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The City of False Prophecy and Dark Magic

Comet LoveJoy - by Michael Jäger
Dec. 24, 2013- Jauerling Austria
This is a followup to the previous article on this blog titled, Ancient Symbology Illuminates Why Comet PanStarrs in Pisces Terrifies Vatican.  If you haven't read it yet, do so before reading this or the references won't make as much sense.

Part One
Dark Magic Eclipses Popes' Faith in Jesus

I am continuing the discussion began during March of last year after a planned pause in my articles, to allow more evidence to accumulate of the Vatican's use of "symbology as magic" in their ongoing struggle to defeat the outcome of the ancient prophecies. I paused between PanStarrs in the spring and the flurry of comets of fall-winter-2013 and 2014 to allow Pope Francis and others to further convict themselves and dig their holes ever deeper. I did remain active on Facebook during that entire period though, to continue the running commentary with time-stamped posts and comments. As I made clear in recent years, I am wrapping up a several millennia long sting operation against religious deceptions. One of my most important tools has been patience since it takes most people much longer to see the patterns I have been predicting and demonstrating. Thereby, I patiently waited, watched, and prepped until later so the events of 2013 would provide the evidence required to finally open the eyes of the blind, in 2014.

In the earlier article, I showed how the Vatican planned the Papal transition from Pope Benedict to Francis so it fell on symbolically significant days during mid-March (10th to 19th) of 2013. This was followed immediately by the Spring Equinox on the 20th. The Papal transition was accompanied by a truly impressive PR blitz with all the corporate media going out of their way to help. This was also during the passage of the comet PanStarrs (C/2011 L4) through the constellation Pisces (the fish). The precise timing of the Papal transition and accompanying activities and their clear use of "symbology as magic" during the stretch of symbolic days during a comet's passing was more evidence that they have always lied about who they are and what they do. But there was far more to their plan than was obvious earlier in the year that would only become obvious to everyone else, near year's end. So I paused and patiently let events progress so those paying attention would have proof of the truth when the Vatican repeated the same behavior before year's end. 2013 would thereby give us redundant (doubled…) proof of their lies and expose the true reasons for Pope Benedict's and Francis' actions.

2103 was a pivotal and very symbolic year, with the addition of several comets making headlines and appearances (apparitions). After PanStarrs, ISON grabbed most of the attention thanks to media hype about the "comet of the century," before it broke up at perihelion in late November (Thanksgiving Day). Luckily, there were several others in the vicinity, with the best being Comet LoveJoy. As I have mentioned before, the prophecies of Nostradamus, Revelation, and others have led to the expectations that the Vatican will meet its predicted end in close association with the passing of one or more comets. They have also spent the past many centuries preparing for this specific time, during the early years of the 17th cycle, new millennium, and new zodiac age, when the prophecies predicted their widespread exposure and subsequent rapid demise.

Now that we are also at the final Pope in St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes, and during a year with multiple comets, the Vatican and "Church" are desperately trying to change the outcome of the prophecies they have long lied about and misused to exploit others. Rather than actually being and doing good to change their future, they have instead put their faith and efforts towards a PR offensive and other actions. Trying to control their luck (karma, consequences) by using what they view as magic designed to give them good fortune, regardless of the nature of their deeds, is a core aspect of how they operate. This should also provide more insights into the sources of their arrogance across the centuries.

Planning important actions based on date and number symbology or numerology, while constantly struggling to hide the truth about ancient symbology from others, is a vital aspect of their mystical methodology. While urging others to have faith in Jesus and the Church, they instead put their trust in deception, "dark magic," money, and the constant manipulation of national and international affairs through numerous methods. Similarly, we have all heard the assertions about how "God" is behind the selection of Popes and that no one knows who'll be chosen before the vote. While the vote outcome might have actually been in doubt to some of them, the details described herein certainly say otherwise. Thanks to Benedict's rare retirement, followed in March by the well-timed Papal transition and subsequent over-the-top PR blitz, we now have proof that they have been lying about this as well.

Their heavy reliance on the "mystic arts" is one of the reasons that Rome's mystical-mythical empire has been symbolized as both a seven headed dragon and Mystery Babylon. Beasts symbolize empires and dragons are mythical and mystical beasts. The gates of ancient Babylon were adorned with a dragon because it (Tiamat) was central to their state religion. Babylon was also well-known for their mysticism, magic, astrology, numerology, and great wealth (gold). Thereby "Mystery Babylon" has been used as a symbol for Christian Rome, now the Vatican/Papacy, which hides its true nature behind a religion they clearly don't believe in themselves. These articles prove the accuracy of this ancient prophetic description and why its symbolism was applied to them. You now have insights into their long-term planning and use of techniques that prove they have no faith in Jesus or God, much less the Bible or the religion of Christianity, which they have long used to exploit and oppress others.

