are also at the final Pope in St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes, and during a year with multiple comets, the Vatican and "Church" are desperately trying to change the outcome of the prophecies they have long lied about and misused to exploit others. Rather than actually being and doing good to change their future, they have instead put their faith and efforts towards a PR offensive and other actions. Trying to control their luck (karma, consequences) by using what they view as magic designed to give them good fortune, regardless of the nature of their deeds, is a core aspect of how they operate. This should also provide more insights into the sources of their arrogance across the centuries.

Planning important actions based on date and number symbology or numerology, while constantly struggling to hide the truth about ancient symbology from others, is a vital aspect of their mystical methodology. While urging others to have faith in Jesus and the Church, they instead put their trust in deception, "dark magic," money, and the constant manipulation of national and international affairs through numerous methods. Similarly, we have all heard the assertions about how "God" is behind the selection of Popes and that no one knows who'll be chosen before the vote. While the vote outcome might have actually been in doubt to some of them, the details described herein certainly say otherwise. Thanks to Benedict's rare retirement, followed in March by the well-timed Papal transition and subsequent over-the-top PR blitz, we now have proof that they have been lying about this as well.

Their heavy reliance on the "mystic arts" is one of the reasons that Rome's mystical-mythical empire has been symbolized as both a seven headed dragon and Mystery Babylon. Beasts symbolize empires and dragons are mythical and mystical beasts. The gates of ancient Babylon were adorned with a dragon because it (Tiamat) was central to their state religion. Babylon was also well-known for their mysticism, magic, astrology, numerology, and great wealth (gold). Thereby "Mystery Babylon" has been used as a symbol for Christian Rome, now the Vatican/Papacy, which hides its true nature behind a religion they clearly don't believe in themselves. These articles prove the accuracy of this ancient prophetic description and why its symbolism was applied to them. You now have insights into their long-term planning and use of techniques that prove they have no faith in Jesus or God, much less the Bible or the religion of Christianity, which they have long used to exploit and oppress others.

During December 2013, very similar symbolic conditions to those in March were repeated, with some notable added focal points. That period was then also followed by the winter solstice, Christmas, and the New Year 2014. From the 10th to the 19th, each day's numeric value matched the symbolic value acquired from adding the date's digits. Thereby, each day's literal value was doubled, because its symbolic value was the same as the literal. So, on the 10th, the sum of the digits for 12/10/2013 (1+2+1+0+2+0+1+3) also equaled 10. For each subsequent day through the 19th the same math applied. This can be called a strong signal in the noise. December 13th during this very same period was also the second and last Friday the 13th during 2013. This is doubly significant since Pope Francis was selected on March 13th, 2013 so the importance of the number 13 in their planning is quite obvious. It is also well-known that they fear the number 13, in part because of what they did to the Templars on Friday 13th and they are still expecting payback.

On the 9th, the day prior to each symbolic period in March and December, the digits of the date summed to 18, double the value of 9. 18 is also the product of 6+6+6 and 666 is an important symbol in Revelation that points directly at the Vatican and Papacy. On the 20th, the day following this stretch of days, the digits of the date summed to 11, which symbolizes two candlesticks and two pillars, hence truth and justice and the wisdom of dualism. It is also a direct allusion to my oft-used instruction from Revelation, hence, double unto them double. Notice it is from chapter 18. The details of the verse that presents us with the symbol 666 is chapter 13 and verse 18 and its digits also sum to 13.

Revelation 13:18 
Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.

Revelation 17:18 
And the woman which you saw is that great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth.

Revelation 18:6 
Reward her (Christian Rome) even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she has filled fill to her double.

Notice also that the numbers 11 and 18 match the first and last plates of the Vaticinia Nostradamus on the front cover of my book, Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols. Also, pay close attention that Pope Francis and the Vatican went to great lengths to use these two symbolic time periods during 2013 and there was a comet overhead during both. See how this matches the symbolism on my book cover?

This is vitally important because it is a prophetic marker pointing to this time and to this very specific set of circumstances. Next, notice that the third image plate on my book cover, sitting atop those two, is number 17. It shows a soldier (a Templar…) taking aim at the source of words of the Vatican/Papacy (symbolized by a Pope), with the help of stars and an "angel" which help guide his sword and hands. Now that I've patiently set the stage for you, it should be easier to grasp the nature of the Vatican's long term deceptions and see that Pope Francis was selected at a special time and for reasons that prove they have been lying all along, and still are. Similarly, the hoopla surrounding this Pope is a blatant deception designed to change the outcome of the Hebrew prophecies that predict the exposure and defeat of their long-term deceptions.

During the most recent period in question, we saw the Pope, Vatican, and their cohorts in the corporate media put on a truly impressive PR blitz, just as they did during March. In addition to the details already described, the other important fact is this Pope's 77th birthday was on the 17th of December, near the end of that very important symbolic stretch of days. Also, notice that the start of year 2014 followed shortly thereafter. The year 2014 is also very symbolic for various reasons. 14 is the sum of 7+7 and the sum of the digits of 2014 is also 7. Likewise, 14 divided by 2 equals 7. As you can see, the symbolism of the Pope's birthday and his resulting age during 2014 were very important factors in how the Vatican planned and framed its actions on the world stage.

Pay close attention that the press release for the earlier article was first posted on March 17th, which was then posted to the blog on the 18th. The number 17 is vitally important to both symbology and prophecy because the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar is the time for the culmination of the ancient prophecies that the Vatican greatly fears and is struggling to defeat. Within Revelation, the 17th cycle is symbolized as the seventh star, angel, and seal and is likewise the focus of the prophecy encoded within the Great Seal of the USA. Furthermore, the Great Seal shows a 13-level unfinished pyramid. A shining capstone hovers above and is not yet connected. When it is set in place, it becomes the 14th level. Now notice that we have just passed from year 13 to 14 during the 17th 360-year cycle and new millennium, which is redundantly encoded in the Great Seal, and in the Hebrew prophecies going back to Moses and Genesis.

It is beyond obvious that the Vatican fully understands this because of their intense focus on using "symbology as magic" while actively hiding the truth about ancient symbology and the wisdom it encodes, from everyone else. Their fear of the ancient prophecies is directly related to the symbology used to encode the truth throughout those prophecies. Their choice for the new Pope last year is solid proof of this. If you refer back to the earlier article you'll notice that Pope Benedict announced his retirement on Feb 11th 2013, but said that he decided it on December, 17, 2012. In addition to those dates containing 11 and 17, we can now see that December 17th was Pope Francis' birthday, so Benedict was giving the nod to him before the announcement and before the Papal selection. It also shows how important date and number symbolism is to them and the great lengths they go to track it and to use it in their most important actions. It should thereby be obvious that they are trying to wrap themselves and their actions in symbolism so it helps them succeed at the manipulation of multitudes of people, believers and unbelievers alike.

It is well known how important the number 13 is symbolically and to those who view it as magically significant. Notice also that Pope Francis was 76 years old when elected on March 13th, 2013, and 7+6 equals 13. Also, March 13th was during the symbolic period, so the digits of 3/13/2013 sum to 13. Furthermore, it was during comet PanStarrs' passing through the Constellation Pisces the Fish. Thereby, it is beyond obvious his choice was no coincidence and neither were the days he was announced and selected. Nor was it merely because Pope Benedict was exhausted and wanted to retire. It should also be obvious that the vote was merely a public charade to hide their true objective of putting forth a fresh new and more active frontman who was chosen based on what the "mystical arts" dictated, while trying to defeat the prophecies of their impending doom. It is also apparent from this that they always rely on what they view as magic to strengthen efforts to manipulate multitudes of people worldwide using mass illusion and delusion.

The other thing it demonstrates is they chose Pope Francis for the date and number symbolism, astrology, and other details associated with him during the years 2013 and 2014. This is when they most feared the prophecies of impending doom, after their lies were exposed. This took significant planning and foresight, which means they spend a great amount of time using astrology, numerology, and date symbolism to plan their future actions on the world stage. You can also now see that Pope Francis and the Vatican put on their most intensive PR "full court presses" during those symbolic periods, as well as orchestrating numerous other hidden activities. They also simply could not have pulled it off without a fawning and complicit corporate media and other rich and powerful allies. They actually named Pope Francis the best dressed man, among other accolades that were piled on when they thought they would be most successful, based on mystical calculations.

As you can see, the use of "symbology as magic" is central to how they operate and is one of their secret weapons, which they clearly think helps them control future outcomes. I, many others, and the evidence of history have shown the great lengths they have gone to hide and misdirect the true meaning of Hebrew, Egyptian, and other ancient wisdom and symbology across the past two millennia. Likewise, they went to extreme lengths across many centuries to oppress and exterminate people and entire groups that had some insights into the truth about the symbology in the Bible and elsewhere.

In addition to hiding the truth about ancient symbology because it encodes proof the New Testament is a blatant lie, Christian Rome, now the Vatican, spent centuries seeking and extracting information through Inquisition, torture, and more. These long term efforts were designed to improve their ability to deceive larger numbers of people and thereby manipulate reality to their benefit. As you should be able to see now, a pivotal reason for all their efforts throughout the centuries was to gain the knowledge they hoped could change the outcome of the prophecies they have long lied about to exploit people across the centuries. All of their calls for faith in Jesus, the New Testament, and the "Church" are merely part of the great deceptions used to strengthen the illusions they weave in their efforts to defeat truth and justice. In other words, they fear the light (truth) and serve darkness (ignorance, deception, delusion, etc.).

Now you have more insights into how the Vatican, Papacy, and "Church" use the esoteric knowledge they brutally extracted over the past centuries. Rather than telling the truth and being good, they have instead relied heavily on "dark magic," astrology, numerology, and other techniques to deceive, and "weave spells and illusions" designed to mislead and delude people on a mass scale. They aren't merely accomplished liars and smooth talkers, the Vatican meticulously plans and reinforces their actions with techniques that prove they have no faith in "Jesus" or "God", but have instead put their trust elsewhere, while simultaneously demanding faith and obedience from their followers. So, as you can see, Pope Francis has been knowingly running a well-constructed scam, which they have reinforced using what they clearly view as magic. As you should also grasp, they are very good at it and it is so important to them that they have committed great evils across the centuries to gather this knowledge and to keep it secret from most. As I'll explore later, they also purposely cause great evil throughout our world, which they reinforce using the very same "symbology as magic" as I have exposed herein. This helps prove the truth about them across the entire past two millennia, as well as right now.

Part Two
The City of False Prophecy

As stated earlier and elsewhere; "Most people don't know that Vatican means City of Prophecy and all the important prophets and prophecies predicted that the Vatican (Christian Rome) would meet a sudden end after their ancient secrets were revealed during a period of global unrest and controversy."

Prophecy of the Popes - Final Pope
Peter the Roman (Petrus Romanus), who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the Terrible Judge will judge his people. The End.

Revelation 13:18 
Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.

Quatrain 10.65
O Vast Rome, your ruin has arrived !!!
Not of walls, but lifeblood and substance: (money, religion, politics)
The one of rough letters (surprise !!!) cuts so terrible a notch,
Pointed steel thrust all the way to the hilt (the sharp two-edged sword issuing from my mouth...)

Quatrain 10.78
Sudden joy transformed into sudden sadness
Engulfing Rome for the vanities embraced
Grief, cries, tears, weeping, blood, excellent jubilation
Diverse groups shocked when cast together

Before continuing, I'll let you look at the following section of Revelation which talks very specifically about the religion (woman) that is also a great city, hence Christian Rome, now the Vatican. As described elsewhere, the timeline represented within Revelation stretches from the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar until the early years of the 17th cycle, which is now. Unlike most Christian prophecy assertions and interpretations, the events symbolized do not merely occur in seven literal years, but stretch from the 11th to 17th 360-year cycles, which are also symbolized as years. A day on the other hand symbolizes a literal year. Thereby, the beast, dragon, woman, mystery Babylon, Great City, 666, and other symbols all point to an empire (beast) steeped in mystery and myth (dragon, Mystery Babylon) and religion (woman, harlot) that came into existence during the 11th cycle (Second Temple Period) and persisted through until the 17th. Likewise, Rome is the only city that was in existence during the entire period and matches all the clues.

This is merely one small section that points to them and to no one else, though they have successfully misdirected most people from understanding this.

Revelation 17:18 
And the woman which you saw is that great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth. 
Revelation 18:1 
And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.
Revelation 18:2 (reconstructed) 
And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the den of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
Revelation 18:3 (reconstructed) 
For all nations have drunk of the wine of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication within her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
Revelation 18:4 
And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.
Revelation 18:5 
For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. 
Revelation 18:6 
Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: within the cup that she has filled, fill to her double. 
Revelation 18:7 
How much she has glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she said within her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.
Revelation 18:8 (reconstructed) 
Therefore shall her plagues come within one day and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord who judges her.

As you can see from this small sampling from pivotal prophecies, Christian Rome's now global empire (beast, dragon) is a focal point of the primary prophets, as are the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle, which is now. Likewise, Pope Francis is the last Pope on the listing of St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes, and his reign will be short and see the end of the Vatican and "Church" when their lies are revealed. It is beyond obvious they understand the details of the prophecies and the predicted timing better than anyone else, besides me. Thereby, it is beyond denial that they are using deception, dark magic, and other tools to defeat the prophecies, which even they claim are the "word[s] of God" among other assertions. As we have seen throughout the centuries, Christian Rome has gone to great lengths hiding the truth while propagating blatant lies about symbology, prophecy, and what actually occurred two millennia ago.

