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About the Front Cover

The ancient sages and prophets used an advanced symbolic code to embed stunning proof of religious lies throughout their symbolic narratives. On the front cover of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols are three images taken from the Vaticinia Nostradamus manuscript, most recently popularized as the Lost Book of Nostradamus on the History Channel and Web.
Some of these images were published, and very poorly interpreted, in Nostradamus – The Lost Manuscript, by Ottavio Cesare Ramotti. The images I use come from the extensive collection found on my website as part of the extensive analysis of the Vaticinia Nostradamus manuscript and the earlier members of this genre. The complete manuscript of original images still has not been made available by the library in Rome that keeps them hidden from widespread access. It is an understatement to say that this situation is highly suspicious. I am demystifying the symbology used as comprehensive evidence of the true meaning and purpose of this entire genre, per Title 17 of the US copyright code. These images and the symbology they use embody stunning proof of Christian Rome’s deception during a pivotal period in European history.

These images are members of a centuries-old genre of unique and mysterious illustrations, also called pope prophecies and illuminated vaticinia (illustrated prophecies). A specific set of about 30 images began making the rounds in medieval Europe during the 12th century (1100’s). Numerous renditions were done over the subsequent four to five centuries. Nostradamus and son produced a unique and important manuscript that included versions of the standard set of 30+ symbolic images, plus an additional 50 or so. Nostradamus’ expertise, knowledge, and prophetic success make his manuscript and versions of these images of great interest, regardless of what one thinks of his other works. Very few other souls had his grasp and proven expertise with ancient wisdom and symbology or his ability to produce accurate prognostications and admonitions.

The purpose for using these specific images is because the symbolism they incorporate was purposely designed to help prove the truth about pivotal allusions within Revelation, related Hebrew narratives, and the Egyptian symbology they flow from. In fact, all three images represent multiple references to pivotal themes from the Book of Revelation, Nostradamus’ quatrains, and elsewhere. Like the prophets and sages that came before him, Nostradamus was an expert symbologist and purposefully encoded stunning proof of the truth, for those of the future.

These images are significant for various reasons. First, the numbers 11 and 17 are encoded in the Hebrew canon and elsewhere to refer to the 11th to 17th 360-year cycles on the Hebrew calendar, among other more profound details. The 11th 360-year cycle was the end of the Second Temple Period and the 17th cycle began in 2001/5761, hence a new millennium, cycle, and age. For that reason, I’ve included images 11 and 17, as well as image 18, which has 17 stars to symbolize events during the early years of the 17th cycle. The symbolism of stars and angels, as alluded to in image 17, is a hidden code that was embedded in numerous ancient texts and concepts as one of several stunning proofs by the ancient sages and prophets, that these religions have always been blatant lies.

Even more important though is the fact that they are lies built upon earlier symbolic narratives that purposely and expertly encoded spiritual wisdom, profound science, and a hidden story line preserved for a far future generation of humanity. That time, as I prove herein, is the beginning of the 17th cycle on the Hebrew calendar (5761/2001 and immediately afterwards), which closely coincides with the upcoming date of 12/21/2012. Another term associated with this time is apocalypse, which has been greatly misrepresented as referring to physical disaster. In actuality, it means the revealing of hidden knowledge that causes great societal and conceptual upheavals, hence the Book of Revelation and it’s symbolism of earthquakes. Religious leaders have long duped people into fearing the events that would eventually free everyone from the ignorance and great deceptions long imposed through religion.

In this book and others in this series, I prove many things about the symbolic texts of the Hebrew canon that completely destroy the veracity of all three so-called Faiths of Abraham. That is also what image 17 symbolizes, with the sharp two-edged sword (truth and justice and the wisdom of dualism) aimed at the throat (source of words) of Judeo-Christian Rome. It symbolizes a grievous attack on the veracity of these religions, and uses the following two verses as sources of its symbolism. Notice that 1+16 and 10+7 both sum to 17, to match the 17th cycle, which is what image 17 and the 17 stars of image 18 are numbered to match. Also notice that 18 is the sum of 6+6+6.

Revelation 1:16
And he had within his right hand, seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shining within his strength.

Revelation 10:7
But within the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as She has declared to Her servants the prophets.

As mentioned above, these two verses also focus on stars, angels, and the numbers seven and seventeen. As I’ll demonstrate throughout this book, the meaning and purpose of these numbers and their association with star and angel symbolism delivers absolutely profound revelations and associated wisdom. The ancient sages and prophets hid vital secrets from religious leaders throughout the previous several millennia. When these decoded details are compared to the history, words, and deeds of these religions and their leaders, they finally prove the truth about many long-hidden things.

These religions have always purposely imposed ignorance based on the deceptive recasting of earlier symbolic concepts and narratives; that also expertly encoded the keys to ancient wisdom as redundant proofs of the truth. Arrogant religious leaders, while hypocritically lecturing others about morality, have long overlooked that the ancient sages and prophets were painfully aware of their then-current and future misdeeds and deceptions, and patiently and expertly prepared for them.

The above two verses are also the source of this book’s title, as well as my pen name and web moniker. The statement within verse 10:7 that “the mystery of God should be finished” is the obvious source of this book’s title. Verse 1:16, on the other hand, is the source of Seven Star Hand. As I will demonstrate, stars and angels are interchangeable symbols for specific cycles of time, so the content and focus of these two verses are directly related, once you can read the symbology. Proof of this and what has always been hidden within these ancient texts is absolutely devastating to many pivotal religious assertions. The ancient prophets and sages opposed religion and patiently built up a body of stunning and comprehensive proof, encoded by the symbology within their narratives and elsewhere.