During December 2013, very similar symbolic conditions to those in March were repeated, with some notable added focal points. That period was then also followed by the winter solstice, Christmas, and the New Year 2014. From the 10th to the 19th, each day's numeric value matched the symbolic value acquired from adding the date's digits. Thereby, each day's literal value was doubled, because its symbolic value was the same as the literal. So, on the 10th, the sum of the digits for 12/10/2013 (1+2+1+0+2+0+1+3) also equaled 10. For each subsequent day through the 19th the same math applied. This can be called a strong signal in the noise. December 13th during this very same period was also the second and last Friday the 13th during 2013. This is doubly significant since Pope Francis was selected on March 13th, 2013 so the importance of the number 13 in their planning is quite obvious. It is also well-known that they fear the number 13, in part because of what they did to the Templars on Friday 13th and they are still expecting payback.

On the 9th, the day prior to each symbolic period in March and December, the digits of the date summed to 18, double the value of 9. 18 is also the product of 6+6+6 and 666 is an important symbol in Revelation that points directly at the Vatican and Papacy. On the 20th, the day following this stretch of days, the digits of the date summed to 11, which symbolizes two candlesticks and two pillars, hence truth and justice and the wisdom of dualism. It is also a direct allusion to my oft-used instruction from Revelation, hence, double unto them double. Notice it is from chapter 18. The details of the verse that presents us with the symbol 666 is chapter 13 and verse 18 and its digits also sum to 13.

Revelation 13:18 
Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.

Revelation 17:18 
And the woman which you saw is that great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth.

Revelation 18:6 
Reward her (Christian Rome) even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she has filled fill to her double.

Notice also that the numbers 11 and 18 match the first and last plates of the Vaticinia Nostradamus on the front cover of my book, Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols. Also, pay close attention that Pope Francis and the Vatican went to great lengths to use these two symbolic time periods during 2013 and there was a comet overhead during both. See how this matches the symbolism on my book cover?

This is vitally important because it is a prophetic marker pointing to this time and to this very specific set of circumstances. Next, notice that the third image plate on my book cover, sitting atop those two, is number 17. It shows a soldier (a Templar…) taking aim at the source of words of the Vatican/Papacy (symbolized by a Pope), with the help of stars and an "angel" which help guide his sword and hands. Now that I've patiently set the stage for you, it should be easier to grasp the nature of the Vatican's long term deceptions and see that Pope Francis was selected at a special time and for reasons that prove they have been lying all along, and still are. Similarly, the hoopla surrounding this Pope is a blatant deception designed to change the outcome of the Hebrew prophecies that predict the exposure and defeat of their long-term deceptions.

During the most recent period in question, we saw the Pope, Vatican, and their cohorts in the corporate media put on a truly impressive PR blitz, just as they did during March. In addition to the details already described, the other important fact is this Pope's 77th birthday was on the 17th of December, near the end of that very important symbolic stretch of days. Also, notice that the start of year 2014 followed shortly thereafter. The year 2014 is also very symbolic for various reasons. 14 is the sum of 7+7 and the sum of the digits of 2014 is also 7. Likewise, 14 divided by 2 equals 7. As you can see, the symbolism of the Pope's birthday and his resulting age during 2014 were very important factors in how the Vatican planned and framed its actions on the world stage.

Pay close attention that the press release for the earlier article was first posted on March 17th, which was then posted to the blog on the 18th. The number 17 is vitally important to both symbology and prophecy because the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar is the time for the culmination of the ancient prophecies that the Vatican greatly fears and is struggling to defeat. Within Revelation, the 17th cycle is symbolized as the seventh star, angel, and seal and is likewise the focus of the prophecy encoded within the Great Seal of the USA. Furthermore, the Great Seal shows a 13-level unfinished pyramid. A shining capstone hovers above and is not yet connected. When it is set in place, it becomes the 14th level. Now notice that we have just passed from year 13 to 14 during the 17th 360-year cycle and new millennium, which is redundantly encoded in the Great Seal, and in the Hebrew prophecies going back to Moses and Genesis.

