Thursday, March 20, 2014

Third Time is the Charm

Happy Spring Equinox 2014. 

If you haven't read the previous two articles, the first is found here. The references herein won't make much sense without the background data from both previous articles.

That long-desired season of new life and ever increasing light and heat is now upon us. As we head towards Passover and Easter, I'll remind you again of something I wrote eight years ago. 

"Step lightly among clouds so the new day heats your path as wisdom's sight perfects your way."

Since the focus is and has been on symbology, the following reference is also relevant to what now faces the Vatican and cohorts. "Purposeful misuse leads to great peril".

This is the third of three articles focused on the Vatican's heavy use of "mystical techniques" (purposeful misuse of symbology…) to support its deceptive actions on the world stage that completely expose the lies about who they are, what they do, and what they have done for the past two millennia, and why. It also proves they have no faith in "Jesus" or Christianity, except as the primary facade and tool long used to deceive and oppress the world. Gaining and maintaining power by deceiving and forcing others to acquiesce to and support blatant lies, upon threat of suffering, death, and eternal damnation, summarizes their deeds across the entire past two millennia.

I posted the following (unedited) details on my Facebook page one month ago on February 20th, which are spell-checked and arranged into paragraphs below. (Here is an earlier related post, and another and one more.)

"Today is the 20th of February, and the sum its digits (2+2+0+2+0+1+4) equals 11, which symbolizes truth and justice and two pillars (dualism...). Yesterday ended the third of four symbolic periods during 2013 & 2014. Each period ran from the 10th to the 19th and the preceding and following days were the 9th and 20th. The date's digits on the 9th summed to 18 (6+6+6) and those on the 20th summed to 11. The date on the 9th was thereby doubled to 18, and the 10th through the 19th were also "doubled" dates because the day's literal numeric value matched its symbolic value. Then on the 20th, the digits of the symbolic value of 11 sum to 2, as do the digits of 20.

Now once again pay attention that the bottom two image plates on my book cover are also numbered 11 (on the right) and 18 (on the left), matching the symbolic values bracketing those symbolic periods. Also, again notice that image 17 sits atop those two and the winged sun is above all three, shining light on them? Notice the contents of plate 17 again, which just happens to match the current cycle on the Hebrew calendar, as well as Pope Francis' birthday on December 17th? Once again, they and cohorts have jumped headlong into a trap set for them many centuries ago, which I am revealing redundant proof of, using my book and related knowledge (light...).

Click image for larger version
Now we are in 2014 and my book cover from late 2010 captures vital details of the current situation. Once again, here is more proof that the Vatican is still actively struggling to defeat the returning prophet and Moshiah (Moshiach, Messiah) because they desperately fear the light. I have led them into a trap so everyone else could finally grasp the truth of this situation. Here is more proof, of who I am, and who they are (and are not), ergo here is more light...

Notice how plate 18 is also 6+6+6 and contains a dragon (mythical and mystical beast (empire))? Notice how chapter 18 in Revelation also conveys the same context? The digits of the following verse also sum to 17. The Vatican fears the prophecies, and thereby the returned prophet, in large part because I completely expose their dark machinations to the bright light and heat, hence to truth and justice.

Revelation 18:8 (reconstructed)
Therefore shall her plagues come within one day and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord who judges her.

This is another example of how wisely constructed symbolic art, narratives, and prophecies can contain multiple levels and aspects of related knowledge and wisdom. For example, we have passed the third symbolic period, which again shone new light on the Vatican and Papacy's great deceptions. Notice the three candlesticks in plate 17? Also, notice the five stars with the hand (a five star hand) coming from the clouds? We are in year 14 of the 17th 360-year cycle and 1+4 sums to five. Clouds also symbolize humility and deeds (waters) far removed from the "earth," which symbolizes the details in the bottom half of the Doctrine of Two Spirits. But also notice that the Internet is represented by clouds on network diagrams and is very often referred to as the cloud. Here we are in 2014 and on the Internet."

