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Of Obelisks, Sun Worship, and other Grand Deceptions

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I was asked the following very good and timely question about obelisks by a friend, recently:

"I can't help but notice that an Egyptian obelisk stands at the focal point of both the Vatican and our nation's capitol. This seems to be way out of context.  What is an obelisk and what do they represent?"

In a nutshell, an obelisk is a pillar and pillars symbolize philosophical principles, hence pivotal wisdom as primary ideals. For example, the Seven Spirits of God/Good of the Doctrine of Two Spirits are also called the seven pillars of wisdom. When pillars were support structures within ancient temples, a.k.a. a god's or philosophy's "house", they represented the foundations and supports for the roof, hence the high place (ideals) under and within which members or seekers gather.

Proverbs 9:1
Wisdom has built Her house, She has hewn out Her seven pillars.

Visualize a temple with the Seven Spirits of God/Good as its seven pillars. Three pillars on each side and one in the back and center, where some would designate it as the "holy of holies". At the entrance stands two pillars, like in many buildings, masonic lodges, etc. Those two should symbolize truth (right side) and justice (left side), if based on the seven pillars of wisdom. Also, on the right side, following truth would be wisdom and humility. On the left side following justice would be freewill and compassion. In the back central, in the "holiest" location, would be self-sacrifice at the location of the altar, which symbolizes sacrifice. Some foolishly thought it was wise to sacrifice other life, instead of their own egos and material desires.

Notice that next to and bounding the central pillar of self-sacrifice are humility on the right and compassion to the left. The other important thing to notice is that bounding the entrance to the temple, truth is the first of the seven spirits/pillars and justice is the last of the seven, hence the First and the Last, as repeatedly mentioned in Revelation. Another important observation is that the right side pillars are those associated with concepts and mindset, while those on the left are more closely associated with deeds. When starting at truth and moving towards justice, this arrangement presents a working philosophical model of how to live wisely. This is the new temple, long-awaited by many. It is built in the "heart" (desires, inclinations, inspirations) and mind, not in any physical location.

The other related symbols important to this discussion are mountains and pyramids, which symbolize the hierarchical relationship between bodies of knowledge and wisdom, by their shapes. The peaks of both symbolize acme, apex, and pinnacle knowledge, hence pivotal wisdom. The bulk of the mountain or pyramid is the body of knowledge, a.k.a. corpus. That is why climbing to the top of a mountain symbolized gaining mastery over a great body of knowledge to attain (ascend to) its associated wisdom. Notice that the peak of a mountain is also its high place, just like a temple roof or the keystone of an arch across an entrance. Also, notice that some temples were open-roofed so the sky (air, heavens, stars, and sun) were the unobscured "high places."

What the story of [Amen]Moses in the Exodus actually symbolizes is that he gained mastery over a great body of knowledge by attaining (ascending to) its wisdom. On the other hand, Aaron created a religion (the golden calf, a.k.a. a new sacred cow, & cash cow...) and led the people astray. In his great disgust, Moses broke the two stones into pieces and hid them in a symbolic vessel (conveyance, the ark). That part of the Exodus story explains why there is wisdom encoded by symbolism (which is symbolized as the lost or hidden ark) throughout these ancient texts. [Amen]Moses clearly did not like religion and encoded proof of the truth for a far future time, hence now.

Freemasons say the legend/parable they use to initiate and teach members, is loosely based on the Egyptian mystery-myth of Osiris, in which his masculine desires are replaced by a pillar/obelisk, fashioned by Isis, hence a feminine pillar-principle. Similarly, in the Masonic myth of [C]Hiram Abiff, he is killed by three ruffians trying to steal the master's secret word ( a.k.a. symbolized wisdom, a.k.a. the words of gods, a.k.a. Egyptian symbology), and his dead "body" (of knowledge) is first hidden within rubble (many stones, a.k.a. many symbols), then taken to a mountaintop and buried under a tree. In other words, the master's wisdom (corpus) is hidden within another large body of knowledge by three ruffians (three religions...). Notice also that it was hidden atop the mountain, which is the symbolic locale of wisdom. Later, after the hidden "body" (corpus) was found, it was in many pieces (many symbols again), so it took the "grip" (grasp...) of another master to reassemble it and move him from the mountaintop, to be buried within or near the temple. Notice that this is the symbolic location of the hidden ark, which symbolizes a symbolic vessel or conveyance of "god's" words and wisdom. Hence, it took another with comparable wisdom to "grasp his corpse" (understand his corpus, a.k.a body of knowledge and its wisdom), reassemble it and place it into the hidden ark and temple.