It is beyond obvious that the Vatican fully understands this because of their intense focus on using "symbology as magic" while actively hiding the truth about ancient symbology and the wisdom it encodes, from everyone else. Their fear of the ancient prophecies is directly related to the symbology used to encode the truth throughout those prophecies. Their choice for the new Pope last year is solid proof of this. If you refer back to the earlier article you'll notice that Pope Benedict announced his retirement on Feb 11th 2013, but said that he decided it on December, 17, 2012. In addition to those dates containing 11 and 17, we can now see that December 17th was Pope Francis' birthday, so Benedict was giving the nod to him before the announcement and before the Papal selection. It also shows how important date and number symbolism is to them and the great lengths they go to track it and to use it in their most important actions. It should thereby be obvious that they are trying to wrap themselves and their actions in symbolism so it helps them succeed at the manipulation of multitudes of people, believers and unbelievers alike.

It is well known how important the number 13 is symbolically and to those who view it as magically significant. Notice also that Pope Francis was 76 years old when elected on March 13th, 2013, and 7+6 equals 13. Also, March 13th was during the symbolic period, so the digits of 3/13/2013 sum to 13. Furthermore, it was during comet PanStarrs' passing through the Constellation Pisces the Fish. Thereby, it is beyond obvious his choice was no coincidence and neither were the days he was announced and selected. Nor was it merely because Pope Benedict was exhausted and wanted to retire. It should also be obvious that the vote was merely a public charade to hide their true objective of putting forth a fresh new and more active frontman who was chosen based on what the "mystical arts" dictated, while trying to defeat the prophecies of their impending doom. It is also apparent from this that they always rely on what they view as magic to strengthen efforts to manipulate multitudes of people worldwide using mass illusion and delusion.

The other thing it demonstrates is they chose Pope Francis for the date and number symbolism, astrology, and other details associated with him during the years 2013 and 2014. This is when they most feared the prophecies of impending doom, after their lies were exposed. This took significant planning and foresight, which means they spend a great amount of time using astrology, numerology, and date symbolism to plan their future actions on the world stage. You can also now see that Pope Francis and the Vatican put on their most intensive PR "full court presses" during those symbolic periods, as well as orchestrating numerous other hidden activities. They also simply could not have pulled it off without a fawning and complicit corporate media and other rich and powerful allies. They actually named Pope Francis the best dressed man, among other accolades that were piled on when they thought they would be most successful, based on mystical calculations.

As you can see, the use of "symbology as magic" is central to how they operate and is one of their secret weapons, which they clearly think helps them control future outcomes. I, many others, and the evidence of history have shown the great lengths they have gone to hide and misdirect the true meaning of Hebrew, Egyptian, and other ancient wisdom and symbology across the past two millennia. Likewise, they went to extreme lengths across many centuries to oppress and exterminate people and entire groups that had some insights into the truth about the symbology in the Bible and elsewhere.

In addition to hiding the truth about ancient symbology because it encodes proof the New Testament is a blatant lie, Christian Rome, now the Vatican, spent centuries seeking and extracting information through Inquisition, torture, and more. These long term efforts were designed to improve their ability to deceive larger numbers of people and thereby manipulate reality to their benefit. As you should be able to see now, a pivotal reason for all their efforts throughout the centuries was to gain the knowledge they hoped could change the outcome of the prophecies they have long lied about to exploit people across the centuries. All of their calls for faith in Jesus, the New Testament, and the "Church" are merely part of the great deceptions used to strengthen the illusions they weave in their efforts to defeat truth and justice. In other words, they fear the light (truth) and serve darkness (ignorance, deception, delusion, etc.).

Now you have more insights into how the Vatican, Papacy, and "Church" use the esoteric knowledge they brutally extracted over the past centuries. Rather than telling the truth and being good, they have instead relied heavily on "dark magic," astrology, numerology, and other techniques to deceive, and "weave spells and illusions" designed to mislead and delude people on a mass scale. They aren't merely accomplished liars and smooth talkers, the Vatican meticulously plans and reinforces their actions with techniques that prove they have no faith in "Jesus" or "God", but have instead put their trust elsewhere, while simultaneously demanding faith and obedience from their followers. So, as you can see, Pope Francis has been knowingly running a well-constructed scam, which they have reinforced using what they clearly view as magic. As you should also grasp, they are very good at it and it is so important to them that they have committed great evils across the centuries to gather this knowledge and to keep it secret from most. As I'll explore later, they also purposely cause great evil throughout our world, which they reinforce using the very same "symbology as magic" as I have exposed herein. This helps prove the truth about them across the entire past two millennia, as well as right now.