They are actively struggling to defeat the outcome of the prophecies, the return of the "Messiah," and are thereby trying to defeat their own Creator. Consequently, the Vatican is better understood as the City of False Prophecy because that is what they created with the New Testament and its false messiah who they claim as a prophet. They have pushed blatant deceptions for two millennia as part of the long term plan to defeat what all the true Hebrew prophecies actually predict. As I have demonstrated in recent years, they fully understand the truth and are instead desperately working against its exposure. It is a simple matter to look into the prophecies to see why they fear them. The symbols beast (empire), dragon (mythical, mystical beast), and false prophet all refer directly to Christian Rome. This is more insight into why they have gone to such great lengths to bury evidence of the truth throughout the past many centuries and continue doing so, right now.

Revelation 16:13 
And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

Revelation 16:14 (reconstructed) 
For they are foul spirits, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty

Revelation 19:20 (reconstructed) 
And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

Revelation 20:10 (reconstructed) 
And the dragon was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented forever and ever.

The lake of fire is not literal, like most of this symbolic material. Water symbolizes the flow of deeds through time and a lake is a large body of water. The still waters represent a short time period, among other details. Fire consists of light and heat so in this context fire symbolizes intense truth and justice, hence they'll face the light and heat. Fire is also one of the four elements and in that context it symbolizes desire. In its purest form thereby, fire represents the desire for truth and justice, which is also the correct ancient meaning for righteousness, ergo the Teacher of Righteousness who was the leader of the Sons of Light.

Similarly, a mark is a character, hence the character of the beast speaks to the moral nature of empires, which are all greedy, arrogant, deceptive, unjust, and thereby evil. But if you'll notice on the Doctrine of Two Spirits, greed is the first step on the path of evil, leading then to falsehood and ignorance. People, groups, organizations, corporations, and nations all face the same dilemma, brought into existence by the imposed requirement of money. That is, whether to participate in a blatantly fraudulent financial system or suffer and starve or live outside of society. So, the image they worship is that of money, which cultivates and imposes greed, arrogance, etc., (mark of the beast) as a way of life. It is no accident then that worshipping an image makes an obvious allusion to religion, since Rome has always mixed money and religion, since before Christianity in Imperial Rome to the present day.

As you should also see, money, wealth, and power have always been far more important to the Vatican and their royal and aristocratic cohorts than truth and justice for billions of others. All nations must worship the image of greed or they are unable to survive, but empires take greed and arrogance to extremes by consuming other nations and taking far more than their fair share, thus causing others to suffer. That is why empires are symbolized as beasts. It is also why Rome and others created a whole fantasy around an individual "antichrist" figure, to hide what beast, dragon, and related Hebrew symbols actually referred to, ergo Christian Rome and its mysterious empire.

It is also important to remember that Rome's founders were said to have been suckled by a she-wolf. Thereafter, Rome has been identified with the wolf and its ravenous nature throughout history simply reinforces the accuracy of the beast symbolism. Thereby, discussions and symbolic tales about wolves in sheep's clothing were codes pointing to the true nature of Christian Rome. The three little pigs and wolf and the story of Red Riding Hood with the wolf dressed as her grandmother are coded references to Rome.

Just as we see Pope Francis doing with great skill, the Vatican, Papacy, and Church go to great lengths to hide their true nature behind smoke and mirrors while wrapping themselves in the image of the "lamb." Hence, they are the "wolves in sheep's clothing" long predicted. While serving a ravenous beast, religious leaders wrap themselves in a sheen of sweetness and light, and then profit by helping to delude and exploit people on a massive scale. Notice how Pope Francis is running around clothed in white and trying to hide their crimes and lies behind a barrage of happy talk? The global child rape scandal merely serves as solid proof they are wolves in sheep's clothing. They know the New Testament is a lie and praying to Jesus is pointless. As you can now see, the Vatican and Church leaders have so little faith in Jesus or the stories in the Bible that they instead rely on money, dark magic, mass deception, and delusion. It should also become apparent they are lying about why they rape children in such large numbers, while pretending to serve "God." There have been rumors about child rape serving some sick and dark ritual purpose, and now you can at least see there is far more to the story than they have been telling us.


I'm wrapping this up here and will cover related topics in a followup article. A topic closely related to this discussion is the true motive behind many of the bizarre events of recent years. The so-called War on Terror began in 2001, just over 11 months into the 17th cycle, and months into the new millennium, and new age of Aquarius. The purposely symbolic timing of the attacks on 9/11/2001 (9+1+1=11 and 9+1+1+2+0+0+1=14) and the advanced and redundant symbology involved in planning and implementing them points the finger squarely at the Vatican and its cohorts, instead of Muslims who clearly were proxies and scapegoats used to engulf the world in a completely deceptive conflict. Many other attacks and events since 2001 have also been on symbolic days and times and including other symbolic details. Now that you can prove how the Vatican always uses "symbology as magic" to support its actions, read the following articles.

9/11 Symbolism Proves Osama Bin Laden Was Not The Mastermind

Publication of Knights Templar Secrets Causes Panic in Hidden Circles

Here is the third article in the series, Third time is the Charm.

Also, if you haven't read it yet, please read the following to truly understand that the New Testament is a blatant deception and they have always known it and long struggled to enforce it, while protecting its lies. It is another long article with several references but it is worth your time and effort if you value the truth and want to help create a better world, sooner than later.

Grasping the Light from Treasures in Earthen Vessels

Peace and Wisdom...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ancient Symbology Illuminates Why Comet PanStarrs in Pisces Terrifies Vatican

PRESS RELEASE - March 17, 2013
See the list of recent press releases.

The sudden exit of Pope Benedict, the rapid selection of Francis, and all the resulting hoopla were designed to hide growing signs the Vatican knows the prophecies of their demise are quickly coming true, and all efforts to prevent it are failing.

NOTE: April 11, 2013 
(Currently it is back for me now, so we'll see if it stays available for others.)
This is an update on the article linked to below about St. Peter who was never really in Rome, whose Hebrew name was Shimon bar Jonah. It is being blocked from my web site and nothing I do will permit its reposting. Notice that the Vatican is the one with the motive and clearly they have the ability to come after items on web sites. Now you know why they are pushing CISPA and NDAA. Pay very close attention how this is coordinated with the attempts to plunge the planet into war and more fear, and to hide who is behind it. Now notice this version, which is still on the web. This contains "apologists" links so they can hide the truth about what really happened back then.

Most people don't know that Vatican means City of Prophecy and all the important prophets and prophecies predicted that the Vatican (Christian Rome) would meet a sudden end after their ancient secrets were revealed during a period of global unrest and controversy. The long-misused term "apocalypse" actually refers to the revealing of long-hidden secrets and the solving of ancient mysteries, which consequently causes the rapid collapse of traditional dogma, assumptions, and by logical extension, any wealth and power long associated with them. Consequently, Christian Rome and now the Vatican have undertaken a long term effort to defeat the ancient prophecies of the exposure of their secrets and subsequent rapid collapse.

One aspect of Rome's long term efforts was to hide the truth about the symbology of ancient wisdom that permeates these prophecies and other texts. The symbolic Hebrew prophecies and wisdom texts have always encoded proof that the New Testament was a Roman deception. They have always known the true meaning of the word apocalypse and that their age of power would end early in this new millennium and zodiac age, after their secrets and centuries of deceptions were exposed. That is the primary focus of the Hebrew prophecies and prophets and thereby it has been vital to Rome to hide and confound this knowledge throughout the centuries.

In addition to the Apocalypse, the other prophecy of greatest concern to the Vatican is St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes. Following the strange and sudden abdication of Pope Benedict XVI, who was number 111 of 112 on St. Malachy's list, stunning insights into the meaning and purpose of the final line of this so far very accurate listing now promises a much sooner demise for the Vatican than most outsiders would have expected or predicted.

"Peter the Roman (Petrus Romanus), who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the Terrible Judge will judge his people. The End."

There are many interpretations and questions of translation and legitimacy about the final line of St. Malachy's listing, but very few truly understand the symbology, which is the key to unlocking its hidden purpose and grasping why signs of abject panic in Rome are multiplying daily. Most have expected that the symbolic title Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman) would refer to a single final Pope, who would be 112 on the list. With the selection of Pope Francis, the questions about its purpose grow more pressing.

There is a meaning for "Petrus Romanus" that appears to spell impending doom for him, the Vatican, and the Church. One very important meaning of "Peter sitting on the throne" is the absence of a Pope, either through death or abdication. We have already seen Benedict "leave the thrown empty" by being the first living Pope to abdicate in over six centuries. Unfortunately for Pope Francis and the Vatican, this very accurate prophecy and others predict the throne of Peter will be empty again, and very soon.

Further complicating matters for the Vatican and new Pope is the fact that Comet PanStarrs is currently cutting a path through the constellation Pisces, the fish, after traversing the constellation Cetus, the whale. The New Testament stories of St. Peter the fisherman, whose Hebrew name was Shimon bar Jonah, are directly associated with both fish (fisherman) and whales (bar Jonah). Normally, this might seem like a good sign for them, except that it is occurring precisely at the time the Pope symbolized as Peter the Roman is elected. Furthermore, other prophecies link their great troubles with the appearance of a comet, so having PanStarrs in Pisces right now opens a Pandora's box for them.

It should be beyond obvious that the Vatican has an observatory and has long used astrology and the zodiac, while claiming otherwise. They were fully aware that Comet PanStarrs would be in Pisces in March and that is why they chose that very specific time for the Papal transition. They have spent centuries preparing to defeat the prophecies and were clearly unwilling to let things progress naturally when Pope Benedict's health began to fail in the midst of a virtual tsunami of troubles. This Papal transition was thereby purposely planned to coincide with the comet in Pisces. This and numerous other details demonstrate how the Vatican went to great lengths to use knowledge and techniques that it has long denied, while oppressing and demonizing others for doing the same.

While pretending they were unconcerned, they have clearly gone to great lengths trying to control the outcome of this very specific prophecy using symbology, astrology, and whatever other techniques they have picked up over the centuries. For example, the date and numeric symbology used in this transition is beyond denial. Furthermore, Pope Benedict announced his abdication on February 11th, while saying he made the decision on December 17th. That would thereby lead directly to the election of Pope number 112 on St. Malachy's listing. Notice that the date 2/11 and the number 112 have the same digits, but merely reversed? Notice also that the digits of 12/17 sum to 11, matching the date of the announcement and 12/17/2012 sums to 16, Benedict’s number? This is no coincidence considering the vital importance of the number 11 in all symbolic endeavors and pivotal recent events.

Similarly, the Conclave was set for March 12th and they quickly elected a Pope on March 13th. The digits of 3/13/2013 sum to 13 and those of 3/13/13 sum to 11. This is also during a 10 day stretch from the 10th to the 19th of March when each days' literal date matches the symbolic value derived by the sum of its digits. On the 11th day following that stretch of days, 3/20/2013 also sums to 11. Thereby, this date was purposely and expertly chosen for its symbolic or magical purposes as part of the desperate effort to protect themselves from the ancient prophecies they have long used to exploit others. This whole affair is made more troubling by the fact that Benedict served as the Inquisitor before becoming Pope and this is the same Church that used to burn people at the stake for doing similar activities throughout the centuries.

We have all just witnessed the many cover stories pushed through the media in a truly impressive PR storm in recent days. Unfortunately for them, everything they have publicly claimed of late is easily disproved and now they have opened themselves up to questions and scrutiny that are far more damaging than the still unfolding global child rape scandals and other criminal inquiries.

The Vatican now finds itself in the position of having to defend its use of symbology, astrology, and what appears to be magic to defend against the prophecies, after long demonizing others for using similar knowledge across the entire last two millennia. Furthermore, as described in earlier articles and releases, all the evidence throughout the previous several centuries proves that a vital purpose of both the Inquisition and Crusades was to stamp out ancient wisdom and eliminate those that possessed it, after extracting as much hidden knowledge as possible for their own purposes. Now we can all see them using date, numeric, and zodiac symbology in a way that is clearly intended as some form of magical defense against the unfolding prophecies. In other words, they have openly used symbology as magic and that helps prove they have been lying for most of the last two millennia about who they are and what they do.

Note: 1/22/2014
Here is the followup article promised.
The City of False Prophecy and Dark Magic

To truly understand the supporting evidence and rules for the symbology, reading Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, by Seven Star Hand is an absolute requirement.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Say Woe, Woe, Woe, to serpents' wings by 13

The following symbolic prophecy was first published 1/1/2006 (just over seven years ago) to various Indymedia.org sites worldwide. It was the second of three. The first of three is titled Eleven now speaks to you urgently. The third of three is Those who Hear the Teacher's Flame

Here is more insight into the motives of the Vatican and Royalty, who are desperately struggling to defeat me and truth and justice, in their efforts to prevent the outcome of the ancient prophecies they have long used to gain power and authority. Now that I have "returned" and "arisen" they have proven their true nature and purposes... 

The first version of this holiday gift was delivered December 23-25 to various Indymedia.org sites worldwide.  This New Year's adjunct sharpens the vision, so compare and contrast, both are valid and complimentary!  The next four (now six for readability...) paragraphs offer a purposely-verbose verifiable seal of authenticity that will be further validated in space-time. Understand clearly, the sage's stone is a multi-dimensional unique key. Purposeful misuse leads to great peril. Here is more stunning proof that scoffing in the face of profundity is great folly. Pay very close attention to my instructions!

I again thank those who saw earlier symbols in the noise. Here's further proof that scoffing in the face of profundity is great folly! ELEVEN ROARS LOUDLY; unseal the recent past soon to be doubled! Be Aware, quaking earth and burning waves are prepared about you. Such are the only able to stand !! Pure fire works brilliantly to pierce shadows atop the pyramid, defiling the earth, through smoke and dust. Fear not the voice of my sharp two-edged sword. Embrace its pure metal to gird against the serpents' pit. Swallow clouds and light to walk perfectly in the midst of stars, eating mindful of the sages' stone. See and hear Her perfect place, to drink from triangles no more! 