Those associated with various ancient mysteries should notice some parallels between the stories of Moses, the ark, and the two tables of stone that he broke into pieces, the story of Hiram Abiff, and the cornerstone (or keystone...) mystery tale of the death of Osiris and his resurrection by Isis. In this story, Isis reassembles Osiris' body after it has been cut into pieces and hidden in multiple places by his mortal enemy. The parallels to finding and reassembling a lost and scattered dead body of knowledge by someone with special skills (wisdom) are clear and very close in their symbolic meanings and purpose. Another very important detail to the parable of Isis and Osiris is that his body was cut into 14 pieces, yet Isis could only locate 13 of them. The lost piece was his penis (male desires) so she fashioned a golden replacement, symbolizing both golden and feminine desires. Once again, look at the Doctrine of Two Spirits and notice that there are 14 lines, 7 good and 7 evil, which matches the structure of Amen's dual-feathered headdress.

It is also important to understand that the Seven Pillars of Wisdom are classified as feminine inspirations, hence "heavenly" desires, hence "golden" attributes (metal, mettle). Golden (associated with the sun, a.k.a. light (truth) and heat (justice)) symbolizes the upper half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits, which are "feminine" desires and inspirations. Thereby, like Maat, Sophia, and Kuan Yin, Isis is associated with life and goodness and positive spirits (ka, ka-maat, karma). In other words, Isis replaced Osiris' masculine mindset and desires with a feminine pillar (principle), transforming his mindset and desires, thereby resurrecting or "raising" him. Also, notice the relationship to alchemy, where the aim is to convert base metal into gold. Spiritual alchemy is the activity of decoding the symbolism used to hide the true meaning of alchemical texts and to apply the hidden wisdom to improve the character (mettle) of the individual. Sounds very much like the asserted aims of Freemasonry and other western esoteric endeavors.

Proverbs 9:1
Wisdom has built Her house, She has hewn out Her seven pillars.

Notice that wisdom is within the "temple" formed by the seven pillars of wisdom, a.k.a the Seven Spirits of God. They are directly referred to in Proverbs 9:1, as being "hewn" by the feminine wisdom, just as Sophia personifies. Notice the redundant association to the pivotal symbolism of Freemasonry, hence Solomon’s temple, pillars, and the symbolic working of stone and pillars as an allusion to ancient wisdom? Read the fifth article in the "Grasping the Truth about Wisdom" series to better understand the relevance of the allusions to masculine and feminine (not male and female...) ideals and desires and their philosophical characterization.

A free-standing obelisk, which is a four-sided pillar, is in essence the peak (pinnacle) of a pyramid, without the body of knowledge that obscures it. Notice that the top of the four-sided obelisk is the same as the top of a pyramid, which symbolizes a body of perfect knowledge and its perfect wisdom. Hence, an obelisk is a pillar that symbolizes perfect knowledge (truth) and core wisdom without the corpus-knowledge that obscures it within a pyramid, which is an idealized mountain. It is as if you took a particle beam and cut out the peak and supporting center column of a pyramid and then lifted it out so it stands on its own. The sides of the pyramid are a more perfect shape than a mountain and thereby a straighter (truer) path to the top. An obelisk further straightens (and steepens) the path to wisdom much more than a pyramid.

The other key aspect of this symbolism is the fact that obelisks are four-sided and set within the center of a cross. This purposely alludes to the symbolism of the four elements, which the cross symbolizes. The four elements are the core organizing group of symbols of Egyptian-Nubian symbolic wisdom, based on the works of Thoth, Amen, etc. All the other symbolism used to encode and model ancient wisdom is framed and thereby unlocked by the true meaning and associations of the four elements and the cross.