Since the third doubly symbolic period has passed, we are headed for the fourth, in November, which is month 11. Notice how the math puts the dual symbolic periods for 2014 in months 2 and 11, both of which symbolize dualism and truth and justice. Thereby, eleven (truth and justice, month 11, and doubled ones…) now speaks to you urgently. The fourth period is also 2x2 and 2+2, as well as 11, hence two doubled or double two's. Thereby, Double unto them Double…

Revelation 17:18
And the woman which you saw is that great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth.

Revelation 18:6
Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: within the cup that she has filled, fill to her double.

For those who have paid attention, you'll see that some of the more perplexing references I've used over the past eight years, both from my symbolic prophecies in this lifetime and those better known from previous times, are now coming together to point to very specific details and time frames. These three very unique prophecies were first published online and in my earlier (and rougher…) book, Revelations from the Apocalypse, in late 2005 to May 2006. Likewise, as this and the previous articles definitively prove, my book cover for Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols contains accurate prophecies in the form of three selected symbolic images (from the Vaticinia Nostradamus…). These are further arranged to form another symbolic construction that encodes additional redundantly verifiable details, as this and the previous articles prove. As with the prophecies in the earlier book, these details were published widely years before they occurred, and now serve as solid proof of who I am and what I am able to do. Not only did I lead the Vatican and cohorts into a trap, from which there is no escape, a vital aspect of that trap involves yet another verifiable demonstration of precise and verifiable prophecy.

My decade long project and series of demonstrations have served multiple purposes. It has helped to validate the meaning and functionality of ancient symbology and the wisdom it has always encoded. I also prove that the Vatican and cohorts have always and still regularly use and misuse symbolism to deceive in the effort to hide the truth and wisdom long encoded within ancient Egyptian and Hebrew symbology. Further, their use of "symbology as magic" is more insight into another reason they have been desperately struggling to hide and misdirect the truth about ancient history and symbols I have been publishing and demonstrating. Likewise, as an integral component of the unique sting operation I have been running, you also now have proof that the Vatican (Christian Rome) has lied about practically everything associated with the creation of the New Testament and the purported history it presents. Furthermore, you now have redundant evidence that they have gone to extreme lengths trying to hide me and defeat my efforts.

Christianity and Islam are both blatant Roman deceptions used to divide and conquer a vast empire across the centuries. You also now have redundant evidence that their magical and symbolic fingerprints are all over numerous terrorist events, including the 9/11 attacks in the USA. Their heavy reliance on "symbology as magic," instead of as a source of wisdom, and the timing and focus of numerous events using the exact same techniques also used during the transition from Pope Benedict to Francis and afterwards, now exposes them to the bright light. Reviewing the patterns of events of the past 13 years, and who has been involved and who Now the world can finally grasp that Christian Rome is a great evil that has long caused widespread suffering and chaos as the long term and purposeful method of managing its shadowy and mysterious empire. The Vatican, Papacy, and religion are merely the public facades used to hide their true nature behind layers of smoke and mirrors.

As I have repeatedly demonstrated, religious leaders in Rome have always been fully aware that agents of Rome created both Christianity and Islam. Each are based on stolen and rewritten Hebrew texts. They have gone to great lengths protecting this great secret, but their fingerprints and other evidence are found throughout both canons and across the entire existence of both religions. History clearly proves this about Christianity. The evidence throughout the structure, the use of symbolism in the Quran, the math of the precise daily prayer requirements (5x72=360), and other details likewise prove that Islam was created by agents of Rome. Furthermore, the assertions of both religions and the purposeful misuse of key symbolism such as angels and spirits, exposes the motive and the common source as Rome.

Two prime examples are the angel that supposedly delivers Revelation to "John" and another is said to have dictated the Quran to Mohammed. Literal angels don't exist and you now have the proof they were hidden symbols designed and used by the prophets to provide irrefutable evidence that religious assertions about such things have always been false. In other words, the religious leaders that created Christianity and Islam fell into the trap set by the Hebrew prophets themselves, who were fully aware that such lies would be told and eventually used as the basis to oppress the entire planet. Therefore, they embedded proof of the truth in the symbolism of the very texts that would be used to deceive the world and in this way guaranteed the end of those deceptions, during a predicted time-frame.