(Note: This paragraph is based on the weather and other events during late 2005. Zeta was one of the last storms during that long Atlantic hurricane season)
12/26/2005 numbered 18, 11, 8, 7, and 3. Time's cyclic wave is past 21/11 and (at posting date) before 11/2. Three sixes emerged at 18, 21, and 10 (5766/2006) as Zeta breathed three 9's before the waters quake.  Say Woe, Woe, Woe, to serpents' wings by 13

Tarry not in the darkness, blind and fearful of the light. Tri-serpentine heads, flesh, and tails fuel the lady's ire. Step lightly among clouds so the new day heats your path as wisdom's sight perfects your way. Two candlesticks swallow strength from pillars' lamps to see the tri-tongued fallen beneath the Teacher's flame. The sacred pomp's wings are now stubble before a mighty wind. Double unto them double, fearless, guileless, breathing sparks.

The darkest of days end as the fiercely vibrant sun arises, hidden as a thief! Kindreds of the earth shed blood and tears beneath the serpents' bow, while sevens' stars tarried until quaking multitudes thirsted for the golden altar's simple ark. Turn heads wisely to cleanse robes of dark and weighty folly!  

See the lady of the lake wield the sun. Fearlessly serve Her by cast down serpents, so the burning rains thunder, no more. Justly trample dark oily rivers beneath brightly burning feet to set forth a New Earth's emerald ways. Embrace great fiery chains to dry up the foul and costly waters, while singing sharply the harps of Her seven pillars and giving voice to the Roaring Jubilant Shofar!

Grasp the hidden keys without hand! Be Aware!  You must work with symbolic fire to dry up space-time eruptions caused by the overly-proud blind! Let wisdom's seventh chapter unseal your seven eyes to see and hear things purposely hidden. Decipher recent events presaged by previous posts; their purpose is framed by the Preface Title (It's Symbology Stupid...).  Use this special gift wisely!

Those Who Hear the Teacher's Flame

I first published the following symbolic prophecy in the spring of 2006, just under seven years ago. Here is more insight into the motives of the Vatican and Royalty, who are desperately struggling to defeat me and truth and justice, in their efforts to prevent the outcome of the ancient prophecies they have long used to gain power and authority. Now that I have "returned" and "arisen" they have proven their true nature and purposes... 

Here is Wisdom...

Those who hear the Teacher's flame turn sharply to the perfect path, eating simply of the ancient sages' dual stone. Tearful pit dwellers, shaken mightily by the light, ascend from the abyss before a seventeen-star-filled wind. Their once-bottomless graves, now cast within three bitter corners, cause the deaf and blind to swallow strength from shame. Walking skyward, their works without-hand, in the midst of sun-clothed snow-clouds, rains burning hail about the heads of unclean men, women, beasts, and creatures dwelling hungrily roundabout the Earth. 

Dark and weighty folly sorely pains the tri-tongued captains, writhing within vestments marked by oil, wine, and earth fouled waters. Purple dragon-riders voicing foul spirits darkly, from atop scarlet-fleshed beasts, greatly inflamed the Lady's ire. Seeing Her reigning First and Last, serpents' tails burn up wrathfully, striking seven times among lowly heads and hills, wielding brimstone rods and reeds afire. 

As tempests rage before balances false, lead-talent-filled ships cast out blinding dust, falling darkly weighted beneath burning waves of sailors' feet. The First and the Last ascend thunderously above the lightning crossed eastern sky. Rudely awakened, enlightened multitudes force the sacred-pomp to drink of flaming wormwood cups, filled patiently by worn out saints, crying loudly after ages-old bitter tears and shed blood. 

153 drunken fish, blinded seven ways by oil, strong wine, and unclean loaves were smoothed by Simon's 21-rock-weighted triangular net, within Babel's bottomless pit. Redeemed from strong delusion, they turn once-fouled eyes to the air, hearing lightning thunder seven times about hidden names from time eleven. Greatly inflamed, they justly trample dark oily rivers beneath brightly burning feet, gathering upon the hidden cloudy peak of ages to quake mightily before days end in the midst of roaring stars. 

Clothed by seven eyes strengthened by seven horns, newly sighted seekers walk meekly within the midst of the perfect path's hidden throne, hair purified seven ways by flame of fire. A bearded star roars so fiercely that the city upon seven lowly hills quakes grievously, wailing tearfully about shadowy serpentine dens and rocks. Scorched alive by stellar wind, they shamefully drink about double doubled horns afire, long hidden within the golden altar's simple ark. 

Sorely shaken heads of gold fall beneath ancient corner stones arising, justly numbered by reed, plummet, and eleven stars bowing roundabout the eleventh son. The ancient Lady's seven pillars, hewn without hand, were long over-shadowed by scorpion-tailed red dragon's feet of clay and iron. Shining fiercely above felled serpents' heads, they thunder to life about the burning lake's heated path, as seven stars strike pompous cities by three. Cast heavenward, a great eagle cries upon dual wings among creatures four and house of eight within raven's song about the end of earth-bound days. 

Hearing roaring harps trumpet their names, jubilant shofars' sing mightily. Sounding sharp and strong roundabout the hidden throne, they gird the many-sighted Fire-Lord, smiting the darkly writhing harlot queen, who waxed rich, overly-proud, blind to sorrow, and drawing smoke about ages of oil, wine, shed blood, and tears. Though cast sacred by the unclean dead, its seven beastly heads fall forever beneath an ancient cloud-born stone afire. Gnawing tongues greatly pained by talent-weighted hail, wine-sodden iron feet of clay flee wailing before spark-filled tempests, poured-forth unmingled from the Lady of the Lake's long-simmering cup of bitter promises. Finally freed of great folly from serpents' reign, Earth, Water, Air and Fire shine roundabout the living fountain stone. Its pure waters aflame feed sun-lit paths as multitudes sing guileless about emerald times, strongly quenching thirsts for simple ways before peace sounds, forever and ever. 

Your humble friend forever, 

Seven Star Hand, 
a.k.a. The Branch, 
a.k.a. MelchiZedek 
a.k.a. The "Lion of the Tribe of Juda" 

Here is Wisdom!! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Raising the Dead and Enlightening the Blind

Disturbing certain grave sites promises to resurrect angry ghosts that refuse to remain dead and hidden...

Note: This article is part four in the series. The previous articles are;
Illuminating the Talpiot Tomb and Jesus Discovery
Shining a Bright Light onto The Jesus Discovery and Resurrection Tomb Controversy
Further Illuminating the Resurrection Tomb and Jesus Discovery Fallacies and Errors

Note: 3/18/2013;
More to come soon, but here is a peak at more tomb related revelations...

Fish/Vessel ossuary images sketch
This is a long article because there is much to cover and I have much to say. So much so, that I had to restructure and split off some topics into a fifth article, that will more quickly follow this one. All the symbology discussed here has already been described in great detail in my books and articles. The title of this segment is a purposeful allusion to the symbolism of ancient wisdom seen throughout the canons of all three Faiths of Abraham. For those who don't understand the symbology yet, the terms esoterica and mysticism are directly related to the long-term efforts to unravel the meaning of ancient symbology, which has long been known to encode the merger of profound wisdom and advanced science.

That understanding is also the inspiration behind the symbolism of alchemy, which when properly understood is the effort to improve one's spiritual mettle and character, not to create literal gold from literal lead. Converting baser metals (mettle, character, spirit) to golden, while using a white stone, symbolizes the process of perfecting oneself using pivotal ancient wisdom, hence the term spiritual alchemy. The same symbolism can be seen throughout history and throughout these religious canons. Unfortunately for religious leaders, the literal use of that symbolism is easily shown to derive from earlier sources that completely expose the ages-old errors and blatant deceptions underlying all of these religions.

One of the important purposes for the New Testament has been to hide and confound the meaning of ancient symbology and the wisdom it has always encoded. As you will also grow to understand, every miracle attributed to "Jesus" is purposefully and deceptively recast symbolism, ergo blatant lies. The same is true for the topic of angels, which have always been part of the ancient sting operation designed to eventually expose the lies of all these religions. This series of articles and my book leave no remaining possibility that the stories of Christianity can possibly be truthful.

Once you understand the rules for the symbology covered in my book, you can also validate and reproduce my results. This is the true reason the "Jesus Discovery" team has been tasked by religious leaders to go to such great lengths in recent years in these futile attempts to protect the truly big lies, by pretending to expose some lesser ones. They have clearly been tasked to help hide the true extent of the great evils long perpetrated by Christian Rome, in cahoots with its rich and powerful cohorts, a.k.a. the so-called "New World Order" and related deceptions. The prophecies promise the end of their power following the exposure of Rome's age-old deceptions because Rome's ancient lies have been the key to their power, for most of the last two millennia.

As the Jesus Discovery website says on its homepage, context is everything in archeology. The same is true when decoding and/or reversing-engineering deeply encrypted symbolic messages. As described in the previous articles in this series, these two ossuaries and the symbol above the adjacent tomb are not Christian, nor are they religious in nature. The presence of these symbols is evidence of a group of people who were expert in the symbology of the ancient wisdom that was passed on by [Amen]Moses and hidden from religious leaders for millennia. The evidence also connects them to both the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Book of Revelation, which use the exact same symbology and philosophy. The scrolls also make very explicit references to the Laws and Rules of Moses, who was the source of this wisdom and symbology, which he brought out of Egypt. Context also narrows the meaning of the symbols on each ossuary to that of ancient Hebrew wisdom, which came out of Egypt, via [Amen]Moses.

As already demonstrated, and as already widely known in certain circles, the star-time codes are one of the keys to proving the truth about the symbology in these religious canons and related texts. The same code is used in Genesis in the story of Joseph (the 11th son of Jacob) and his dream of eleven stars when he was 17 years old. That set the stage for its use by the Hebrew prophets and sages that followed in [Amen]Moses' footsteps and secretly and expertly protected his deepest secrets. That same 11-star time-code was used to bury the Dead Sea Scrolls as part of the same plan that involved creating these ossuaries as time-encoded prophetic time-capsules. It is also used extensively throughout Revelation and other symbolic narratives to encode the time frame from the 11th to the 17th 360-year cycles on the Hebrew calendar. Thereby, the story of Joseph is very relevant here, for more than the star-time code. But as much as I have railed against Mr. Tabor's interpretations and agenda, Jonah is also relevant.

Matthew 12:40
For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Jonah 1:17
Now the LORD had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.

On the other hand, the story of Jonah provides vital insights that I doubt anyone on this team wants people to truly understand, which is why they tried to confound it. First, it fits the theme of water symbolism and Jonah also spent some time in the belly of the great fish, ergo a water "beast" (leviathan), which actually symbolizes an empire. The New Testament's attempts to use the story of Jonah to beef up the lies about Jesus' resurrection are exposed, in part, because they are used literally. Days symbolize years and that fact alone clearly breaks many other assertions of the Jesus fantasy. I have provided comprehensive proof showing that the New Testament is created in large part from materials stolen from Qumran and the Essenes. It falsely uses Hebrew symbology literally to create the illusion of miracles. This is another clear example of Christian Rome's deceptions and this team is desperately struggling to hide the truth about them.

Furthermore, Jonah is a parable and not literal, but like all symbolic Hebrew texts, it purposely encodes prophecies and wisdom beneath the apparent storyline, but they are never literal. If you read Jonah, it contains numerous elements that are clearly symbolic and don't seem to fit the literal storyline, especially religious assertions about it. The mere claim that this material is representing a literal description of events is both deceptive and delusional. Furthermore, none of these ancient stories are in their original form after many embellishments and interpolations over the millennia.

The most important detail from the story of Jonah is that a "great fish" (not a whale…) swallowed a prophet who was hidden within for a period of time, as the fish itself was swimming through the waters. In this context, a great fish (a.k.a. leviathan) symbolizes the Roman Empire across the entire age of Pisces, hence the seven cycles of the Book of Revelation that are encoded on both of these ossuaries. Even the Dead Sea Scrolls explicitly use the symbolism of swallowing in direct association with events surrounding the Teacher of Righteousness and Tribe of Judah. Thereby, the great fish actually swallowed Juda at the start of the age of Pisces, just as related in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Jonah or Judah or both?

Mr. Tabor and team have also been trying to assert that the lines in the head of the fish are Hebrew letters that spell Jonah. As others have pointed out, they most closely resemble the word Judah. Since context is important, Judah is the most likely word, especially when you understand these people were of the Tribe of Judah, which is clearly mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Verse 5:5 of the Book of Revelation is also a vital verse directly referencing the deeds and identity of the future "messiah" as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. As we have seen with the fish/vessel image, it is possible that both words were merged to refer to Judah and Jonah. In that context, the tribe of Judah was swallowed by the great fish that is Christian Rome, which afterwards deceptively touted its fantasy Messiah as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, based on the texts they stole and rewrote (swallowed and regurgitated). As with all of Rome's lies, the symbology decisively exposes the truth about an entire age of blatant deception and abominable evils, regardless of their great efforts to hide it.

Revelation 1:16 
And he had within his right hand, seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shining within his strength.
Revelation 5:5 
And one of the elders said unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.
Revelation 10:7 
But within the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as She has declared to Her servants the prophets.

Revelation 16:4 
And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.
Revelation 16:5 (reconstructed) 
And I heard the angel of the waters say, You are righteous, O God, which are, and were, and shall be, because you have judged thus.
Revelation 16:6 
For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and you have given them blood to drink; for they are worthy.

