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Shoot Down of Flight 17 on July 17th Another Hit Gone Terribly Wrong

This is another long article filled with discussions of symbolism and the Vatican's and cohorts' obsessive use of "dark magic" and related techniques, as explored earlier. Once again, I have patiently waited for the Vatican and cohorts to jump headlong into yet another preset trap. I do this so the world can finally wake up and see who has been behind this chaos and why. As I have repeatedly stated, "greed and arrogance make you stupid" and now you have more stunning proof of this axiom. This act was so blatant and arrogant that even world leaders who have been supporting the Vatican and its primary cohorts (or holding their noses while looking the other way...) have grown deeply disturbed and disgusted by this and other situations in recent years.

Now we have Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 being shot down on July 17th with an SA-11 missile. The digits of 7/17/2014 also summed to 22, hence 2x11. This also matches the symbolism of 11:11 and double unto them double. This violent newsworthy event was only the latest in a long series of such occurrences on redundantly symbolic days. You'll now find a lot of "conspiracy theories" about this event and the obvious date and numeric symbolism is a prime reason. Very few have any clue about the meaning and purpose of the symbolism I have been writing about in recent years. I have been patiently closing a trap set for the Vatican and cohorts throughout the centuries using the symbolic Hebrew prophecies and related knowledge and resources.

This bizarre event again followed yet another of my successful demonstrations of prophecy and symbology, that we'll explore later in this article in the section on motives. Like numerous other times in the past, the Vatican and cohorts have responded by orchestrating violent, desperate, and always newsworthy events to change the topic, misdirect from the symbolism I have recently used, and hide the fact that I am the long-awaited prophet and Hebrew Messiah (Moshiah), as they continue to harass me locally out of view of most others. These attacks are merely one layer of a wide-ranging and multi-faceted effort to prevent me from saving humanity and this planet from their blatant evil by preventing others from being aware of and paying attention to what I prove.

Pay close attention that they have been orchestrating serial mass killings of innocent people to cause widespread fear and distractions on a global scale. Ultimately, this is all to hide the truth about me (and by extension about them…), ancient symbology, and the symbolic Hebrew prophecies that predict the Vatican's imminent demise in the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. Furthermore, this prophecy is symbolically encoded within the Great Seal of the USA along with other stunning details designed to help end the Vatican's and cohorts' great power and blatant evil, during the early years of the 17th cycle.

The Great Seal goes a step further than earlier prophecies by encoding a specific year and key details of how and when their end will come about. That year is 2014, which is also the 14th year of the 17th 360-year cycle, which coincided with the start of the new millennium on the Christian calendar in 2001. Because of this the Vatican and cohorts are desperately trying to prevent the outcome of the Hebrew prophecies using a variety of bizarre and blatantly evil tactics. The USA has been purposely ensnared and targeted because of the star symbology and encoded prophecy within the Great Seal and elsewhere.

This attack was ultimately aimed against both me, the USA, and the truth about Hebrew history, prophecies, and the true identity of the long-awaited Hebrew Messiah (Moshiah, aka one like Moses…). I am living proof that most of what religious leaders, royalty, and others have claimed over the past two millennia about God, Allah, Jesus, and my pivotal lifetimes, are blatant lies. Now that I have proven my identity, the behavior towards me, my presence, and what I reveal is also proof they have always known they were lying and have long prepared to try to defeat the prophecies and the returning prophet.

The previous article on this blog was titled A Hit Gone Wrong and this is the planned followup. As repeatedly demonstrated, my reliance upon patient vigilance and informed foresight (prophecy, symbology, ancient wisdom, etc.) again delivers stunning results. My opponents and detractors no doubt laughed it up over the contents of the previous article and the fact that it was not followed up, before now. Now they and you can see why I waited and once again you can see my continued accuracy and success at preparing for and acting upon pivotal future events and situations.

In the previous article, as in others, I discussed the symbolism of the number 17 (also 11,14, and others) and why it was so important in the symbolic prophecies. Conversely, also why the Vatican and cohorts have been going to such bizarre lengths in their desperate efforts to defend against the truth about me, ancient symbology, and the Hebrew prophecies. In the prior articles I also prove how the Vatican uses symbology as "dark magic" and that these very same techniques were used to plan and execute the 9/11/2001 attacks on the USA and as many can already discern, the precise same techniques were used in the planning of the 7/17/2014 passenger jet disaster over Ukraine.