Religion and "divide and conquer" (contemplate Machiavelli…) are two of Rome's long-term techniques for building and maintaining empires and keeping subject nations and citizens deceived and fighting each other, instead of focusing on Rome's hidden role. It should also be clear that these two techniques have long been merged. As you can see by the chaos that bedevils our world, religion was purposely designed and has long been used to cause divisions and conflicts. It is also one of the long term methods for building empires. With the fall of Imperial Rome and the loss of direct control of its military empire, they relied on their new custom-made messianic religion and the greed and arrogance of monarchs and aristocrats, to forge and maintain a far larger empire. History shows that through the use of religion (and money and politics) they were able to spread "western civilization" to all corners of the globe. By using the proxy nations and leaders of the Christian Empire, they were eventually able to subdue and oppress the entire planet during the 20th century, while keeping their true role and purposes mostly hidden behind a curtain composed of multiple levels of misdirection.

Likewise, we can see how Islam and its nations have served as a long term and ready made opponent to Christian nations, with followers of Judaism often caught in a vice between them. Now that we have reached that long-awaited time, encoded within the ancient prophecies and thereby long feared by Christian Rome, the planet has once again been plunged into fear and chaos, and directly assisted by corporate news and other propaganda and disinformation sources. This has all been orchestrated to distract from me, my efforts, and what I have been proving in recent years.

The War on Terror has been little more than another deceptive Crusade orchestrated by the Vatican and its rich and powerful cohorts to distract the world's focus and prevent the outcome of the prophecies that promise a better world for everyone, after the truth is understood. It has been accompanied by a technology driven Inquisition and a global police state, which has used the fear of Muslims as the pretext for a long list of criminal activities, including blatant war crimes. All of this has served to divide and conquer the planet and create fear and chaos as a distraction. There is much more to this story, which I'll continue to explore in subsequent articles.

Viewing the events of the past 13 years (since 2001/5761) as both a microcosm and the fruits of the past two millennia helps clarify and validate the meaning of several symbolic references to Christian Rome's and now the Vatican's role and predicted imminent fate within the Hebrew prophecies. Never forget, this is the "Church" that used to torture and burn people alive for using the exact same techniques you now have proof of them employing in their current and ongoing efforts to defeat the ancient prophecies.

Following the same patterns seen throughout their history, Rome finally succeeded at secretly deceiving and oppressing the entire planet, from the shadows, by the late 20th century. Now that I have exposed the truth, you can see Pope Francis and the Vatican still desperately struggling to hide both me and the truth, through a massive PR campaign, and a variety other methods. As I have repeatedly demonstrated in recent years, Rome and cohorts have gone to great lengths causing violent events and a long list of great distractions, designed to flood the media with fear and misdirections at strategic times. All has been backed by mystical techniques, in part based on knowledge they ruthlessly extracted over the centuries, under the guises of inquisition, crusades, and various witch-hunts and pogroms. Thereby, it should be no surprise that torture, terror, "witch-hunts," race baiting, pogroms, other "dark age" ignorance, and traditional evils accompanied the War on Terror.

Now that the Vatican and cohorts greatly fear what I have recently revealed, as well as what comes next, we can see the planet plunged into a series manufactured crises, from Russia's well-timed moves in Crimea, a Malaysian (a Muslim country) jetliner disappearance, North Korea's multiple missile launches, plus a non-stop string of bizarre news. Both before and after, African countries have been bedeviled by wars and repeated instances of genocide. As always, Christians have been completely duped into participating in a crusade against Muslims, among all the other insanity that has characterized the recent years and centuries prior. Likewise, Muslims have been duped and manipulated into acting as proxies and scapegoats and serving as the sources of fear required to drive Christians and Jews to support the grand deceptions of recent years.