As described in great detail in Chapter 7 of my book, I have indeed loosed (opened) the seven seals, hence I have decoded the symbology of Revelation and made it available for others to understand. One vital aspect of the seven seals are the true meaning of the seven stars symbolized in my right hand and the seven angels, which is precisely what is encoded on the face of both of these ossuaries. Angels are directly related to the zodiac and to stars.

More insights into the motivations behind these efforts to deceive

It is more than curious that this team went out of its way to misdirect the meaning of the word Judah, since those who buried the scrolls were of the tribe of Judah and called  themselves saints, as is made very clear within the Dead Sea Scrolls. Thereby, here is yet another clue linking this tomb to Qumran, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Book of Revelation that Mr. Tabor and team have strangely gone to great lengths to confound and hide. Their intentions should be blatantly obvious by now and they know they (and cohorts) are purposely pushing lies through the media to protect the power and wealth of Christian leaders and ultimately the Vatican. It must also be remembered that they are trying to defeat the author of Revelation, even though he clearly knew future details they can't know until after the fact. The Vatican is clearly very desperate now !!!

This team has been used to purposely target me, my books, and my efforts to prove the truth about this history and the meaning of these ancient texts, related esoterica (mysticism), and ancient wisdom symbology. The timing proves they are not coincidental. These efforts also display elements of earlier attempts to confound the meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the symbology of the "Lost Book of Nostradamus," which uses numerous combinations of stars based on the exact same star-time codes. These are the actions of those with a great fear of the truth regarding ancient symbology in the Bible and elsewhere, as well as any connection to the Dead Sea Scrolls.

This has all the same hallmarks and "smell" of earlier Vatican-directed operations designed to confound the truth about the crimes of Christian Rome, which are completely exposed by the truth about this ancient symbology, and now by the contents of this tomb site. Earlier efforts to control and delay the Dead Sea Scrolls and later efforts to "Christianize" them is evidence of a great fear about the truth regarding this history. Another pattern repeated from earlier efforts is this habit of providing limited access to historical data that could decisively prove the truth. They put out enough to serve their purposes, which is to attract maximum attention to a controversy and then control the conclusions that flow from it. It is a well-known propaganda technique used to perform damage control when a dangerous truth threatens to break out into the open. Western leaders use this widely and Rome has used it for many centuries.

I have spent the last decade researching, reverse-engineering, validating, and publishing proof of the meaning and purpose of the ancient symbology used throughout Hebrew history, these canons, and ancient Egypt. The same rules work on all Hebrew prophecies and wisdom texts, if they were truly produced by the prophets. Everything required to decode the symbology from both of these tomb sites was published before these dual efforts to hype and publicize an interpretation designed to rescue and support the lies of Christian Rome. In fact, each of these efforts to manufacture "proof" that "Jesus" really existed and was the messiah occurred a little over a year following publication of my books, the first Revelations from the Apocalypse and Apocalypse Symbol Guide in 2005-6. Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols is the current book, published in August and September 2010. The hype regarding Talpiot Tomb (A) occurred in 2007, the year after the first books. Then again in late 2011 and early 2012 the Talpiot Patio Tomb (B) and these two ossuaries became the focus, following publication of my book.

The timing of these efforts is no mere coincidence and it should be obvious that I and the contents of my books are the targets of these efforts. The other target is Israel and Jews, because now there is proof of the truth about what happened during the Second Temple period. Rome killed the Teacher of Righteousness and stole their texts, which were then deceptively rewritten to become the New Testament. Christian Rome used blatant deception backed by centuries of great oppression to impose the stories of the New Testament upon the heads of Jews and Christians alike. They have long known that the "return" and "arising" of the Messiah in the early years of the 17th cycle and Age of Aquarius meant the end of their power and the end of the Vatican. The true purpose of the Apocalypse has always been to end an age of great evil and deception imposed from Rome. The Vatican and its proxies have been struggling to prevent my success at spreading proof of the truth about this history and much else, because only the truth will set humanity free from such a great deception.

That is also why these Biblical scholars, some of whom are clearly struggling to create distractions and sow confusion about these ossuaries, steadfastly refuse to mention the word symbol. They were obviously tasked to steer the conversion anywhere else, but the topic of symbols on those two ossuaries. Even after I have shown these are symbols with verifiable meanings that precisely match the same time codes in Revelation, they still refuse to even use the word symbol. Only Tabor and his team will mention anything about symbols, but only in the context of the Tomb A symbol and only relating to New Testament assertions, hence the "sign of Jonah" talking point.

This little con-game is being played by people whose ultimate purpose is to continue the ignorance of religion, and the evils of Christian Rome, regardless of the truth. They are colluding in an attempt to defeat my efforts to free billions from enslavement to blatant deception. Obviously, their vanity and personal comforts are far more important to them than the truth, or even the fates of billions of other people. All of these so-called scholars have proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that they have no clue about symbolism in a Second Temple period setting, or anywhere else. Furthermore, they are so afraid of the truth about the Hebrew symbolism in this context that nothing they say in relation to these ossuaries and this topic should ever be trusted again.

Context purposely created using numerous esoteric wisdom symbols

Remember the above, because some will still struggle to claim these are mere decorations and not symbols, though I have already comprehensively demonstrated otherwise. A good look at the fish/vessel images on the so-called "Jonah ossuary" shows that someone went to great lengths to produce a very unique image that could not be easily dismissed, classified, or clarified, yet clearly shows elements of both a fish and a vessel. It was also produced by someone who wanted a rough look, like that of a poor man who prepared his own special ossuary, to keep vital secrets well-hidden until the far future. The surrounding borders are also unique and contain a series of important wisdom symbols that none of these so-called scholars seem have a clue about or will talk about, until forced to by unfolding circumstances. They are all described in my books and articles. These symbols are used here to further narrow the context of this imagery and show it is purposeful ancient wisdom symbology and the intended messages are esoteric wisdom and verifiable "star-time" date stamps, ergo not Christianity and not religion.

It is well-known that those most call "Essenes" (sons of light, keepers of the way, etc.) were the prominent wisdom group during the Second Temple Period. The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Gnostic volumes, archeology, and related history redundantly support this. Mysticism and esoterica has long been associated with ancient Hebrews and is still seen in Kabbalah and similar endeavors. Even Rome's deceptive spin on history in the New Testament alludes to mysticism, astrology, and esoteric knowledge among certain of the inhabitants of Judea and region.

Now we have solid archaeological evidence on these two unique ossuaries and on the facade of the adjacent tomb of ancient wisdom symbology and esoteric knowledge. Also, the theme of dualism is repeated in conjunction with wisdom about cyclic time, ergo the wisdom of ages. I'll explore the remaining symbolism on both before moving on to reveal what these two ossuaries were ultimately designed to convey to humanity, during the spring of 2012.

Someone went to great lengths to ensure we would be presented with all the evidence required to prove the context of these images and those who would have used them during the Second Temple period. Both of these ossuaries purposely display a cluster of symbols pivotal to ancient wisdom and used within the original symbolic narratives that were later modified to become the canons of all Three Faiths of Abraham. They have also been important to esoteric groups throughout history, both before and after the fall of Jerusalem and the rise of Christian Rome. They can all be traced back to Egypt through [Amen]Moses.

As already demonstrated, this is the work of a Hebrew prophet who was expert in the symbology of ancient wisdom. These symbols and the associated messages are repeated throughout the Book of Revelation and the entire Hebrew canon, which includes multiple symbolic prophecies. They are also explained in great detail in my books, articles, and press releases, which were all published before the hype about the Talpiot Patio Tomb (B) and these two ossuaries began. Every symbol here is described in greater detail in my books and articles, so I'll focus more on the intended messages.

Fire, waves, mountains, and wisdom about cyclic time

To understand the meaning and purpose of this symbolic imagery, it is necessary to look at the images of the actual ossuaries and not rely solely on the "strategic errors" (deceptions…) added to the reproduction ossuaries they have been pushing through the media. It is rather amazing this whole team went along with such a sloppy and obvious attempt to deceive people about this tomb's contents.

On the so-called reproduction ossuary, the borders are made from mostly uniform triangles with straight-lined edges and borders. Looking at the left and right borders on the actual photo you see what looks more like mountains and waves. The outer left and right border design of palm branches is clear enough as shown. But the design inside the palm borders are not as shown on the reproductions. Once again, water symbolism is used, but this is merged with mountain tops, the ancient symbol for wisdom. In other words, this section of the border purposely mixes the symbols for the flow of time and deeds and for wisdom, hence the wisdom of ages.

This and the similar designs used in the borders above and below the fish/vessel purposely model the peaks and valleys of a flowing waveform, which is an accurate scientific reference to the flow of time and change, which is also ruled and driven by our universe's opposing polarities, ergo dualism. This pattern and the others we'll explore are purposely modeling time flow, dualism, and the four elements which are the central concepts of the zodiac. These designs are also purposely modeling multiple insights into dualism and the four elements. Notice that the inside border designs on the left and right are similar but different. The right side looks more like mountains, while the left side border is more uneven like the surface of the sea, with mountains below the waves. There are clearly two purposeful variations on a theme being used, which revolves around dualism and the four elements, one of which is water. As I'll discuss below, the position of these symbols also say that the left side is showing both fire and water, which I'll explore later.

The adjacent stars and waters ossuary also models flowing time using water drawn as a flowing waveform and "peaks and valleys" are clearly illustrated. Furthermore, the flowing circles of water are around two stars, that represent two zodiac ages, hence a dual reference to dualism that purposely incorporates the flow of cyclic time. Last but not least, notice that the illustration on the stars and waters ossuary presents us with two flowing wheels, perfectly matching the symbolism of the infinity symbol, another model for flowing and cyclic time.

Palm branches, vines, and shoots

On the outer left and right border is a fairly standard looking band of stylized palm branches, which they correctly identify. These are purposely shown in the shape of a vine, an important symbol in the Hebrew texts and within Revelation. It is already well known that the Egyptian purpose for these was to measure time and to symbolize the concept of flowing and cyclic time by the many yearly branch points along a long stem. This long plant stalk, showing yearly branches and shoots, merges both the Egyptian and Hebrew symbolism of palm branches and vines.

Revelation 14:18
And another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, thrust your sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe.
Revelation 14:19
And the angel thrust his sickle upon the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.

Notice also that there are two vines here and they are mentioned exactly twice in Revelation, and in direct connection to angels, another vital though long-hidden time symbol that is used prominently throughout Revelation. Thereby, the context of ancient wisdom and time are purposely and redundantly demonstrated here to leave no doubt about the intended context and resulting messages. The above two verses from Revelation are both in Chapter 14, which is itself a symbolic message about moral dualism and consequences, as encoded in the story of Isis and Osiris, which also contains the oldest known reference linking the number 13 and bad luck.

Revelation 14:10 (reconstructed)
The same shall drink of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of Her indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone within the sight of the seven angels, and within the sight of the Lamb:
Revelation 16:19 (reconstructed)
And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came within remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of God’s wrath.
Revelation 17:4 (reconstructed)
And the woman was arrayed within purple and scarlet color, and decked within gold and precious stones and pearls, having a cup of gold within her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
Revelation 18:6
Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: within the cup that she has filled, fill to her double.

Now notice that these vines and other wisdom symbols repeatedly allude to dualism and to consequences for the deeds of Christian Rome throughout the previous age, until now. As described earlier, the fish shaped vessel is a direct allusion to the cup and vessel symbolism throughout Hebrew texts, and just like the vine symbolism is related to long overdue judgements and consequences for past deeds. The "woman" in these verses is Christian Rome, the same as the "whore" of Revelation. Women symbolize spiritually focused groups and the "whore" symbolizes a greedy, arrogant, and corrupt religion and all the other clues point to Christian Rome.

Another example in this picture shows a curious image scratched onto the stars and waters ossuary. Though we can't demonstrate when simple scratches and inscriptions were created, notice that this is a delicate plant structure like a frond of sea grass or the tip of a vine. It shows seven growth points (seven years) following the example of palm branches and other symbolic shoots and branches. Since it is on the stars and waters ossuary, notice that it matches the seven segments of water in the borders, the seven cycles symbolized in Revelation and encoded here, and the seven "spirits" of the Doctrine of Two Spirits. Years also symbolize 360-year cycles so this is the symbolic equivalent of the seven stars and seven segments of water.

Pyramids from above

Both directly above and below the fish/vessel image and box, we have another border element of alternating upward and downward pointing triangles that are accurate enough on the reproduction ossuaries. One band is along the bottom and two bands are in the top border area, with two other bands of symbols between them. One is the series of water droplets that this team has tried to pass off as little fish. The other is a series of square boxes with an X (cross) within them.

To the untrained and uninformed eye, these are meaningless decorations. In fact, the square and cross is one of those very simple yet pivotal symbols, like the point within a circle and the cross within a circle. This square and cross actually represents what you would see from an aerial view above a pyramid, or if you were drawing design sketches from various angles. Like the point within a circle, the cross also forms a point where the lines intersect in the center of a square or circle. The center point in all these symbolize pivotal wisdom. They all also represent a mountain or pyramid seen from above, and the center point matches the position of the peak of a mountain top or capstone, both symbols for wisdom.

This unassuming looking symbol is important for various reasons, but the most relevant is the direct symbolic link between mountains, pyramids, and their tops and capstones. Both are pivotal symbols for the relationship between knowledge and wisdom which I cover in great detail in my book. Mountains and pyramids both symbolize great bodies of knowledge. Mountain tops, peaks, and capstones symbolize wisdom, as do the tops of obelisks, the triangle/capstone above the pyramid on the Great Seal of the USA, and the upper symbol above the entrance to Talpiot Tomb A. They are all also "feminine" symbols and directly associated with air (sky, heaven, etc.) and what it symbolizes (more on this later). As always, reading Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols is the key to understanding the symbology of ancient wisdom in numerous settings. I simply can't present all the background proof in any single article, even one as long as this one.