Part Two
The City of False Prophecy

As stated earlier and elsewhere; "Most people don't know that Vatican means City of Prophecy and all the important prophets and prophecies predicted that the Vatican (Christian Rome) would meet a sudden end after their ancient secrets were revealed during a period of global unrest and controversy."

Prophecy of the Popes - Final Pope
Peter the Roman (Petrus Romanus), who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the Terrible Judge will judge his people. The End.

Revelation 13:18 
Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six.

Quatrain 10.65
O Vast Rome, your ruin has arrived !!!
Not of walls, but lifeblood and substance: (money, religion, politics)
The one of rough letters (surprise !!!) cuts so terrible a notch,
Pointed steel thrust all the way to the hilt (the sharp two-edged sword issuing from my mouth...)

Quatrain 10.78
Sudden joy transformed into sudden sadness
Engulfing Rome for the vanities embraced
Grief, cries, tears, weeping, blood, excellent jubilation
Diverse groups shocked when cast together

Before continuing, I'll let you look at the following section of Revelation which talks very specifically about the religion (woman) that is also a great city, hence Christian Rome, now the Vatican. As described elsewhere, the timeline represented within Revelation stretches from the 11th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar until the early years of the 17th cycle, which is now. Unlike most Christian prophecy assertions and interpretations, the events symbolized do not merely occur in seven literal years, but stretch from the 11th to 17th 360-year cycles, which are also symbolized as years. A day on the other hand symbolizes a literal year. Thereby, the beast, dragon, woman, mystery Babylon, Great City, 666, and other symbols all point to an empire (beast) steeped in mystery and myth (dragon, Mystery Babylon) and religion (woman, harlot) that came into existence during the 11th cycle (Second Temple Period) and persisted through until the 17th. Likewise, Rome is the only city that was in existence during the entire period and matches all the clues.

This is merely one small section that points to them and to no one else, though they have successfully misdirected most people from understanding this.

Revelation 17:18 
And the woman which you saw is that great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth. 
Revelation 18:1 
And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.
Revelation 18:2 (reconstructed) 
And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the den of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.
Revelation 18:3 (reconstructed) 
For all nations have drunk of the wine of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication within her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.
Revelation 18:4 
And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.
Revelation 18:5 
For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. 
Revelation 18:6 
Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: within the cup that she has filled, fill to her double. 
Revelation 18:7 
How much she has glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she said within her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.
Revelation 18:8 (reconstructed) 
Therefore shall her plagues come within one day and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord who judges her.

As you can see from this small sampling from pivotal prophecies, Christian Rome's now global empire (beast, dragon) is a focal point of the primary prophets, as are the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle, which is now. Likewise, Pope Francis is the last Pope on the listing of St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes, and his reign will be short and see the end of the Vatican and "Church" when their lies are revealed. It is beyond obvious they understand the details of the prophecies and the predicted timing better than anyone else, besides me. Thereby, it is beyond denial that they are using deception, dark magic, and other tools to defeat the prophecies, which even they claim are the "word[s] of God" among other assertions. As we have seen throughout the centuries, Christian Rome has gone to great lengths hiding the truth while propagating blatant lies about symbology, prophecy, and what actually occurred two millennia ago.

They are actively struggling to defeat the outcome of the prophecies, the return of the "Messiah," and are thereby trying to defeat their own Creator. Consequently, the Vatican is better understood as the City of False Prophecy because that is what they created with the New Testament and its false messiah who they claim as a prophet. They have pushed blatant deceptions for two millennia as part of the long term plan to defeat what all the true Hebrew prophecies actually predict. As I have demonstrated in recent years, they fully understand the truth and are instead desperately working against its exposure. It is a simple matter to look into the prophecies to see why they fear them. The symbols beast (empire), dragon (mythical, mystical beast), and false prophet all refer directly to Christian Rome. This is more insight into why they have gone to such great lengths to bury evidence of the truth throughout the past many centuries and continue doing so, right now.

Revelation 16:13 
And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

Revelation 16:14 (reconstructed) 
For they are foul spirits, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty

Revelation 19:20 (reconstructed) 
And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

Revelation 20:10 (reconstructed) 
And the dragon was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented forever and ever.