Previous and subsequent "violent newsworthy events" (shootings, terrorist attacks, wars, "false flag" provocations, etc.) have followed the same or very similar patterns and techniques, and have increased in pace since my August-September 2010 publication of Finishing the Mysteries of Gods and Symbols,  and the press releases, articles, videos, and Facebook activity that followed. The recent increases in fear, death, destruction, and chaos being spread throughout the global media are likewise the direct result of the Vatican's and cohorts' abject fears of what I write about and most especially in response to the ongoing successful demonstrations of my abilities and skills at prophecy and ancient wisdom. They also greatly fear my ability to quickly and precisely pierce their deceptions and then write about them, in books, on social media (mostly Facebook), blogs, and press releases. Because of this they have been mounting an ongoing program of harassment, spying, sympathetic magic, and more. So-called magic simply does not work against me but it is abundantly clear that the Vatican and cohorts are obsessed by and deeply involved in the use of what can only be described as "dark magic" and on a grand scale.

As with so many other similarly staged disasters, this passenger jet shoot-down was well-planned, well-placed, and well-timed. It was clearly designed to act as a provocation in the hopes of creating a wider conflict. Barring that, another great distraction and source of fear that further divides nations and people, and monopolizes news coverage, attention spans, etc. Such provocations are almost always on symbolic days with other symbolic elements, precisely as was done with the 9/11/2001 attacks on the USA and the Benghazi attack and "prophet video uproar" on the 11th anniversary of 9/11. These are also designed to serve as sympathetic magic on a mass scale and that is why the excess news coverage of such events is vital to their efforts.

Fear is also a vital element because they are targeting the collective consciousness and political discourse. Visceral fear from terror events and disasters are used to imprint messages more quickly and effectively than other methods. Everyone is aware that the Vatican and cohorts, most often associated the so-called New World Order crowd of elites, have a magical mindset and are obsessed with symbology. Very few people actually understand why it is so important to certain powerful people, much less the meaning and purpose of the symbolism. Even more important, most don't grasp the difference between the opposing factions, even if they realize there are opposing interpretations, uses, and purposes. Just like in the Star Wars universe, there are those on the dark side, the side of light, and most are in between, confused, and manipulated.

Shooting down flight 17 on the 17th was no mere coincidence or accident and the patterns I have been demonstrating leading up to this disaster point the finger elsewhere than Russians in Ukraine pretending to be homegrown separatists. It should be obvious that some group of people went to great lengths planning, setting up, and executing this violent event and the symbology involved was very important to them. As with many similar recent events, this one also purposely incorporated specific details from my recent video posts on Facebook, as I explore below.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was an American made Boeing 777, and 3x7 equals 21 and we are in the 21st century. Note also that both 7 and 17 are used interchangeably in Revelation (seven stars, angels, and seals in Revelation) and other prophecies based on the star symbolism, including within the Great Seal of the USA, to symbolize the beginning of the new age and 360-year cycle that coincided with the start of the 21st century on the Christian calendar. We are in the 17th 360-year cycle which is also the 7th cycle counting from the 11th (Second Temple period) forward, as symbolically encoded in Genesis, Revelation, by Nostradamus, the Great Seal of the USA, and elsewhere. The seven stars, angels, and seals of Revelation all point to the seven cycles from the 11th to 17th, thereby the 1st star and 11th cycle and the 7th star and 17th cycle are the same time periods.

Year 2014 also sums to 7 (2+0+1+4) and is the 14th year in the new millennium and 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. 14 is also 7+7 and 2 into 14 equals 7. A little more digging will turn up more symbolic elements and date synchronicities, such as the fact that MH17 was shot down precisely 17 years after its first flight on 7/17/1997. Also, this was the 18th anniversary of the Flight 800 disaster, a Boeing 747 that went down in the ocean off of Long Island New York after a midair explosion on 7/17/1996. As you can see, this confluence of coincidences which follows such a long and intense pattern of similar events in recent years is simply statistically impossible. Further, it is beyond obvious that the symbology is intensely important to the planners who clearly have no lack of reach or resources and this is how they have been using them. Just like the 9/11 attacks against the USA, this was clearly some sort of death ritual and sympathetic magic on a grand scale that is purposely targeted at the human collective consciousness and specific and pivotal numeric symbols like 11 and 17.