The cross, four elements, and dualism

The square and cross symbol is a special form of the cross and four elements. Just like the point within a circle, they encode foundational rules that other symbols must follow if they are used correctly. They also encode hidden rules for the symbolic "code keys" used by the ancient prophets and sages (Hebrew saints) to construct symbolic narratives, prophecies, and even pictorial codes like those we see on these two ossuaries. Once again, the skills of the long line of Hebrew prophets are traced back through ancient Egypt, via [Amen]Moses. The Dead Sea Scrolls make multiple references asserting the utmost importance of the Laws of Moses. Now on this ossuary you have a band of pyramids in association with mountains, also important within Revelation as well the stories about Moses.

As described in my book, the following excerpt from the definition for the symbolism of pyramids explains what is also encoded by pyramids and by the cross and square symbol that represents a pyramid.
A pyramid purposely merges the symbolism of wisdom with that of the four elements by its shape. The four sides of a pyramid form four triangles. Now visualize unzipping each triangle and laying it flat on the ground so what remains is a square in the center of four triangular arrowheads or directional pointers.
Each triangle points in one of four directions and can be arranged as a compass. It also creates the four large arrows of a ““compass rose”” graphic, long displayed on most maps. This arrangement also proves why and what the symbols for the four elements are, as well as proving their source and proper arrangement within the zodiac. Also notice that 4x3=12, matching the twelve houses of the zodiac. 
When you lay an equal-armed cross atop the compass rose of the unfolded pyramid, each arm meets or passes through each triangle's tip. This also divides the center square into four smaller squares, matching the symbolism of ““four corners.”” It also serves as a model of the zodiac and four-fixed ““signs.”” The four sides of the Giza pyramids are purposely and accurately aligned so the four cardinal directions (E, W, N, S) pass through the center of each side, forming a cross that intersects at the center of the Giza Pyramids. 
What I just described about each of the unzipped triangular sides pointing in the four directions of the compass is precisely how they were constructed in reality. The Giza pyramids were precisely aligned so the four directions of the compass form a cross through the middle of each of four sides and thereby through the unzipped triangles as described. With this configuration, the pyramids are purposefully aligned so the natural world gives us the rules for arranging the four elements around the cross, as well as their correct directional symbols.
The alchemical symbols for the four elements are also directional triangles and flow from this original method, but have been changed to obscure the meaning and source. The corrected symbols for the four elements can be derived from what I just described. Just as they are on the cross, the right arm and triangle is fire, the top is air, the left is water, and the bottom downward-pointing one is earth. The pyramid thereby encodes the wisdom of the four elements in a symbol that is also a symbol for a perfected (true) body of knowledge and its associated wisdom.

Thereby, the pyramids were designed as vital symbols that also encode the rules for other symbology. When you have these directional arrows and their correct associations then many other mysteries are clarified. Also notice that the design and placement of the pyramids encodes both forms of a cross. The "X" in the square and cross stretches from corner to corner. But placing them so the two lines of the compass (E-W & N-S) form a cross through the center of each side merges both methods, just as exists on the Giza plateau. Now look on the left side of the so-called Jonah ossuary and notice the cross in the square which they claimed was a Christian cross, long before Rome started deceptively using that symbol to hide its true meaning and purpose. Thereby, both forms of the cross and four elements are purposely presented on this one ossuary and within squares to reinforce their meaning and purpose.

Underlying the symbolism of the four elements and cross is the even more fundamental and vital concept of dualism, which is fundamental to any true wisdom group, since that is how our universe operates, at all levels, spiritual and space-time. Positive and negative dualism is associated with moral concepts like good and evil, which are further symbolized by things associated with positive and negative symbols. Left and right and up and down are two of the most basic methods for symbolizing dualism. Up and right are used to symbolize positive dualism (good) and down and left symbolize the negative (evil, etc.). They are purposely linked to the next level of symbolism such as masculine and feminine and air (sky, heaven) and earth (hell, underworld), fire and water, etc. Air is the upper arm of the cross and four elements and the upward pointing arrow is also the symbol for air, and thereby also for positive, feminine, and good. Earth is the downward arrow and arm and thereby negative, masculine, and evil.

Now consider the merger of the two directions of the square and compass in the Masonic emblem, a clear statement of dualism. Similarly, the upward pointing triangle above the unfinished pyramid on the great seal of the USA, and the symbol above Talpiot Tomb A, are the symbol for air (sky, heaven), the feminine, and for wisdom. There is more to it than this of course, but this is sufficient for decoding this ossuary. These are all based on the same symbology used on these ossuaries and passed down through the centuries by various secretive esoteric groups, and by me.

Now that we have covered the rules that determine the meaning of directional dualism and the source of the basic symbols used, let's return to the border designs on this ossuary. There are three bands, one below and two above the fish/vessel image. They are formed by alternating up and down triangles, that are also alternately shaded and unshaded. The same pattern is repeated in the borders to the left and right, as well. This pattern is purposely modeling the peaks and valleys of a flowing waveform, which is itself a flowing dualistic system. This also matches the water on the stars and waters ossuary, which is likewise drawn as a flowing waveform, hence peaks (high place) and valleys (low places).

Light and dark is another fundamental form of symbolism long used to denote positive and negative or good and evil. These alternating directional triangles are thereby alternately shaded and unshaded, hence light and dark. The rectangular border designs on the left face of the ossuary and in the border of the box drawn on the front face, next to the fish/vessel, also follow this same alternating pattern. It is beyond obvious that the designer of this symbolism went to great lengths to link dualism, the cross and four elements, and a cluster of symbols used to encode a series of dualistic concepts.

Another form of dualism is the discussion of life and death that this ossuary, the associated prophecies, and history of the last age were designed to solve, hence the title of this article. Thereby, the cross on the left face represents the cross and four elements as described in great detail throughout my book. It is drawn atop a headstone to denote death, while the cross and four elements are the hidden keys to understanding life in this universe. The cross within the square also purposely presents the image of a window, hence a window into life and death. And of course windows allow one to see things otherwise hidden and they allow the light to pass through, in both directions. The "headstone" is also in the shape of a door, that one can walk through after looking through the window. Hence, it is showing us a door unto and a path through death and the afterlife.

The headstone is also purposely in the shape of an Egyptian funerary stele, which is also the common shape long associated with Moses' "two tables of stone" within the story of the Exodus from Egypt into Judea, as led by [Amen]Moses the Egyptian and expert in ancient wisdom and symbology. This cross and four elements are also drawn atop a square in the very same manner that the base of the Egyptian pyramids are intersected by the cardinal directional lines of the compass, as described earlier and in my book. Thereby, the links to AmenMoses and Egypt are purposeful and redundant. They also perfectly fit the context of what you'd expect from those who buried the Dead Sea Scrolls and described themselves as the Tribe of Judah, the sons of light, and followers of the Laws of Moses. It is also important to notice that they say "Laws of Moses" instead of those of religious leaders and never say "ten commandments," merely the commandments. This distinction was purposeful and strident, as the Dead Sea Scrolls have already proven and now I'll prove why.

Dualism, the Doctrine of Two Spirits, and Two Tables of Stone

While the Ten Commandments are never explicitly mentioned by name in the sectarian texts, and only one copy was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, numerous symbolic discussions of dualism and the Laws of Moses are found. The most striking of these is the discussion of the Doctrine of Two Spirits in the Community Rule. You can see the refined Doctrine of Two Spirits outline in the preface to my book and discussed throughout. Once you understand the meaning of the symbology, it becomes quite obvious that [Amen]Moses was not the source of the Ten Commandments. When the Essenes refer to the Laws of Moses or to his commandments, they are referring to wisdom and dualism and not to the Ten Commandments or other religious assertions that stray from the secret rules left by Moses. The keys to understanding the symbology used by the Hebrew prophets was never shared with religious leaders. There was always a separate esoteric group that preserved the symbolically encoded wisdom left by [Amen]Moses. During the Second Temple they were the" Essenes" and the Dead Sea Scrolls are proof of their efforts to seek knowledge and wisdom and analyze these and related texts.

It should also be obvious by now that these people are the precursors to and the inspiration for all western esoteric groups with an intense interest in ancient Hebrew and Egyptian symbology, like Freemasonry. In fact, many basic elements of Masonic symbolism are found on these two stone ossuaries, in the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Book of Revelation.  Many of the same elements are also prevalent in the medieval Vaticinia series, which culminate in the Vaticinia Nostradamus explored in my book and on my website. The exact same star-time code used by earlier Hebrew prophets was used by St. Malachi who initiated the series and by Nostradamus who updated it.

What many call mysticism and "the mysteries" is actually the study and exploration of ancient symbology and the profound wisdom it encodes. Those who try to paint the symbology in ancient texts and settings as evidence of myth as the source of these religions have completely missed the meaning of what they call myth. Others who try to dismiss any discussions of symbolism and ancient wisdom as "mythicism" are either ignorant of symbolism or are pushing a purposely deceptive smokescreen to misdirect and confound any understanding of the role of ancient symbology in religious canons and concepts.

One of the primary sources of Masonic symbology and philosophy involves using the working of stone, as in stone masonry, as a metaphorical theme and source of symbols and symbolism. Many of the stone masons' skills and tools are used as symbolic components for a moral philosophy and as an entry into understanding esoteric (aka symbolic) concepts. It also alludes to Egypt the land of pyramids, great symbolic stone works, and symbols carved in stone, which set the stage for understanding the story of Amen[Moses] and the two tables of stone.

The central Masonic parable of Hiram Abiff also includes King Solomon, a direct allusion to ancient Hebrew wisdom. The story is also a coded allusion to elements from the stories of Isis and Osiris and to [Amen]Moses and his "two tables of stone". In both the Exodus and the Masonic parable, the linkage is made between mountain tops and stones and to the rubble of broken stones (many symbols). Stone is another symbol referring to wisdom (as the common denominator and essence of both mountains and pyramids) but especially to codified and inscribed (in stone…) wisdom. The very idea of wisdom carved in stone flows first and foremast from ancient Egypt, the land of symbols, pyramids, great stone works, and wisdom symbols carved in stone.

In fact, the Egyptians called their symbolism the language or "words of gods" (Medu Neter). That same phrase found its way into the Hebrew texts but is treated literally by religious leaders. In fact, it refers to the symbology of ancient wisdom that has also always been seen as the "word of God." The symbolic language of ancient spiritual and religious texts is that way because the ancients equated symbolism with wisdom and wisdom comes from the creator. In Exodus the two tables of stone are said to be inscribed by the God of Moses (who was not the God of Abraham), atop a mountain. In other words, it is a symbolic tale of Moses gaining mastery over a great body of knowledge (climbing the mountain) to attain its wisdom (words of god from the mountain top written in stone). He then tried to give it to the people he had saved. They were impatient and preferred the smooth lies and vanity of religion, to the path of personal responsibility required to gain true wisdom. Thereby, Moses hid the wisdom (encoded it within many symbols) and entrusted its protection to certain members of the Tribe of Judah, until a far future time when it could finally be appreciated and understood by the masses.

Another prime example of this symbolism is the mysterious philosopher's stone or the "stone of wisdom," grail stone, holy grail, sword in the stone, and similar allusions. These are all symbolic and not literal and all refer to vital ancient wisdom that was lost during the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple. For example, the sharp two-edged sword of Revelation symbolizes both dualism and truth and justice, while the stone is wisdom. The tale of Arthur was designed as a mystery tale and uses Revelation for important themes. Such esoteric endeavors or mystery schools also explore the connection between the lost wisdom of the Hebrews and ancient Egypt. The key that connects them is [Amen]Moses the Egyptian. The Dead Sea Scrolls leave no doubt that the Essenes protected certain hidden wisdom and used the symbology handed down by Moses to do so.

Now you see on these ossuaries redundant symbolic allusions to Egypt, Egyptian symbology, and esoteric wisdom. It was carved in stone by people dedicated to the Laws of Moses, which were also "carved in stone". You can be certain this is no mere coincidence. The stories of the Exodus, like others in the Bible are purposely symbolic to encode multiple levels of detail. Those who can decode the symbology can understand what is hidden beneath the literal storyline. Of course [Amen]Moses would have been expert at this since it was his skills in wisdom symbology that were sent forward through time, in multiple ways.

Something that is overlooked by almost everyone is that the storyline of the Exodus clearly says that Moses broke the two tables of stone (into rubble, hence smaller stone fragments, hence many wisdom symbols) and hid them in an "ark." Religious leaders also want you to believe that the Ten Commandments were on those stones, even though they were broken and hidden away in an ark. Furthermore, this story is purposely symbolic and not literal and is one of many traps set by the prophets for future religious leaders who modified the original heavily symbolic texts and then used them to deceive. This little logic flaw points to a very big lie created by early religious leaders. Groups like the Essenes were fully aware of this and used it to enlighten people who could be trusted with such secrets. The Ten Commandments did not come from Moses and they are not wisdom, but the lies of religious leaders.

Stone symbolizes wisdom and to understand that wisdom one must understand the links between the pictorial symbology of Egypt and the literary symbolism throughout the Hebrew texts and derivatives. The Hebrew sages and prophets used and preserved the symbolic wisdom from Egypt and encoded it throughout their works. One vital clue is the repeated use of the number seven and the references to wisdom as feminine.

Proverbs 9:1 
Wisdom has built Her house; She has hewn out Her seven pillars.