A pyramid is also a symbol for both wisdom and the four elements and encodes details of both in its shape. The four sides of a pyramid form triangles. Now visualize unzipping each triangle and laying it flat on the ground so what remains is a square in the center of four triangular arrow-heads or directional pointers. Each triangle points in four directions and can be arranged as a compass. Also, you could lay an equal armed cross atop this so each arm meets or passes through each triangle's tip. The alchemical symbols for the four elements are also triangles and flow from this original method, but have been changed to obscure the source. From this, the corrected symbols for the four elements can be derived. Just as they are on the cross, the right arm and triangle is fire, the top is air, the left is water, and the bottom downward-pointing one is earth. The pyramid thereby encodes the wisdom of the four elements in a symbol that is also a symbol for perfect knowledge and its wisdom. The fifth article in this series "Grasping Symbolic Keys to Truth and Wisdom" covers the important details about the four elements and what they mean and reveal about the true meaning of all related ancient symbology.

The Vatican, Christianity, and associated secret societies and mystery schools have gone to great lengths to hide the truth about the cross and four elements because their true meanings reveal things that completely disprove the assertions of religion. Therefore, they are not using them to symbolize wisdom but to impose deceptions designed to prevent anyone from understanding the truth. Then they use their "replacement" symbolism to perform what they used to think was magic, but now realize it can be described by science. Unfortunately for the Vatican, they've told far too many lies about far too many important things and the blowback is about to be terrible.

Read what I have already written about this at the links above and at the bottom of this article to understand the true meaning of the core symbols they have struggled for so long to obscure and recast.

There are a couple of interesting videos on Youtube that talk about the Vatican and Washington D.C. obelisks (and others...). The first is titled, REVEALED: The Secret of Christianity. It does a good job of proving that the obelisk in the Vatican is set up as a huge sun dial and astrological marker that uses the shadows of the equinoxes and solstices to draw an X (or cross) and another straight line through it to simulate one of the early Christian symbols. The other video is part of a series called the The Secret Rulers of the World. It also talks about the Vatican and DC obelisks (Washington Monument built by Masonic lodges) and others. Then it proceeds to make a series of stupid statements about phallic symbols and the worship of Amen and other unsupportable material. A little more research and precision of concept would have made this a better segment.

In actuality, they are more likely based on Atenism, hence the heretic pharaoh that opposed the priests of Amen and replaced the symbols of other cults with that of the sun, which was openly presented as a symbol, not as the direct object of worship. Either way, the Vatican, Freemasonry, and other associated groups have agendas that are kept hidden from the rank and file. Leaders are merely using a patchwork of ancient allusions for their own twisted purposes. They are not sun-worshippers per-se, since they know it is a symbol. What it means to them is more closely related to Lucifer, the so-called light-bearer, another deception used to maintain power by duping people into supporting them. Even this is unlikely to be the answer though, since those at the top are sick and twisted. The bulk of adherents (brethren) are like most religious followers who simply want to find a path to succeed in life, and afterwards. It is vital to remember that the leaders of empires never believe the lies used to manipulate subjects, since they know they are lies. The leaders of the Vatican and their secret society cohorts are fully aware that they are duping people on a grand scale and this is the most important thing to remember. The leaders are lying to the followers, just as they have always done.

So once again, it is vitally important to understand that the various videos claiming that Christianity and Freemasonry are merely sun-worship are missing multiple points. Others, such as the Zeitgeist videos and Acharya S who put forth simplistic arguments like sun worship means "son" worship forget that no one spoke english back then. Furthermore, the Egyptians were deeply rooted in symbolism, as were the Hebrew sages, so none of it was literal and it was clearly not that simple. The "son of god" symbolism is an Egyptian sourced title that is directly tied to Moses, whose real name was AmenMoses. Moses means “son of” or “born of.” The "god" of Moses was the Egyptian-Nubian "god principle" (neter) Amen. Thereby, AmenMoses is a symbolic name-title meaning “son of Amen” or born of Amen, just as Rameses (Ra Moses) was symbolically titled as the son of his god, Ra. These are symbolic titles taken by all of the the elite that referred to one's patron deity and temple organization. It was never used literally, and assertions of such are a combination of error and outright deception. It is instructive to understand that Hebrews continued to have symbolic names that also encoded secondary meanings, as do modern Jews.