Another more obscure reference encoded within this cover design is the direct allusion to the symbolism of the unfinished pyramid on the Great Seal of the USA. The three images are purposely arranged as a flat-topped pyramid, lacking a capstone like the pyramid on the Great Seal. Instead of a shining eye within a triangle though, an Egyptian winged sun is above and to the right of the unfinished pyramid. This and similar symbolism has longed been associated with the so-called ancient mysteries and this book’s title also clearly refers to solving the ancient mysteries.

The other important feature within the selected images and winged sun is the topic of stars and angels. The hand reaching down from within a five-star-cloud is a purposeful merger of these two vital time-related symbols. As with the pyramid, clouds and stars appear on the front of the Great Seal above the eagle’s head, in a very Egyptian-like display. Even more intriguing are the 17 stars within image 18. Nine of the stars are encircled by the dragon’s tale in a purposeful approximation of the 13 stars surrounded by clouds on the front of the Great Seal of the USA. It is no coincidence that there are nine stars used here, because there were exactly nine Freemasons that signed the Declaration of Independence. The symbols of the USA came into being through the cooperation and efforts of those early Freemasons, deists, and others of like mindset.

Another important detail is the dragon, another pivotal symbol from Revelation that has clearly been “cast into the lake of burning fire.” To understand a little more about this symbolism, beasts symbolize empires and a dragon is a mythical-mystical beast, hence a religious empire. Throughout most of the history of Judeo-Christian Rome the symbolism of the seven-headed dragons has been correctly understood as an obvious reference to Rome’s seven hills, among other meanings. The dragon’s ten horns symbolize the Ten Commandments, redundantly pointing to Judeo-Christian Rome. In the recent centuries, Rome’s empire has morphed into the even more secretive and mysterious Vatican and its hidden global networks and shadowy manipulations. Thereby, the Vatican’s global empire is to be cast into the “lake of fire,” as this image’s symbolism predicts. Notice how current events are now leading to this?

The last aspect I’ll mention here is the other symbolic meaning of the dragon’s tail encircling the nine stars. Tails symbolize followers and adherents, hence those that follow the lead of the symbolized head (mindset) and body (knowledge, corpus). Thereby, the dragon’s tail symbolizes the followers of Judeo-Christianity and they are shown encircling (entrapping, controlling) both the USA and the founding Freemasons (and their symbolism), as alluded to by the nine stars.

The nine stars also symbolize the 9th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar, which was the period of ancient Israel’s captivity within ancient Babylonia. This was an important time and locale because of the many changes made to the Hebrew texts during this period. The dragon symbolism is based directly on the Great Red Dragon of Babylon, as redundantly reinforced by the tale of Bel and the Dragon, the history and archeology of Babylon, and its long-term close ties to Israel. This thereby shows the “dragon” controlling what came out of Babylon, hence a mixture of the earlier symbolic texts and the later Babylonian inspired interpolations, which include Christianity and Islam.

If you haven’t noticed yet, the cloud with the hand extending from it in image 17 has five stars instead of seven or 17, hence a “five-star hand.” These five stars symbolize the fifth 360-year cycle, starting with the 11th, hence the 15th cycle (11-15) on the Hebrew calendar. This was the time of Nostradamus, Galileo, Copernicus, the Inquisition, etc. It was also the time of the truly secret societies that opposed Rome’s strictures and oppressions and influenced the later focus of Freemasonry and related “mystery schools.” These images were part of a genre passed around secretive circles that the Church labeled heretical because those people were striving to understand the truth. Ancient symbology was the pivotal key to exposing Rome’s long-term lies, which is why it has long been the focus of those exploring the so-called mysteries and related esoterica.

These images most likely originated from St. Malachy, the author of the better-known symbolic listing of future Popes. On that list, the current Pope Benedict XVI is number 111, hence the last Pope. He was also the “grand inquisitor” before being selected. Notice the three candles behind the knight (templar...) and how they match the image of the number 111.

They are also a direct and purposeful allusion to the three candles lit in Masonic meetings, which as you can see are clearly evident in this mid-16th century illustrated vaticinia by Nostradamus and son. Image 17 symbolizes that wisdom associated with the stars, angels, and the fifth cycle (5 stars) of Revelation (fifteenth cycle of the Hebrew calendar) will help to pierce the veracity of the Vatican and religion during the 17th cycle, hence now. It also illustrates that knowledge and deeds from the fifteenth cycle will reach forward to help defeat religious lies, during the beginning of the 17th cycle, a.k.a. when the seventh angel begins to sound.

When you finish this book, you will understand proof of the truth about deeply profound things that have been hidden and purposefully confounded, for a very long time. Now compare the following Nostradamus quatrain with Revelation verse 1:16 shown earlier and image 17 on the front cover to better grasp what I have just explained.

Quatrain 10.65
O Vast Rome, your ruin has arrived 

Not of walls, but lifeblood and substance: (money, religion, & politics)

The one of rough letters (surprise !!!) cuts so terrible a notch,

Pointed steel thrust all the way to the hilt (sharp two-edged sword issuing from my mouth...)

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