A prime example is Proverbs 9:1 and its allusions to the links between the number seven, wisdom, and stone works. This and much other evidence, that I won't repeat in this article, validates that the Laws of Moses (two tables of stone) were hidden in the symbology (ark, grail). The keys to decoding (opening…) the symbology (the "ark" or vessel of conveyance through time) were long purposely hidden from religious leaders as part of the long term sting operation against religion. Even the literal story line of the Exodus tells us that Moses hid his laws in disgust at religious leaders and those who followed them instead of heeding wisdom. It even says certain things were passed on to a secretive group that was separate from religious leaders. Now we can see in the Dead Sea Scrolls that those who understood the Ten Commandments were not wisdom and not from Moses, followed a code called the Doctrine of Two Spirits. Notice also that Moses had Two Tables of Stone, or two listings (tables) of wisdom.

Two is the common reference to dualism, hence to good and evil. Dualism is also directly related to personal responsibility, hence consequences for evil deeds and rewards for good deeds, a.k.a. karma. That eastern term is actually the shortening of the ancient Egyptian ka-maat, which means the same thing and shows the philosophical roots of the concept. Ka was their word for spirit and Maat was the personification of Truth and Justice, which the Egyptians saw as a requirement for universal order. Her symbolic consort was Thoth the "Lord of Wisdom" and he is also associated with the Philosopher's stone. His feminine aspect was called Seshat and both were closely associated with wisdom about time as the photos in my book show. It is no coincidence that Moses is said to have come out of Egypt with dual stones, hence the wisdom of dualism. One stone would be wisdom about good and the other would be wisdom about evil.

Now notice that the image on the left face of the fish/vessel ossuary shows one of [Amen]Moses two stones and atop it is the cross and four elements. As you will also see, I cover the linkage between the Doctrine of Two Spirits and the four elements in great detail. This is symbolizing that the Laws of Moses are the same as the wisdom of the Philosophers' stone. This ossuary encodes that the Laws of Moses are the Laws of the Universe, which are understood by the merger of the Doctrine of Two Spirits and what the cross and four elements actually encodes. Also, the Egyptian sages referred to Maat as one of the pivotal laws of the universe and the source of universal order and harmony. The philosophy associated with Maat also passed into Asia and we now know it most commonly as Karma, ergo Ka-Maat. The Egyptians were far more precise in modeling the science to support it. The philosophy associated with Maat flowed from an intimate understanding of how our 11-dimension universe is structured and operates.

When you merge this with wisdom about cyclic time you now have the keys required to control the quality of your future existence(s) and conquer the cycle of life and death. As I'll discuss more later, this wisdom also delivers proof of reincarnation, and completely debunks any notion that they expected bodily resurrection, for themselves or anyone else. In other words, when you die you don't go to heaven or hell, since both are blatant religious deceptions. One of the primary purposes of this ancient wisdom is to prove religion is deception and ignorance by giving proof that we all reincarnate, lifetime after lifetime. The seven stars symbolized in my right hand in Revelation show that my deeds span from the 11th cycle (Second Temple, start of Age of Pisces) until now, the early years of the 17th cycle. I was not in "heaven" waiting to magically reappear, but have been living multiple lifetimes to get here, just like everyone else did and does. I was all of the true Hebrew prophets throughout history until now and I am delivering proof of reincarnation, among other pivotal revelations.

Common knowledge of this wisdom is one of the keys to awakening a deceived humanity from the long "darkness" (ignorance…) imposed through the religious deceptions about life, death, and rebirth, hence, the title of this article. All such statements were symbolic and not literal and the keys to decoding the meaning of this ancient symbology and understanding the profound wisdom it has always encoded are formed by merging the Doctrine of Two Spirits with the true meaning and purpose of the cross and four elements. The upper half of the Doctrines of Two Spirits is equated with life and the feminine, while the lower half equates with death and the masculine. Notice where religion resides?

Thereby, the Laws of Moses are not the Ten Commandments but the wisdom of dualism and all that flows from it, hence the Doctrine of Two Spirits as described in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Once again, read my book to truly understand this and you'll understand why the Romans and religious leaders were so desperate to destroy the Messiah of the Second Temple period. It is also why their modern counterparts are now desperately struggling to hide what I have already proven again, in this lifetime.

The Ten Commandments are one of the many lies inserted into the original symbolic texts by religious leaders. These heavily modified texts were later incorporated into the religious canons that we now see. They are not wisdom and are not "from God." When you understand even the basics of this symbology and the wisdom it encodes it becomes painfully obvious that the New Testament and Quran are even greater deceptions and both are linked to Christian Rome, as is the post Second Temple period religion of Judaism. All three were formed after the destruction of the Temple at the behest and under the control of Rome. Islam was created just as Rome was losing control of that region and religion was their secret weapon to capture the minds of entire nations and regions of people. Contemplate Machiavelli (divide and conquer…) to grasp that the conflicts between these religions are planned and purposeful, because that is how Rome has secretly managed and expanded its empire since the fall of Imperial Rome.

Both the symbology of these ossuaries and the details throughout Revelation and related prophecies make it clear that the prophet of the Second Temple period was sending forth proof. All Three Faiths of Abraham, which did not exist until after Rome destroyed the Temple and Jerusalem and ethnically cleansed it of the tribe of Judah, were blatant deceptions ultimately controlled by Rome. Now there is more proof encoded on these ossuaries. You also now have proof in the form of the desperate actions taken by religious leaders and cohorts to defeat my efforts to prove the truth about ancient symbology and this history.

Further illuminating the Fish/Vessel images and water symbolism

As you can see on both the front and right side fish/vessel images and throughout the symbology used on both ossuaries, the themes of ancient wisdom, dualism, time flow, and cyclic time are redundantly reinforced. Water is the third of the four elements and symbolizes the flow of time and deeds. Earth symbolizes results and consequences. There is more to it as always, but this aspect is most relevant to this topic. These ossuaries encode a clear and unequivocal exposition of their philosophy of life and death and universal order. They also encode a very specific timeline, from the Second Temple period, until the early years of the 17th cycle, which is right now. As mentioned in the first article in this series, this purposefully presents a prophetic diagram showing death and burial at the end of the Second Temple period during Pisces and arising again in the early years of Aquarius.

The left side imagery symbolizes a window, as well as a door leading from the 11th cycle through time to the 17th. The box can thereby be seen as a 4-D diagram of the time from the Second Temple until now. The fish/vessel on the front face shows us clearly that the majority of the modeled timeline was during the Age of Pisces, but the conclusion is during Aquarius. The fish/vessel image is still mostly showing all the characteristics of the fish, though it is also transforming into a vessel. On the right side (right hand, etc.) we see a vessel transforming (emerging or "arising") from a fish, reinforcing the timeline and illustrating a transition following the end of Pisces during the beginning years of Aquarius.

When contrasted with the left side showing a window into the afterlife that provides the ability to see into and beyond death and the grave, the right side shows a vessel arising from the grave, that was the age of Pisces. This is clearly showing they did not expect bodily resurrection, that the time of death was the 11th cycle, and arising would be early in the 17th cycle. That timeline also refers to the truth about these tombs and ossuaries and those buried within. The other vital symbolic link to the symbolism of vessels are the two arks, the first in Genesis and the next in Exodus, which I'll cover in the next section. Both are directly related to time passage and to wisdom symbology and to the time symbology inscribed in stone on these ossuaries.

I have already discussed the time-code aspect of this unique symbol, which merges the constellation Pisces and Aquarius to form its shape. This is also the only explanation that fits the context of the time period (early in the age of Pisces) and those who would have been expert at such symbology. It also clearly explains why this image merges a fish and a vessel, as does the one on the right side. Now let's explore the purpose for the three bands on the body of the fish, and below the tail and mouth of the vessel.

Three Kings, Three Crowns, Ten Horns, and the City of Prophecy

CGI image with extra crown, showing they knew what it meant

Photo of fish/vessel showing only three crowns 

Looking again at the fish/vessel on the front face of this ossuary, we see that the time it models flows upward from the spring equinox sunrise that initiated the Age of Pisces and the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar, eventually rising through the tail, which is also the mouth of the vessel. The sun is shown just emerging from the horizon and has yet to show a fully rounded shape, which tells us this is meant to model the start of the age. Just above it is the tip of the fish's mouth and head with what appears to be the word Judah. Just above the letters a curved line shows an obvious separation between what follows. Next, a long blank (or dark) area before we encounter the three bands of decorations that have received minimal attention. Notice that the line above the sun is curved, like a segment or slice of a circle representing the degrees of (one or two) cycles on the zodiac circle. It also illustrates the sun's light emanating upward through the timeline, and then being cut-off. Since they called themselves "son's of light" and the prophecies said they would be defeated by Rome, this represents when they were "cut-off." As with everything on this ossuary these are very specific symbols that can be matched to the illustrated timelines, known history, and to the Hebrew texts and prophecies.

To understand these three bands, one need only follow the timelines illustrated. The head and mouth area of this fish is illustrating the timeline of Judah, which ends with the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the Second Temple Period. Following that is a period of time before Christianity becomes the "one true religion" of the Roman empire. By the sixth century, both Christianity and rabbinic Judaism had come into being as distinct and separate, though closely related religions. That takes us through the 12th cycle and into the beginning of the 13th 360-year cycle. Early in the seventh century, which was also just after the start of the 13th cycle (561), is when Islamic scholars claim as the start of Islam. As with all such claims by religious leaders, the religion actually took a little longer to develop than later claimed, along with myriad other lies and errors. Even so, the 13th cycle on the Hebrew calendar is the time period in history when all three faiths of Abraham came into being. Shortly thereafter, the Papacy started using the triple crown that has been its symbol for centuries.

Now, looking back to the fish/vessel image, you can see that less than halfway through the illustrated timeline, the triple band design is drawn. Those three bands are actually the three crowns of the Papacy, hence an undeniable symbol of Christian Rome since the 13th cycle, the very same time that first sees the existence of all three so-called Faiths of Abraham. Look closely at those three crowns and you can clearly see three different styles and they purposely match the timelines and reality of three faiths of Abraham, and the Papacy's triple crown symbol. Besides presenting a completely accurate prophecy of when this would occur, it is also completely supported in both Daniel and Revelation, as the selected verses show. There is more, but these leave little doubt about what was meant by the placement of three crowns on the body of the fish/vessel, in that position. As I have said many times before, the Papacy and now the Vatican secretly controls all three faiths of Abraham and purposely pits them against one another to distract the world from paying attention to them and cohorts, the true source of the widespread evils.

Daniel 7:7
After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast (empire, Rome), dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.
Daniel 7:20
And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.
Daniel 7:24
And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.
Daniel 7:25
And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Above you can see Daniel 7:24 clearly links horns and kings, as does Revelation shown below.

Revelation 12:3 (reconstructed)
And I saw another wonder, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
Revelation 13:1
And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
Revelation 16:19 (reconstructed)
And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came within remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of God’’s wrath.
Revelation 17:3 (reconstructed)
So he carried me away within spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
Revelation 17:4 (reconstructed)
And the woman was arrayed within purple and scarlet color, and decked within gold and precious stones and pearls, having a cup of gold within her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:
Revelation 17:7 (reconstructed)
And the angel said unto me, Why did you marvel? I will show you the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carries her, which has the seven heads and ten horns.
Revelation 17:12 (reconstructed)
And the ten horns you saw are ten kings, which have received no kingdom; but receive power as kings within the beast.
Revelation 17:16
And the ten horns that you saw upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

The above verses contain symbolism and are not to be taken literally. For example, beasts symbolize empires and Great Babylon is referring to Mystery Babylon, which refers to the Vatican's  and cohorts' secret and public empires, culminating in their secret control of the planet. (a.k.a. the "New World Order"). The dragon of Revelation is also a reference to the gates and religion of ancient Babylonia, which had a dragon as its religious and national symbol and adorned its gates and walls. A dragon is also a mythical and mystical beast, hence the Vatican's hidden empire is Mystery Babylon and is symbolized as the Great Red Dragon.

Revelation 12:1(reconstructed)
And I saw a great wonder within heaven; a woman clothed within the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:
Revelation 12:2
And she being with child cried, travailing with birth, and pained to be delivered.
Revelation 12:3 (reconstructed)
And I saw another wonder, a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.
Revelation 12:4 
And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

The women of Revelation symbolize spiritual groups and their philosophies and deeds. One symbolizes the Essenes and related wisdom groups and their wisdom and philosophies focused on truth and justice. The other refers to the "whore" of Revelation, which symbolizes a greedy, arrogant, deceptive, and materialistic religion, ergo Christian Rome.

Horns are authoritative concepts (emanating from heads) and the ten horns symbolize the Ten Commandments, as we explored earlier. As you can see, since the Book of Daniel Hebrew sages and prophets have been fully aware that the Ten Commandments were deceptions, but this information is encoded to hide it from religious leaders until it was far too late to change the texts. Also, since Daniel was penned during the Babylonian captivity (9th 360-year cycle), it uses Babylon as the setting for its parables and prophecies. There is no evidence of the existence of the Ten Commandments prior to the Babylonian captivity period. They are clearly one of the points of great contention between those who controlled the Temple and the Essenes and their predecessors who split from and strongly opposed them.

Kings symbolize lawgivers but this refers to the lifespan of a kingdom, not an individual king. Ancient symbology uses individual entities to represent larger groups through time periods far longer than one single lifetime. Those three kingdoms, as represented by the three crowns, are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. As Daniel relates, the Ten Commandments preceded the three faiths (religious kingdoms) and they would ultimately all be subdued and controlled by Rome, which has also "worn out" the saints by making sainthood little more than a cynical marketing ploy of the Papacy. As you can now see, these ossuaries contain precise prophetic details that were purposely designed to expose the lies of Rome and religion, in the past, throughout the last two millennia, until right now.