Likewise, assertions that the twelve apostles are merely the twelve houses of the zodiac miss the fact that the New Testament is directly based on the Essenes (Sons of Zadok, Keepers of the Way, etc.). The Dead Sea Scrolls prove that it was they who organized in groups of 12. Yes, it is true that the tradition has its roots in the zodiac and that is how the twelve tribes of the Exodus are symbolically organized in the Bible. The Essenes had more practical reasons for creating small operative groups though, and they are proven to have existed. The framers of the New Testament (Christian Rome) merely stole their stories and then recast them as the twelve "apostles" of "Jesus." They later added in a bunch of mystery school allusions and other blatant deceptions designed to make the stories more mysterious, alluring, and teachable, while hiding the meaning of symbolized wisdom from duped followers. Pay very close attention to the fact that this is the same formula used by Freemasonry to lure and ensnare its members, hence the mixing of mystery school allusions with historically sourced myth. At least most Freemasons openly assert that their legends are teaching tools and not true history, which make Freemasonry superior to religion in this aspect (and others).

One of the pivotal reasons for Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion, secret societies, and other smoke and mirrors is to impose so many competing false philosophies and faux-opponents that no one can ever find the truth. The goal is to get people stuck on the details, which always lead in circles. One must go before and under the stories to find the correct threads that lead to the truth. The pivotal key to unsealing long-hidden ancient wisdom is the decoding of the symbology of ancient texts and concepts. That is why the Vatican, secret societies, and various mystery schools are so focused on it. Religious and Masonic leaders understand this clearly and have gone to great lengths to obscure this pivotal key to truth and wisdom from most followers, whom they purposely conspire to exploit.

As already discussed elsewhere, the sun is our primary source of light and heat. Thereby, it was used to symbolize our primary source of truth (light) and justice (heat). That is why some assume the Egyptians were worshipping the sun as a god. In fact, it represented Amen[-Ra], which was symbolism representing other principles, but most importantly Maat's primary principles of truth and justice. When obelisks are used as a sun-dial and solar observatory, you can get shadows in four or more locations during the equinoxes and solstices to create the cross (four elements) from the shadows. This is a symbol of the primary wisdom that gives rise to the universe. As an added bonus, it is being created by the symbols themselves in real life. An important aspect of Egyptian philosophy saw reality as the interplay of symbols, which is one reason for Medu Netcher (hieroglyphics), which means, the words of gods. They correctly perceived physical reality as myriad insights into the hidden aspects of this universe. When symbols such as the sun and star groupings etched out verifiable patterns, they saw these as doubly reinforced messages that must be listened to. Furthermore, ignoring such messages were considered the same as turning your back on truth, wisdom, justice and the words of the gods, which always resulted in calamity.

The Vatican and other Babylonian inspired cohorts are too greedy and deluded, so their focus has been on magic, wealth, and power instead of wisdom and helping others. They always thought there was magic involved. Just look at Catholic and secret society rituals to understand this. Though they may call them holy rituals or the reenactment of mystery plays as teaching tools, western religion and secret societies are rooted in both subtle and not so subtle magic. Also, they thought these objects gave them special access to the powers of Amen or other Egyptian-Nubian "universal principles". To be clear and unequivocal here, I am not some nut that thinks magic is demonic, since the devil and demons are fantasies. I do view it as a misdirected and erroneous activity. It is a fallacy based on a mistaken perception of reality that some sadly think is valid. In fact, like most of the so-called ancient mysteries, magic is merely compounded error and ignorance that flows from the failure to understand ancient symbology and the true wisdom that it encodes. It is the result of people trying to control things they don’t understand, which is little different from religion, mysticism, and other forms of spiritual fantasy and delusion.

Remember, those in the Vatican keep the bodies of saints and other magical objects, which they deceptively call "holy" to hide the true purposes. They are mainly cash cows these days and less a form of magic. They went to great lengths to erect obelisks and other things in certain places for the magic, not for the wisdom. That is why the Vatican and its Judeo-Christian and secret society cohorts are symbolized as Mystery Babylon. The same type of magical hocu-pocus and the recasting of ancient symbols as literal and/or supernatural concepts is seen throughout all three faiths of Abraham, which they created and control. Just look at the stories of Jesus, who never existed !!! They were crafted by the blatantly purposeful recasting of Hebrew and Egyptian symbolism and merging it with allusions to ancient mysteries. Rome used texts and concepts stolen from the Essenes, Egyptians, and others to give the Jesus myth the veneer of historical authenticity. This is what is called a strong lie. Near truth and apparent truths are purposely woven together with blatant lies to give the whole affair the "sheen of truth." Then they bundled them with the so-called Old Testament to reinforce the lies, by tying them into a much older tradition with some verifiable history. The very same techniques were later used to create Islam, Freemasonry, and other illusions.