The symbolism and synchronicities extend beyond date and number symbolism and related events on the same day. The Malaysian flag looks very similar to the US flag, except the field of stars on blue on our flag is replaced with an Islamic crescent moon and a single star. The US flag has 13 alternating stripes while the Malaysian flag now has 14 stripes and its single star has 14 points. On a date with a pivotal symbolic value (7+1+7+2+0+1+4=22) of 22 (2x11), plus the numbers 7 and 17, this American made plane was shot down with a SA-11 (aka BUK) Russian made anti-aircraft missile. In addition, the Malaysian flag used to have 11 stripes with an 11-point star that was updated in 1963 to 14 stripes with 14 points on the star.

United States Flag

Illuminating the Motives

Following the dual hurricanes up the East Coast of the USA (Arthur and Bertha) dual storms have also just passed by Hawaii (Iselle and Julio). As I have been demonstrating with other bizarre events of this nature, the Flight 17 shoot down closely followed my use of symbolic videos and symbolic wisdom to present yet another undeniably successful prophecy demonstration on my Facebook page leading up to Hurricane Arthur on the 3-4th of July.

Following are the relevant links.
June 26th
June 29th
July 2nd
July 3rd
July 5th

As you can see by the above posts, leading up to and just after Hurricane Arthur, I set the stage prior to its existence and through its passage up the East Coast using a discussion about the four elements and a series of symbolic videos and links to related articles. In the past, that alone would have been enough for the Vatican and cohorts to respond by causing a violent newsworthy event utilizing details from my symbolic videos. That is precisely what happened with the Sandy Hook School shooting, following my accurate prediction of Hurricane Sandy's landfall and the subsequent videos.

In this instance though, I obviously put the fear of the Terrible Judge into them and now you can see how they reacted, and why. Hurricane Arthur perfectly matches the symbolism of a "mighty wind" on 7/4/2014, as described in the July 5th Facebook post above. What sets this successful short term prediction apart from others is that it perfectly matches what I wrote in late 2005 in "Eleven Now Speaks To You Urgently.".

In other words, not only did I do another accurate prediction in the short term lead-up shown above, but it also proves the accuracy of what I wrote in late December 2005. Further, Hurricane Arthur's timing and details in conjunction with existing global situations and current events serves as a verifiable date marker for the other symbolic details encoded, as well as more proof of the meaning of the symbology used. Keep in mind that the Vatican and cohorts greatly fear the outcome predicted by the Hebrew prophecies and they fear the truth about the symbology and meaning of the prophecies because they know the truth ends their age of power and wealth.

Likewise, they fear me because I am living proof of the truth about both history and prophecy. When I deliver undeniable proof of my ability to repeatedly present accurate symbolic prophecies, as well as accurately decoding the symbology of previous prophecies, they panic and act with great evil. Following are key details to better understand the import and meaning and why the Vatican would fear it to such a great extent.

July 4th, 2014 was both a redundantly symbolic date and a pivotal date in my prophecies, including that encoded within the Great Seal of the USA. In addition to the symbolism and other details I'll explore, there was a rare 4th of July hurricane on the East Coast of the USA. Hurricane Arthur was a July 3-4th "mighty wind" and yet another hurricane to fall on a symbolic day with 11 in the date (7+4=11). The digits of 7/4/2014 also summed to 18 (6+6+6), which again directly matches the numbers of the symbolic images on the front cover of my book. In other words, truth and justice comes to "666" (Vatican/Papacy) and it is the USA that helps me shine the light.

Notice also how Arthur affected all 13 original colonies. The association of "King Arthur" with this US Independence Day hurricane whose effects touched all 13 colonies, plus other details also matches the symbolism of a mighty wind. Mighty refers both to large and strong like a hurricane but also to the name of the "mighty king" Arthur. Additionally, flesh and bodies symbolize knowledge, while strength and might symbolize the amount and quality of wisdom within a body (of knowledge). Wind on the other hand refers to air which symbolizes our collective thoughts, hence a great change in peoples' thoughts will sweep away the old.