With the above in mind, let's look again at the nature this team's efforts to confound the truth about the symbols on this ossuary. We covered the importance of the three crowns. Pay close attention to how little discussion was directed at this feature, except that someone noticed they added a fourth "crown" to where there were only three on the image being used to hype their deceptive interpretations.

The pattern of these efforts now leaves no doubt whatsoever that the members of this team and those who have tasked and paid them to push these blatant deceptions had already figured out part of what I have been proving, before they ever wrote the book, pushed the TV show, or these interpretations. The Vatican and religious leaders have had access to my books for years and I made sure they could not ignore them or me. They are desperately struggling to prevent people from understanding the truth, while going to great lengths to avoid drawing attention to me. Christian Rome and the Vatican have been obsessed with this symbology for most of two millennia. They have gone to special lengths to confound and misdirect the meaning of the fish/vessel and its various elements because they understand its potential to expose Christian Rome's most ancient and darkest deception.

Someone who didn't understand the details of this symbolism and its vital significance would not be able to accurately pinpoint the very specific features this team has targeted to confound and misdirect. It is obvious they and others are desperately concerned about the meaning of fish symbolism in this Second Temple tomb and the ramifications for all three so-called faiths of Abraham. Christian Rome's lies and centuries of abominable deeds to bury any information related to light, sun, stars, and other symbology, have now come back to haunt them at the worst possible time.

They now have dominance over this planet in large part because of the ancient lies told about me for the last two millennia. Imagine the Vatican's abject fear after this fish and other symbology were discovered in this Second Temple tomb complex, as they searched for ammunition to use against me. Due to my efforts in recent years, but especially during 2011, they are currently far more desperate than they were following the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Now you can see why they have always feared these and similar discoveries, and why they are now in abject fear of me.

Sun and Light symbolism

The other thing this team was tasked to hide was the association between the rising sun and a fish symbol drawn to match the shape of the constellation Pisces. The New Testament and Christian leaders have gone to great lengths to push blatant lies designed to recast the meaning, purpose, and context of the fish symbolism used by early Christians, the Second Temple Hebrews before them, and many others throughout the region. Even the mitre worn by Popes and others are symbolic of an open-mouthed fish, looking at the stars. That is the reason for pushing the sideways image of that fish through the media with strategic changes like four crowns instead of three.  Doing so hides the fact it is a perfect symbol for diagramming the dawn of the age of Pisces, drawn near the dawn of the age of Pisces, by people that history proves used the zodiac to determine the spring equinox, ergo the time of passover.

 It should be pointed out that it was two or three of the Biblical scholars who busted them on the obvious deception of changing images, so they aren't all knowingly in on this game. They were just easy marks to lure into the discussion. Their New Testament focus helped bolster the smokescreen (and mirrors) by keeping the conversation within certain bounds and directing it away from the topic of Hebrew symbology.

Light is one of the vital symbols used by the Essenes to describe themselves and their focus on truth, justice, and spiritual wisdom. It was so in Egypt, it continued after the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem, and is still so with the esoteric groups that seek "light" and actually know what it means. Light symbolizes truth and truthful knowledge, but especially the truth about our existence in this universe, in space-time and the hidden dimensions. Stars are also sources of light, hence their importance as a symbol for certain vital truths in ancient symbology. Since the sun is our star and the great light source for humanity on planet Earth, it is a primary symbol. But the sun also adds the extra aspect of heat, which is used to symbolize justice. Thereby, the sun has always been used to symbolize a great source of truth and justice, when it is used by the prophets and those that understand the symbology.

It should thereby be obvious that titles like "Sun King" and similar used by royalty have always been a purposeful misuse of this symbolism, which is easily traced back to ancient Egypt. The opposite of light is darkness, which symbolizes the absence of truth (light). This symbolism is also vital to understanding the meaning of certain esoteric assertions that are deceptively recast as literal events and supernatural assertions throughout the New Testament to describe "Jesus" or to pass off Hebrew and Egyptian symbolism as literal miracles and other "supernatural" deceptions. A prime example is seen with the so-called miracles of opening the eyes of the blind and raising the dead.

I have used a variation on "opening the eyes of the blind" in the title to help clarify the meaning of this symbolism through multiple related examples. To "see" symbolizes to understand and since light symbolizes truth, "seeing the light" actually means to understand the truth. Similarly, to enlighten someone is the same as shedding light on a subject or person, and it means to reveal and deliver the truth. The blind are the ignorant, the deceived, the deluded, etc. In other words, they can't "see the light" because they have been blinded to the truth, hence kept in the dark. Thereby, opening the eyes of the blind and enlightening the blind mean exactly the same thing. Thereby, light, enlightenment, illumination, and similar refer to delivery of pivotal truths, especially profound spiritual wisdom merged with advanced science.  It is a very difficult task to enlighten humanity to certain long hidden truths, especially when the deceivers are still actively trying to spread darkness to maintain their power. But it is not a miracle, nor is it supernatural, just a very difficult and unlikely outcome.

Symbolically, the dead and the blind are one and the same. The dead are those with heads symbolically in the earth, which also symbolizes the lower half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits. When your head is within the earth, you are also blocked from the light, ergo blinded by the darkness. The dead literally have their heads beneath the earth, so those who dwell (focus, think, desire) in and upon the earth are symbolized as dead. Another clue are the seven deadly sins, which are the seven spirits of evil, so doing evil as a way of life is fatal. This also perfectly fits the symbolism and philosophy associated with Maat, who is often shown weighing the "hearts" (desires and "spirit") of the dead in the "underworld" on the scales of truth and justice to determine their fate. Egos that fail the test of truth and justice in the "underworld" are eaten by a terrible beast. This was their symbolic model to explain why most people forget previous lifetimes after reincarnation (rebirth). It is also a general model for how karma operates in the seven hidden dimensions that precede and define the outcomes within space-time.

The key to understanding the symbolic meaning of "raising the dead" is the Doctrine of Two Spirits outline. Notice that the upper and lower outlines are divided by a line. The upper half is symbolically linked to air (sky, heaven, and life) and the lower half is linked to "earth" (hell, underworld, and death). Those with their "heads" in the earth are those who desire, think, and do those things listed under the spirit of evil. To see the light and arise from death into life and light means to stop doing the deeds that cause bad karma and to grow wise to the truth about our existence and how to stop doing evil. Symbolism like the high road and heaven both refer the "spirit" of "God[s]" which are the upper seven spirits (higher ideals…). Eternal life was never about preserving or resurrecting dead bodies, but changing one's path (ways) so we can end this cycle of life, death, and forgetfulness and be able to retain what was learned in previous lifetimes, among other positive benefits.

As I pointed out earlier and in the preface to my book, Maat also symbolized truth and justice, illustrating that they are symbolically feminine concepts, as is the entire upper half of the dual Doctrine of Two Spirits outline. Maat is often depicted with two large outspread wings (as was Isis) which symbolize dualism (left and right). Also, the winged sun as shown on my book cover symbolizes exactly the same thing, hence dualism and Maat (Truth and Justice). They also asserted that truth and justice were vital to attain and maintain universal order and harmony. The symbolic philosophy associated with Maat was referred to as ka-maat, which later became karma in the philosophies of the East. Thereby, the ancients weren't worshipping the literal sun but showing devotion to truth and justice, which was symbolized by heat and light. The sun is the greatest source of both for the earth and thereby is a primary source of symbolism.

Notice also that the winged-sun is portrayed with two cobra, hence dualism again. They symbolize the consequences of transgressing truth and justice, hence the results of bad karma. Notice also that the phrase "truth or consequences" comes directly from the philosophy associated with Maat and the winged sun. Read the following from Malachi and pay close attention how this is a symbolic essay on karma. Notice verse 4:2 and remember that none of this is literal. For example, a day equals one year and burning refers to the effects of great light and heat, ergo truth and justice. Fathers refer to those who came before and the children are those who came afterwards.

4:1  For, behold, the day comes, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that comes shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.
 2  But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.
 3 And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts.
 4  Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.
 5  Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:
 6  And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Blessings are the fruit of good karma and curses are the fruit of bad karma. In other words, do good and you will blessed with good in your future, do evil and evil will curse (afflict) you in your future. This is the law of this universe and thereby also the laws of [Amen]Moses, the Egyptian. Religion is ignorance and deception that has led humanity into servitude for millennia and now to the brink of destruction and chaos (along with money and politics…).

One reason for the ages-long effort to hide and preserve symbology and the keys to decoding it can be understood by looking to the story of the Exodus and the ark. Moses hid the wisdom of the two tables (philosophers' stone(s)) for the future. It was passed through time and protected in numerous ways but the symbology was the most important. I would reincarnate into the role of prophet and sage every few centuries to update and add to existing texts, that would eventually be integrated into future religious canons. I can assure you that nothing available now is original and have clearly been "polished" by religious leaders. Even so, most of the symbolic allusions from the original texts do remain among the myriad embellishments and interpolations, because the symbolic elements contained the core of the ancient and original storyline.

In popular culture, dark is equated with evil and light with good. Black and white are similar symbolism but based on the extremes on the scale of color variations, instead of the mere presence or absence of light. Many have come to think that literal light is the focus of ancient wisdom and related symbolic concepts. This has led to great errors among the religious and the so-called New Age movement. People have mistaken mere allusions and symbols for the actual meaning and goal of ancient wisdom and associated prophecies. This is also due to long-term efforts to confound any keys to the truth by those fearful of this symbology. Since light symbolizes truth, which is the absolute prerequisite for wisdom, darkness symbolizes the lack of truth, hence ignorance, deception, delusions, etc. These are the things that lead people to cause even greater evils, which is why the focus is on solving ignorance by proving the truth and delivering the wisdom to reverse and avoid the great mistakes of the past.

Ignorance about the true nature of this universe and failure to understand what is good and what is evil has led humanity to the brink of chaos. The purpose for these prophecies and my actions throughout the ages is to finally prove the truth and establish justice, for all of humanity. That is the meaning of sun symbolism. It is also the meaning behind the spring equinox as a symbol of the light returning, after a long absence (night[mare]) to dispel the darkness and dethrone those that have long profited because of it. That is also why this symbolism has long been associated with my "return" and "arising" because I am the agent that brings the "sunrise" that exposes the lies used by Rome to forge a secret global empire, as symbolized by "Mystery Babylon" and the Great Red Dragon, among other things.

Rome used great deception and force to impose its will over the entire last age. Now the Vatican and its rich and powerful cohorts and proxies secretly control the planet. Most of that wealth and power was obtained because of lies told about what actually occurred during the Second Temple period and about who I am. The New Testament is not light, it is the darkness masquerading as light, throughout the age of Pisces. Religion is darkness that causes people to make the wrong choices, which lead to bad karma, hence the "curses" that now plague this planet. "God" is not causing destruction and chaos to punish people, ignorant humans without wisdom and acting in unison to perform evil on a mass scale are the cause.

As the Egyptians asserted, truth and justice are required for universal order. Its absence causes destruction and chaos, especially when an entire civilization is ignorant about the basic rules of existence in this universe. Without the truth about this history and without justice, the future would be very dark and chaotic indeed. Notice the efforts of the so-called Jesus Discovery team and others to prevent the truth about the history of Christian Rome from becoming widely known? Without my efforts the sun would not be rising on this long dark history.

Water symbolism, dual arks, and the baptism deception

As with everything else in these ancient texts, and especially in the heavily symbolic originals, the ark is a symbol of something else. In fact, the design of the symbology on these two ossuaries is a direct and purposeful allusion to both arks and their true meaning and purposes. The water symbolism seen throughout the scrolls and which Christianity has recast into a bunch of literal hogwash, is vital to understand the meaning and purpose of "arks". Knowing that water was actually a symbol for the flow of time and deeds, the story of Noah and the ark relates the placement of ancient wisdom about dualism and time (creatures two by two) in a symbolic vessel so it would survive a long and perilous journey through time, hence the symbolism of "upon the waters," raging seas, and similar.

The story of Noah uses the floods at the end of the last ice-age as the source of its symbolism about great upheavals that end the period of advanced civilization that existed during the age of the Lion (Leo), circa 11-13,000 years ago. The gist of the story is that "Noah" built a method of protecting ancient wisdom in a symbolic conveyance (ark) that could survive time and raging "waters" until it was safe to "come ashore" again. That symbology and wisdom became the basis for the symbology and wisdom of ancient Egypt. The story of Noah purposely parallels the Zep Tepi (First Times) narrative of Ancient Egypt that was also used within the Greek stories of Atlantis. All of these relate the destruction of the "golden age" of advanced human civilization that existed before and during the zodiac age of the Lion, which is symbolically associated with both the sun and the color gold[en]. In the Zep Tepi tales, it was Thoth who brings the wisdom and symbology used to establish ancient Egypt, from the remnants of the doomed "first" civilization. Thereby, arks and waters are closely associated and also fit the theme of star and water symbology on these time-stamped ossuaries that were clearly designed as data-rich time capsules, just like the two arks of the Bible.

Notice also what this really says about the veracity of stories about "John the Baptist" and "Jesus" and the phrase "walking upon the waters". These are merely two among myriad examples that show Christian Rome took the symbolism of Hebrew texts and deceptively recast them as literal miracles and other lies. It should also be clear that numerous symbolic terms and concepts from the Dead Sea Scrolls and Hebrew canon have been deceptively represented as literal and supernatural. Another prime example is the term "spirit" which the New Testament presents supernaturally. When you look at the Community Rule and even earlier Hebrew texts, you see that spirit is most often used in the very same manner as the Egyptian word for spirit, ka, as in ka-Maat. As you can see on the Doctrine of Two Spirits outline, "spirits" actually refer to character and deeds, not to ghosts, demons, or to any disembodied entities. Hence the primary two spirits (a.k.a. the two ways) of good and evil. This is also precisely how the Egyptians used the concept. Once you understand the truth about this symbology and review the New Testament's use of the term spirit and the number seven, the deceptions and their purpose become blatantly obvious.