The lake of fire is not literal, like most of this symbolic material. Water symbolizes the flow of deeds through time and a lake is a large body of water. The still waters represent a short time period, among other details. Fire consists of light and heat so in this context fire symbolizes intense truth and justice, hence they'll face the light and heat. Fire is also one of the four elements and in that context it symbolizes desire. In its purest form thereby, fire represents the desire for truth and justice, which is also the correct ancient meaning for righteousness, ergo the Teacher of Righteousness who was the leader of the Sons of Light.

Similarly, a mark is a character, hence the character of the beast speaks to the moral nature of empires, which are all greedy, arrogant, deceptive, unjust, and thereby evil. But if you'll notice on the Doctrine of Two Spirits, greed is the first step on the path of evil, leading then to falsehood and ignorance. People, groups, organizations, corporations, and nations all face the same dilemma, brought into existence by the imposed requirement of money. That is, whether to participate in a blatantly fraudulent financial system or suffer and starve or live outside of society. So, the image they worship is that of money, which cultivates and imposes greed, arrogance, etc., (mark of the beast) as a way of life. It is no accident then that worshipping an image makes an obvious allusion to religion, since Rome has always mixed money and religion, since before Christianity in Imperial Rome to the present day.

As you should also see, money, wealth, and power have always been far more important to the Vatican and their royal and aristocratic cohorts than truth and justice for billions of others. All nations must worship the image of greed or they are unable to survive, but empires take greed and arrogance to extremes by consuming other nations and taking far more than their fair share, thus causing others to suffer. That is why empires are symbolized as beasts. It is also why Rome and others created a whole fantasy around an individual "antichrist" figure, to hide what beast, dragon, and related Hebrew symbols actually referred to, ergo Christian Rome and its mysterious empire.

It is also important to remember that Rome's founders were said to have been suckled by a she-wolf. Thereafter, Rome has been identified with the wolf and its ravenous nature throughout history simply reinforces the accuracy of the beast symbolism. Thereby, discussions and symbolic tales about wolves in sheep's clothing were codes pointing to the true nature of Christian Rome. The three little pigs and wolf and the story of Red Riding Hood with the wolf dressed as her grandmother are coded references to Rome.

Just as we see Pope Francis doing with great skill, the Vatican, Papacy, and Church go to great lengths to hide their true nature behind smoke and mirrors while wrapping themselves in the image of the "lamb." Hence, they are the "wolves in sheep's clothing" long predicted. While serving a ravenous beast, religious leaders wrap themselves in a sheen of sweetness and light, and then profit by helping to delude and exploit people on a massive scale. Notice how Pope Francis is running around clothed in white and trying to hide their crimes and lies behind a barrage of happy talk? The global child rape scandal merely serves as solid proof they are wolves in sheep's clothing. They know the New Testament is a lie and praying to Jesus is pointless. As you can now see, the Vatican and Church leaders have so little faith in Jesus or the stories in the Bible that they instead rely on money, dark magic, mass deception, and delusion. It should also become apparent they are lying about why they rape children in such large numbers, while pretending to serve "God." There have been rumors about child rape serving some sick and dark ritual purpose, and now you can at least see there is far more to the story than they have been telling us.


I'm wrapping this up here and will cover related topics in a followup article. A topic closely related to this discussion is the true motive behind many of the bizarre events of recent years. The so-called War on Terror began in 2001, just over 11 months into the 17th cycle, and months into the new millennium, and new age of Aquarius. The purposely symbolic timing of the attacks on 9/11/2001 (9+1+1=11 and 9+1+1+2+0+0+1=14) and the advanced and redundant symbology involved in planning and implementing them points the finger squarely at the Vatican and its cohorts, instead of Muslims who clearly were proxies and scapegoats used to engulf the world in a completely deceptive conflict. Many other attacks and events since 2001 have also been on symbolic days and times and including other symbolic details. Now that you can prove how the Vatican always uses "symbology as magic" to support its actions, read the following articles.

9/11 Symbolism Proves Osama Bin Laden Was Not The Mastermind

Publication of Knights Templar Secrets Causes Panic in Hidden Circles

Here is the third article in the series, Third time is the Charm.

Also, if you haven't read it yet, please read the following to truly understand that the New Testament is a blatant deception and they have always known it and long struggled to enforce it, while protecting its lies. It is another long article with several references but it is worth your time and effort if you value the truth and want to help create a better world, sooner than later.

Grasping the Light from Treasures in Earthen Vessels

Peace and Wisdom...