Sunday, March 13, 2011

Peter King is a Vatican Operative

Updated - 3/16/11 - See the italicized bottom paragraph
Peter King and his ilk have a far bigger problem than the uproar he has purposefully stirred up with his targeting of an entire group of people in this way. The hypocrisy of his actions boggles the mind, but then again that doesn't seem to bother those who use money, religion, and politics to manipulate humanity, to hide their own crimes.

He and cohorts are so desperate to change the subject now, at any cost, to prevent people from discovering the truth about him, the War on Terror, the religious right, and the Tea Party deception. There is stunning and comprehensive proof now that these religions are purposeful deceptions, AND THEY ARE VERY SCARED you'll find out !!!

Peter King is a Vatican operative and knows full well that his job is to misdirect from the proof I have published. Don't laugh or scoff, until you read the evidence. The Vatican's demise is rapidly growing closer and like any trapped beast, they are lashing out and acting irrationally, as is their wont.

Not only did they initiate a thinly disguised new crusades with the War on Terror and its associated wars, but now they are mixing a witch-hunt with an Inquisition. This clearly illuminates their absolute desperation in response to what I have been revealing.

I strongly suggest that the folks in the Vatican and their various agents and proxies throughout the world, voluntarily Cease and Desist, turn yourselves into the authorities, and start telling the whole truth, while you still can !!!

Update - 3/16/11
The Vatican is the secret puppeteer behind the 9/11 attacks in the USA and most other terrorism. They have created this chaos on purpose to keep people from being aware of me and what I have revealed. They have used the Muslim world as a scapegoat and the war on terror as a big smokescreen and deceived everyone else as well. - Following is the link to an article from 2007 to show how long I have been preparing for this time and why they are so afraid of you finding out. - The time for truth and justice has arrived. - The Pivotal Import of Yellow Cake, False Flags, & "Big Time" Evil

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