Even more twisted, just look at how Muslims have been duped into praying to Mecca five times a day. Praying daily to the same fixed position and direction, as the Earth rotates, inscribes the math of a pentagram-pentacle, hence a five-pointed star within a circle. The points of a five-pointed star (pentagram) touch the circle of a pentacle every 72 degrees. 72 is also redundantly associated with the precession of the sun, as measured at sunrise on the spring equinox. It takes 72 years for the receding position of the spring-equinox sunrise to move one degree on the horizon. Also, it moves five degrees every 360-year cycle. A full 360 degrees of procession takes 25,920 years, which is also seventy-two (72) 360-year cycles. So, the number 72, the math of the pentagram-pentacle and praying five times daily towards the same fixed-point on Earth is a triple allusion to the precession of the sun. In other words, the followers of Islam have been duped into participating in a magic ritual that daily inscribes the math of a pentagram/pentacle, which purposely alludes to the math of solar precession. Thereby, hidden illusions and allusions to the sun, whether worship or symbolism, are also deceptively encoded within Islam.

Another important aspect of this insight is the orbit of Venus. When viewed from the Earth, it inscribes a near perfect five-pointed star (pentagram) around the sun every eight years. Also, pay close attention to the fact that Kabbalah uses 72 names of God. Likewise, many in Islam expect 72 virgins in heaven. The number 72 is closely tied to solar and precessional math, pentagrams, and the planet Venus. It is clear that this hidden astronomical math and geometry, encoded within the rituals of Islam, were created and imposed by the same people that transported Egyptian obelisks to Rome and elsewhere and set them up as solar symbols. Hence, Judeo-Christian mysticism is purposely encoded within the rituals of Islam, which are clearly someone's sick idea of a mass magic ritual. This is why Judeo-Christian leaders and the Vatican are symbolized as Mystery Babylon. Who do you think created a religion, custom-designed as a philosophical opponent to Judeo-Christians, that would also deceptively impose submission on those unruly dark-skinned Middle-easterners, just as Rome was losing control of that region?

Notice the parallels to the creation and structure of Freemasonry here? From my research and conclusions, Freemasonry looks far too much like another Vatican deception designed to reign in another real threat to Rome’s Judeo-Christian deception and other cash-cows. In other words, Freemasonry appears like a well-designed effort to prevent another Templar-problem from arising. One of Christian Rome’s greatest fears is that people will finally grasp the truth about the symbology of the Bible, thereby understanding the true extent and nature of the long-term Judeo-Christian-Islamic deception. Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and related western mystery schools are perfectly structured to lure in any that would have an interest in symbolism and the mysteries. Because they are heavily Christianized and revolve around Judeo-Christian and Kabbalistic interpretations, those who seek enlightenment through them are mired and indoctrinated by systems that are guaranteed to protect the Bible from exposure of its deceptions. Why do you think Freemasonry calls the Bible a sacred volume and a “light.” Contemplate Machiavelli...

Since a pillar symbolizes a primary principle, it is clear to see that the obelisks found in Rome, London, and Washington D.C., (and other locales) do not represent wisdom. They in fact represent a three-pronged grand deception that forms another symbol of deception, the triangle (among others...). As our world descends deeper into financial debacle, religious conflicts, and other calamities, even the most clueless should now understand that these cities and the deceptions they represent are not sources of wisdom, truth, or justice. Great deceptions have been imposed upon the world by those who have used the pretense of high-ideals to dupe billions onto the wrong paths. Money, religion/mysticism, and politics have been used to lure and dupe billions into supporting blatant evil, while thinking they were doing good. Only truth, wisdom, and justice will finally fix this situation.

Grasping the Truth about Wisdom

No truth, no justice,
No justice, no peace...

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