As has long been understood, the stories of King Arthur purposefully incorporate ancient wisdom and symbolism from the Book of Revelation and other Hebrew prophecies, as well as early western esoterica and mystery school themes associated with the Knights Templar and later with Freemasonry and the symbols of the USA. The sword in the stone uses the sharp two-edged sword symbolism (truth and justice and the wisdom of dualism) and merges it with the symbolism of stone for ancient wisdom. Hence, ancient wisdom holds the key to truth and justice and only the worthy can grasp and wield it.

Likewise, since truth, wisdom, and justice are symbolically feminine, they are often symbolized as women (Maat, Seshat, Isis, Sophia, etc.). The Lady of the Lake also wields the sharp two edged sword from the Book of Revelation which presents us with the symbolism of the Lady clothed in the sun (truth and justice) and the lake of burning fire, also a reference to deeds and events (waters) involving truth (light) and justice (heat). It also reminds us of the situations that led the original 13 colonies to declare their independence and rebel against British Royalty, which like other Christian monarchies, used the blatant deceptions of religion and great wealth (greed) to deceive and oppress citizens (subjects…). Like 1776, we are on the cusp of a great watershed that will forever change humanity and the conduct of our civilization. All the prophecies say the keys to that change are truth, wisdom, and justice.

The details of the prophecy "Eleven Now Speaks to you Urgently" presents the symbolism of a "mighty wind." The 7/4/2014 appearance of Hurricane Arthur was one of the details used to validate the timing of the three prophecies I wrote in late 2005 and early 2006, a little over eight years ago. Furthermore, we are now moving towards the 13th anniversary of 9/11/2001, now one month away. Notice that the symbolic value of that date (9+1+1+2+0+1+4), as derived from the sum of its digits, is 18. Likewise, just like 7/4/2014, that date also contains two 11's (9+1+1=11) and a 7 (2+0+1+4). Hence, the symbolic values of 7, 11, and 18 are found in both dates, 7/4/2014 and 9/11/2014, as well as on the front cover of my book .

Once again, there are no coincidences here. The meaning of this symbolism is the Vatican (symbolized by 666…) meets truth and justice (11, the Terrible Judge, etc.). Furthermore, the truth and justice that comes their way is directly associated with proof they masterminded the 9/11/2001 and 9/11/2012 (11th anniversary of 9/11) attacks and much of the chaos before, during, and after this period. As I have mentioned before, the purpose for the symbolism I use is to encode and present truth and wisdom. On the other hand, the Vatican and cohorts also use symbolism as the basis for their "dark magic" and to frame violent newsworthy events designed to spread fear, misdirection, and disinformation. Many will have failed to make this distinction and are thereby unable to tell the difference.

There are exactly 14 days counting from the Summer Solstice on 6/21/2014 to the 4th of July. Three days later is the date 7/7/2014, which is 17 days following the solstice. Notice that 2014 sums to 7, giving us three 7's in that date, which sum to 21. The 21st century is also the beginning of the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. You can be absolutely certain the founding fathers of the USA were fully aware of this and its symbolic significance, since the numbers 14 and 17 are uniquely encoded within the Great Seal of the USA.

As I have also shown earlier, the attacks on 9/11/2001 were purposely planned to occur on a redundantly symbolic date, as with so many of the other attacks and mass shootings that have occurred since then. They also involved precise symbolism in the timing and other pivotal details, showing that these events were planned and purposely designed to serve as some sort of bizarre blood and death magic ritual. In addition to spreading fear and causing great distractions, they are framed to serve the aims of the Vatican and its cohorts. For example, the Twin Towers were a giant number 11 and fell on the 11th, along with building number 7. Notice also the sum of that date's digits (9+1+1+2+0+0+1) is 14 and 9+1+1 sums to 11, matching the number of the day.

