Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Hit Gone Wrong

This article is a followup to my earlier Facebook post, Pot, Kettle, Black, about how Pope Francis has been using an alleged Mafia hit on Monday night 3/17/2014 to shift attention from him and the Vatican and its far greater crimes in recent years and past centuries. It also refers to details from the previous three articles, which start here.

Read the following news articles for details of the alleged Mafia hit in question…

-The Little Boy Mowed Down by the Mafia
-Mafia hitmen gun down convicted mobster, his girlfriend and her two-year-old son
-Pope Francis tells Italian mafia to repent

The timing of the alleged Mafia hit, that was used as the basis for Pope Francis' later statements and actions, was far too conveniently framed and well-timed to be merely coincidental. Now everyone can see how the Vatican and Pope are clearly using this incident to scapegoat and demonize others in a truly desperate (and brazen...) effort to turn the attention away from themselves, just as I described in the previous article and many earlier ones. This is the same pattern seen throughout their history and it is one of their favorite techniques for "lowering" others while deceptively elevating themselves as heroes in the minds of a target public. This is the very same tactic used two millennia ago and across the intervening centuries to demonize "the Jews" (and others) and recast Christian Rome as the hero, while hiding the truth about their own great crimes in Judea and elsewhere.

Now to dispel any notion they were simply lucky this "newsworthy killing" coincidentally occurred, precisely when they desperately needed something to change the subject. As the previous post reiterated, and as I have shown repeated and redundant evidence of, Pope Francis, the Vatican, and cohorts respond directly to my Facebook postings, articles, and press releases. Furthermore, they repeatedly and verifiably use symbolism and key details from the videos I post on my Facebook page to plan Pope Francis' counter responses. As also repeatedly demonstrated, this is often accompanied by bizarre violent events, most often on symbolic dates, that have been purposefully designed to distract from and hide the meaning of the symbology I am writing about.

They are also still struggling to misdirect from my ability to repeatedly and accurately predict details of future events using symbolic videos and other media.

This alleged Mafia hit occurred in Italy, late night on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, only a few hours after I posted the following details on my Facebook page, between 8:43 and 9:00 AM PST.

This was three days before the article titled "Third Time is the Charm" was posted to this blog on the 20th. It is also 4 days after the one year anniversary of Pope Francis' selection on 3/13/2013. It is obvious why the Vatican might fear the contents of the above post and its related videos, since they know I am the personification of all their greatest fears, and their actions repeatedly prove it. Also, pay very close attention that this was posted on 3/17/2014 to my Facebook page. Their reactions to my Facebook posts and articles since the 2010 publication of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols also illuminates how much they fear both me and evidence of the truth.

In these three articles, and throughout my writing in recent years, the vital importance of the number 17 has been redundantly demonstrated. Consequently, it is also vital to the Vatican and Papacy for different reasons, as the selection of Pope Francis has clearly shown. As you can now also prove, they view and [mis]use symbology, as if it were magic, instead of as a source of encoded wisdom. They also take bizarre actions in direct response to my postings of the truth (light…) about ancient symbology and especially my use of it when speaking about them. Now we can see this well-timed and perfectly framed attack that is being called a Mafia hit, occurring late night on 3/17/2014, and mere hours after my Facebook post. This was obviously rushed so it would occur before midnight on the 17th, just 3 days before the Equinox.

The sum of the digits of 3/17/2014 (3+1+7+2+0+1+4) equals 18 (6+6+6), and 3/17 thereby sums to 11, and 2014 sums to 7. All the numbers of that deeply symbolic date are represented on the front cover of  Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols, published in 2010. As I have shown, the front cover contains multiple levels of accurate details, verifiably encoded in its symbology and published long before they occurred. The top of the three images is number 17 and the two below are images 11 and 18. As before, the numbers 11 and 18 are derived from the symbolic values of the target date(s). In this instance, they all occurred on a single day. As I have shown, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the Vatican is intensely focused on the use of important symbolic days, as a component of what they clearly view and use as magic to reinforce their deceptions and illusions.

Now look again at the third video on the 3/17 Facebook post. The song is by DeadBolt and titled "She's a snake" from the album "Tijuana Hit Squad." Also on that album is a song titled "A Hit Gone Wrong." Normally, I use a different version of the "She's a Snake" video. Clearly, the first time use of the album's "Hit Squad" cover art within the context of the other details posted caused them to again react bizarrely, as we can now see. So, following the same pattern repeatedly demonstrated in recent years, they used the imagery on the Tijuana Hit Squad album cover to frame a violent event on a redundantly symbolic date. Not only that, but you can clearly see Pope Francis and the Vatican quickly and aggressively using that blatantly deceptive violent event to scapegoat an easy target (the Mafia) in yet another effort to shift blame away from themselves.

Anyone who has paid attention knows that the "Mafia" and other criminal operations, including Fascists and Nazis, have regularly used the Vatican bank to launder dirty money over the years. The traditional ties between the "Church" and the Mafia go beyond the religion of Catholicism and also revolve around money and banking. Pope Francis' and the Vatican's recent actions clearly demonstrate a heightened level of fear after my recent posts. Another question is why are they now throwing the Mafia "under the bus" at this very specific time. Are some in the Mafia aware of his plan and willingly going along with it, or is Pope Francis now truly afraid of the Mafia and trying to shield himself by using this ploy to scapegoat and demonize them? The days ahead will tell us more.

Now you have more evidence that this newsworthy violent event, occurring on a redundantly symbolic date, and like many other events in recents years (and before…), was purposely orchestrated by the Vatican so Pope Francis could use it, just as we have witnessed him doing in recent days. Did someone at the Vatican manipulate one Mafia Family against another? Was this yet another "false flag" attack carried out to merely appear like a Mafia hit from a competing Family? Whatever the details of the backstory, we can all clearly see that Pope Francis has been profiting the most from it. As promised before, you now have more proof that arrogance makes you stupid and some people are simply too arrogant to know when to stop.

 It is near time for the Vatican's demise…