We can now view both the past 13 years and the previous 20 centuries in the bright light of hindsight. It is now easy to see how money, religion, and politics have been used as the primary tools to manipulate everyone. This is how Christian Rome behaved for two millennia and now when faced with the specter of the long promised exposure of their lies, as promised by the Hebrew prophets and prophecies (apocalypse…), they have plunged the planet into widespread fear and chaos, yet again. Divide and conquer using religion has kept most people too distracted to understand the extreme lengths the Vatican and cohorts have gone in recent years to defeat my efforts to prove the truth about them.

Likewise, the ruthless expansion of Christianity and Christian nations in recent centuries and the endless cycles of wars, pogroms, terror, and chaos that always accompanies them have been meticulously orchestrated as part of Rome's long term plan. Their centuries long hidden agenda has been to secretly gain control of the entire planet in the hope of defeating the returning Hebrew Moshiah (and their own Creator...), early in the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar, hence during the years following 2001. The start of the so-called War on Terror, via the 9/11/2001 attacks in the USA, was no mere coincidence of history. It is also easily demonstrated that the Vatican and cohorts purposely used Muslims as proxies and scapegoats to initiate a thinly veiled modern Crusade against Islam.  Further, the heavy use of date and numeric symbolism in the timing and framing of those attacks, as well as numerous other attacks and violent events, has left the Vatican's and cohorts fingerprints throughout a long pattern of terrorism and other bizarre and violent events of the past 13 years.

Another thing I wrote eight years ago was, "Embrace great fiery chains to dry up the foul and costly waters, while singing sharply the harps of Her seven pillars and giving voice to the Roaring Jubilant Shofar!" The arrogance of the Vatican and cohorts and their heavy reliance on "symbology as magic" has left a long chain of evidence in recent years which proves they have been the hidden hand behind both the War on Terror and behind many of the terror events. In other words, they have been manipulating all sides against one another. In hindsight, it is also easy to see who was involved in helping them to push and profit from these deceptions, and there is plenty of blame to spread around.

It should be obvious that the Vatican and cohorts trust in "dark magic" and other deceptive methods of manipulating people far more than the assertions of the religion(s) they have used as a smokescreen and cash cow for most of the past two millennia. While telling their followers no one could know the date, they have known the general time frame, as have others, for centuries. It should be obvious that Christians and Muslims have all been purposely deceived to look for different false messiahs and to believe in false prophets and false prophecies. In this way (and many others) they could be misled into fearing and fighting one another. That is a vital purpose of these religions, which were both created by agents of Rome. They have long feared the outcome of the prophecies that promise their downfall, after the truth about them is revealed, during the early years of the 17th cycle, New age, and New Millennium. They have gone to amazing lengths to defeat my efforts by distracting the world with a non-stop barrage of fear and chaos.

Another reason to twist prophecies as they have over the centuries and still regularly do is to dupe followers while simultaneously discrediting the whole concept in the eyes of most others. The end result has been a thick fog (smoke and mirrors) designed to misdirect and muddy the waters to confound the truth Rome has long feared. Now that I have published the keys to understanding these ancient texts, and redundantly demonstrated that I am the long expected prophet and Moshiah (Hebrew Messiah), they have gone to bizarre lengths to force most people to focus elsewhere.

The followers of all three Faiths of Abraham have been deceived, oppressed, and manipulated in myriad ways for centuries into following various paths of error. Because of the focus on wisdom throughout the Hebrew canon, the followers of Judaism are the least deceived of the three, and that is why they have been regularly targeted by Rome. Likewise, the prophecies are clear that Jews, Israel, and the details long encoded throughout the Hebrew canon and related texts will be directly involved in Christian Rome's downfall and the forging of a better world. They also fear proof of the Hebrew Moshiah because that is also proof they have been knowingly lying about everything for the past two millennia, including everything about the existence of "Jesus." Now the world can finally begin to understand the lengths they and cohorts have gone in recent years to keep both me and the truth hidden from most. It should be beyond obvious that our civilization will never evolve beyond the sad and sordid state of current affairs, while the Vatican is still allowed to exist.
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