Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Apocalypse Now Unfolds - Introduction and Overview

The long-misused term "apocalypse" actually refers to the revealing of long-hidden secrets and the solving of ancient mysteries, which consequently causes the rapid collapse of traditional dogma, assumptions, and by logical extension, any wealth and power long associated with them.

One of the important details of ancient prophecies is that the Vatican would cease to be after its deceptions are widely exposed. The ramifications of currently unfolding events will shake the Vatican to its core and lead directly to its long-predicted and now rapidly approaching demise.

The game has just changed and world leaders are already reacting to proof that the "apocalypse" is actually now in progress.

This article is the introduction to a series of articles that will demonstrate proof of what the long promised "apocalypse" was designed to reveal and about whom and why. Read the following press release; Fearing Apocalypse Unsealed by Seven Star Hand, Vatican Launches PR Offensive. Here is a list of the recent press releases to read before the next article in the series is published.

The Vatican's demise is imminent and they know that is what numerous prophecies have predicted. They have also known the general time frame for a very long time. St. Malachy's listing of Popes also points to Pope Benedict, number 111 on the list, as the final Pope (NOTE: There are now two living Popes and the game is still afoot...). Vatican means City of Prophecy and they have spent many centuries fearing and prepping for the time that is now unfolding. One of their purposes has been to cast such a wide web of deceit that the long-awaited "Messiah" would be attacked and defeated by those who have been deceived through money, religion, and/or politics.

For most of the last decade, I have been deeply involved in researching and reverse-engineering the symbology evidenced throughout the Hebrew canon and derivatives, which is easily shown to have come from ancient Egypt and before. I have now published "a stake through the heart" of all three so-called Faiths of Abraham by proving that this ancient wisdom symbology was based on science and natural observations that decisively prove its true meanings and purposes. Unfortunately for religious leaders, this completely exposes pivotal ancient lies.

Because of this, the Vatican is very desperate to prevent the world from paying attention to what I have revealed. Just as the prophecies encode, the Vatican has used deception to cause great chaos, both as a smoke screen and in the hopes of being able to defeat me. The War on Terror is a creation of the Vatican and its rich and powerful cohorts. Many have been deceived as to the source and purpose of the terrorism of recent years and the rush to send troops to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

In addition to proving that the Vatican and Christian Rome have always knowingly lied about the source and meaning of the texts of the New Testament, I will also prove that they are the secret puppeteers behind the 9/11 attacks on the USA. In addition to the proof I deliver about the true meaning and purpose of the symbology within these ancient texts and related concepts, I also focused on the links between the Bush administration and the Vatican. The following article from 2007 (with updated links) demonstrates a very key point that shows 9/11 and the Iraq War were planned in Rome.

The Pivotal Import of Yellow Cake, False Flags, & "Big Time" Evil

I will go much further than this in subsequent articles and also demonstrate that they and cohorts are the only ones with the motive. Furthermore, the timing is perfectly staged for someone who had the knowledge of the general time encoded by the prophecies.

All the evidence points to the fact that the Vatican and cohorts purposely used Muslims as scapegoats in the efforts to cause great chaos and somehow prevent my success. They also hoped to scapegoat Freemasons or others with the obvious symbolism, but for some reason failed to follow through. The Vatican is desperately afraid of the prophecies of their demise at the hands of an indignant humanity. They know this happens soon after what I reveal becomes widely understood. The great irony is, that while trying to prevent their predicted demise, they have instead guaranteed it.

Here is Wisdom !!!