The symbolism of spirit and water are both closely linked to the character of the symbolized deeds. That is the true meaning of the focus on spirit, waters, and cleansing waters by the Essenes and others. Christian Rome went to extreme lengths to confound this symbolism in the New Testament. That is also the reason it is used redundantly on these ossuaries. Water symbolizes the flow of deeds through time, but especially the deeds of large groups that persist through long periods of time. In the New Testament there is much talk about how the "holy spirit" may be obtained through baptism in cleansing waters. Both the holy "spirit" and cleansing "waters" actually refer to deeds and character, as listed under the "Seven Spirits of God" (Good) in the top half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits.

Since [Amen]Moses had two stones, the upper or right stone is associated with light and life and the lower or left stone with darkness and death. The higher deeds and ideals are the "cleansing waters" and the spirit of good (the right hand). The lower deeds and ideals (left hand) are the source of "uncleanness" that can only be removed through good deeds (cleansing waters) or by suffering through all the bad karma you created. Either way, it is necessary to stop doing so much evil to stop being "cursed," which is why truth and wisdom about good and evil is vital to ending the great errors and suffering of humanity. Though the upper stone is the one most referred to as the philosophers' stone, it must be understood that true wisdom requires the truth about both aspects of existence, so there can be no wisdom without the knowledge of both stones.

Walking upon the waters

Now back to the stories of John the Baptist and Jesus. It should be clear that both stories were designed to delude people based on a literal presentation of originally symbolic discussions about water and spirits. These ossuaries, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Hebrew canon provide overwhelming evidence of the vital importance of water and spirit symbolism to the ancient sages and prophets. The same is seen in Egypt, the land of the Nile. The whole idea of baptism is a blatant deception designed to hide the fact that cleansing waters means to perform good deeds to "cleanse" one's "spirit" or "robes" of the bad karma (uncleanness, darkness, etc.) of previous misdeeds. In other words, to change one's karma from bad to good by doing good works. That is why "James" said faith was nothing without good works (deeds). If you listen to the logic of that statement, it also says that faith is worthless, which is why truth, wisdom, and justice are the focus, not religion.

Waters also have the meaning of the flow of time. So when Noah's ark was upon the waters on the raging seas, it symbolizes a long and perilous journey through time. We also know that the New Testament claims "Jesus" literally "walked upon the waters". First, it should be clear that this symbology was vital to the Essenes and is purposely misused by Christianity to falsely claim a miracle. Next, it has been shown that the stories of Jesus can be traced to Egyptian sources and this is partly true. One reason is the symbolism and the original stories were based on Hebrew symbology that originally came from Egypt. But it must be reiterated that the source of the stories are not mere myths, but symbolic wisdom texts and concepts designed to encode the merger of advanced science and profound wisdom beneath a semi-literal storyline.

Looking back to Egypt we see the image of Thoth, the Lord of Wisdom, who is often shown with a man's body and the head of an Ibis, a wading water bird that walks upon the water. In the pictures of both Thoth and Seshat (his "feminine" aspect), both are shown writing on the notches of long palm branches or vines, symbolizing recording the passage of long periods of cyclic time. Seshat is also wearing a dress covered in five-pointed stars within circles (360-year cycles, pentacles) and has a seven-leafed palm frond as a headdress. Walking is symbolic of a way of life and the direction of one's deeds, and they both walk upon wisdom about time, ergo the waters and the wisdom of ages.

African Sacred Ibis - Wikipedia
Thoth - Wikipedia

To walk upon the waters also symbolizes traversing time while doing deeds associated with the passage of time. Both are shown writing wisdom about time. The New Testament says "Jesus" went to "Heaven" to await the time of his return. But walking upon the waters clearly refers to being active throughout that time period. That is also what the seven stars symbolized in my right hand in Revelation verse 1:16 refer to, hence that my deeds span those seven cycles and are directly associated with wisdom about zodiac cycles and time passage. In other words, I have reincarnated through many lifetimes and performed many deeds to get here. In some of those lives I continued the work of prophet and sage to advance the long term plan described in the prophecies. In others I did other deeds that were necessary and related, namely science and opposing evil.

From before ancient Egypt, as the stories of both Thoth and Noah encode, ancient wisdom has involved understanding the relationships between dualism, cyclic time, and karma. In other words, knowing which deeds bring good results and which ones cause negative consequences and acting wisely to affect future outcomes and existence. All the prophets and saints are also known for their character and good deeds. None of them were born perfect, but instead grew wise through years of struggles, mistakes, study, and a great desire to attain wisdom to help others. They were not objects of worship nor did they ever want to be. They were teachers and remain teaching examples, but anyone who worships anyone or anything else is a fool. Wisdom and worship are not compatible.

The stories of "Jesus" are  blatant deceptions designed to hide the truth about history, about ancient wisdom, and to brainwash people into trusting (having faith...) in deceptions and deceivers, which makes them more easily manipulated and oppressed. No one named "Jesus" ever literally walked on water because the meaning of that symbolism, in the narrow context of Second Temple spiritual texts by members of the Tribe of Judah, refers to traversing time in the very same way that arks pass through time, hence the hard way. The ultimate goal of the New Testament and Christianity have been to deceive people to help Rome gain control of the planet and in their long term efforts to prevent the return of the Hebrew Messiah. They have always known it meant exposure of their darkest secrets and loss of everything, shortly thereafter.

As you will grow to understand, I have also served as an "ark" and have been the repository of wisdom from before ancient Egypt. The symbology, prophecies, and related texts were designed to help me during various lifetimes to remember enough to continue advancing the long-term efforts and eventually serve as evidence that far future generations could understand and validate. As you can also see by how much information flows from the symbology on these ossuaries, they were purposely designed as "arks" able to encapsulate symbolic messages for delivery to a very specific time in their futures. Once opened (decoded, seals "loosed"), the symbology is a fountain of truth and wisdom about myriad things.

Opening Pandora's Box

I have been mentioning Pandora's box of late in some of my comments. The one symbol we can't completely see, that this team has said looks like a temple, is going to have several meanings. One of those is Pandora's box, from the well known Greek tale. This team has opened Pandora's box in their own way, but the story works best when applied to Greco-Rome's actions during the Second Temple period. Consider that they opened Pandora's box in their greed and arrogance two millennia ago. They had no idea of the full scope of the texts they stole and rewrote or the full ramifications of killing off the Essenes and others. Later, they eventually grasped that Revelation and other texts also contained advanced codes that proved they were lying about the history in the New Testament, but by then the proverbial cat was out of the bag. Since then, they have spent much of the last two millennia struggling to hide proof and prevent widespread knowledge of the meaning of the symbology and prophecies that completely expose their lies. Furthermore, as discussed earlier, doing evil on such a grand scale creates a great level of bad karma, and even with great wealth and power, their luck has been terrible and it will now become "apocalyptic" and disastrous.

One need only look at the history of Rome and Christian nations to observe the non-stop cycles of wars, oppression, greed, deception, disasters, and more. Bad karma has visited western civilization repeatedly throughout the last two millennia, in large part because of the rule of Christian Rome and the drive to create a global empire, before my advent. In the story of Pandora's box, her curiosity caused her to open the box she knew was to remain closed. All the evils hidden within escaped and spread through all of the earth, even though she had quickly closed it. All that remained in the box was the angel of hope named Astraea, which means "star-maiden". The following Wikipedia descriptions provide an overview.

Pandora's Box

This story, like other "mystery tales" has its roots in ancient Egypt and parallels some of the details within the Hebrew prophecies. Because the Greeks had conquered the area and were later followed by the Greek speaking Greco-Romans, there was close contact between Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans seeking to understand the mysteries of life. Many of the Greek tales are also Egyptian inspired but retold with Greek characters and sensibilities. The stories of Pandora's box parallel important details of the stories of what would happen if the ark of the covenant was opened by the wrong people, for the wrong purposes, or at the wrong time. The other purposeful allusion is the Greek term apocalypse, which is so closely associated with the Book of Revelation that the two titles are synonymous. Within Revelation there is a pivotal discussion of "opening the book" and "loosing the seven seals" that initiate the "sounding of angels" and the Apocalypse. It releases the four horses of the apocalypse and two separate groups of seven angels. This is accomplished by the one with seven stars in his right hand (ergo me, Seven Star Hand), which are the symbolic keys required to open the seven seals. Take a moment and read through Revelation Chapter 5 in the addenda of my book.

It is important that this story refers to hope (faith…) and a star. In the Hebrew prophecies that star is the start of the Age of Aquarius, hence the new age that follows Pisces, the "dark age" of Christian Rome's dominance. That is also the seventh star, angel, and seal of Revelation. Certain of the people of this time were well aware of the prophecies that the entire next age would be one of darkness and great evil, during which Christian Rome would grow to cruelly oppress the world, in collusion with the rich and powerful (New World Order). Revelation further encodes that the Vatican would hide the secret central bank of the planet, which it and cohorts (the rich and powerful) used to secretly gain dominance over the entire planet. Revelation predicted and encoded vital details about the past two millennia and focuses heavily on the deeds and eventual fate of Christian Rome.

It is important to understand that "Pandora's box" was opened at the beginning of the age of Pisces by Greco-Romans. They were also the source of the great evils that have now spread over the entire earth. There is another aspect to the symbolism of the story of Pandora's box that fits the reality of the last age. When Rome raided Qumran and later destroyed the Temple and Jerusalem, they always intended to use Hebrew texts to deceive and oppress and expand its empire. They opened the box and they are the source of the great evils that have spread over the entire planet. While pretending to be servants of "God" they have instead caused chaos and destruction for centuries. Instead of providing wisdom to help people, all they have to offer is faith, and so their evil has grown.

The long-misused term "apocalypse" actually refers to the revealing of long-hidden secrets and the solving of ancient mysteries, which consequently causes the rapid collapse of traditional dogma, assumptions, and by logical extension, any wealth and power associated with them. The Apocalypse and Revelation are thereby mostly focused on revealing what has happened before now, and then to bring an end to the evils imposed through great deception. The fear that has surrounded these prophecies is completely misguided because religious leaders have deceived followers into fearing the events that lead to their freedom from religion. In other words, religious leaders and the rich and powerful fear the loss of their power. Religious leaders have thereby presented the prophecies mostly literally to scare people about destruction and the end of the world. We are now at the end of the symbolized timeline and things like a literal battle of Armageddon simply don't happen. Most of what has been used by Christian leaders as so-called end-times prophecies are purposeful misinterpretations, hence false prophecy.

The seven stars, seals, and angels are symbolizing the time period that started at the beginning of the 11th cycle, which was also the start of the age of Pisces. The first six cycles have already passed and the symbolized timeline ends during the early years of the seventh cycle, hence "when the seventh angel begins to sound".

Revelation 10:7
But within the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as She has declared to Her servants the prophets.

The four horses of the Apocalypse symbolizes things that transpired at the start of Christianity. The seventh star, angel, and seal began in late 2000, just before 2001, so the conclusion to what is symbolized has already begun. Thereby, the conclusion of Revelation and the true meaning of Apocalypse refers to the knowledge about the past being revealed to expose the ages-old deceptions used to oppress the world. That is what causes the downfall of Christian Rome (the Vatican and so-called New World Order), its rich and powerful cohorts, and the end of all three faiths of Abraham, as well as other religions.

The Apocalypse (Revelation) and related prophecies have always predicted the end of the power of those who ruled during the age of Pisces, to pave the way for a new and better existence. They are best understood as a reversal of what occurred when "Pandora's box" was opened and evil released into the world by Greco-Rome (a.k.a. Gog and Magog). Because of the arrival of the star (light), a new age on the zodiac has already begun and now we are striving to initiate a new age of existence, freed from the ignorance of the past. Hence the phrase "the dawning of the age of Aquarius", which is the future time that those of the past placed all their hopes. It is also the meaning of the rising sun and similar symbolism, ergo the light returning to end the age of darkness, enlighten those blinded, and raise the dead onto a new path. Humanity now has proof of the truth and the necessary wisdom required to end the darkness that has ruled the entire last age, until now.

Conclusion and Part 5

As often is the case, this article is longer than I'd like and time says to move on, but there is still much to relate about this symbology and its messages. Therefore, I'll explore a list of related topics and details not covered so far, in a shorter part five. I am stopping here and will follow quickly with the final part before moving on to other pressing tasks.

The symbol above Talpiot Tomb "A" requires more than the cursory mention given so far, so I'll do a proper analysis in part 5. Until then, contemplate the terms ascension, apotheosis, Heaven and Earth, Male and Female, and the upper and lower halves of the Doctrine of Two Spirits.  As I have already said, reading my book is the only way to truly understand this symbology. Search the ebook for those terms and see if you can figure out the symbol above Tomb "A". Another important hint is that the lower symbol is a circle, and is not the point. This symbolism has multiple connected answers, that will "flesh out" a broader understanding of their philosophy, as does similar wisdom symbology like the point within a circle, which was also the Egyptian symbol for the sun. In other words, this is not a religious symbol and it links them to ancient Egyptian symbology, ergo to [Amen]Moses and Maat.

Note: 4/12/2014
I have purposely tarried in my completion of this and other series of articles and book updates as part of the ongoing sting operation against the Vatican and cohorts. I have made myself appear vulnerable to ensure that the arrogant would take ongoing actions against me. I have also withheld certain vital details until the time was right. We are finally almost there...

Here is Wisdom...