The Vatican and cohorts greatly fear what the USA represents and is predicted to do, but most especially because key founders purposely used stars and other pivotal ancient wisdom symbols as the basis for our national symbolism. The use of stars on the Great Seal are designed to encode proof of the relationship to the Hebrew prophecies, prophets, and their symbology, which flowed from ancient Egypt into ancient Judea-Israel and later into the hands of the Knights Templar, to eventually appear within the symbology of Freemasonry and the USA. Furthermore, the Great Seal of the USA is an advanced example of a symbolic illustrated prophecy, similar to the Vaticinia Nostradamus images I use on my book cover and web site. It verifiably encodes details designed to prove that Rome has been lying about its religious claims for the entire two millennia, as well as how and when those lies will be defeated.

In addition to the wisdom encoded by the symbolism and its expert design and presentation, the Great Seal of the USA encodes a very specific year, 2014, during which light (truth) and wisdom (the shining capstone above the unfinished pyramid) will come to rise above and defeat the darkness that has characterized the past several ages. The shining capstone also symbolizes wisdom coming to the great unfinished endeavor that is the USA, and then to all of humanity. For this reason, the Vatican and its cohorts have gone to great lengths to manipulate, scapegoat, and demonize the USA in the hopes that people ignore the messages encoded by key founders, which directly reflect the symbolic details passed along by the Hebrew prophets, but especially about the years leading up to 2014, and beyond.

Notice again that the digits 7+4 sum to 11 and the sum of all the date's digits (7+4+2+0+1+4) equals 18. Also, again notice the front cover of my book and the images numbered 11, 17, and 18. Also, that July, 4th, 2014 symbolically encodes 7, 11, and 18, and the digits of the day before (7/3/2014) sum to 17. Further, image 17 refers to the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar, which is also the 7th star, angel, and seal within the book of Revelation, and is redundantly encoded in the Great Seal of the USA. Likewise, as I have shown you, the year 2014 is encoded in the Great Seal by the 13 level unfinished pyramid, plus the shining capstone, which is also the 14th year of the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar.

Further Illuminating Motive, Methods, and Goals

As with their response (the Sandy Hook School Shooting...) to my accurate short term prediction of Hurricane Sandy and the followup analysis, they have again merged details of the original prediction with chosen details from the videos that followed immediately thereafter. It should be noted here that another thing they fear is my ongoing conversation with others who are watching my Facebook posts, as well as watching them and their cronies.

July 11th
July 14th

NOTE: As I am composing this and reviewing posts and testing video links I used in these posts I notice that none of the secondary videos will play on Facebook. If it is still a problem, click on their link to go to Youtube to watch them. Some are clearly very afraid of my use of symbolic videos which is why they are blocked and interfered with on occasion, as well as having lawyers go after people on Youtube who posted some of the videos I use. They appear more afraid of the "magical properties" of the symbolism and/or the effects on the mass consciousness, though spreading the truth about the meaning certainly bothers them too.

Keep in mind that Flight 17 was an American made Boeing 777 sporting a flag that looks very similar to the US Flag, but with an Islamic Crescent and Star. In my July 11th posting, simply described by "Double time…" You can see the US military theme and related symbolism. The third video is the US Air Force anthem and the video shows an array of US aircraft. Most important though is the repeated phrase, "Nothing can stop the US Air Force." One of the purposes for the shoot down of an American-made plane with a Russian SA-11 was their astoundingly arrogant response to that very specific phrase. Also, I am an Air Force brat and spent my whole youth as an Air Force dependent. This has not been lost upon them.

Next, on July 14th, I posted a story about Bastille Day, showing fireworks. More importantly though, I followed the earlier Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire" with "Ghost Riders in the Sky" and "Walk the Line." Between them is a short clip of Bruce Willis in Die Hard saying "Yippee-ki-yay, Motherfucker" and the whole post is titled "Yippee-ki-yay…". The "Ghost Riders in the Sky" title is an obvious perfect reference to a doomed passenger jet and that is how they used it to frame this event. Watch the Yippee-ki-yay video and keep in mind the general theme of the movie and the subsequent connotation given to "Yippee-ki-yay." Now also notice that he passes through a room with Asian sculptures, giving us one of the reasons for choosing the Malaysia Jet. The other is because of its closeness to Indonesia, which is where President Obama lived in his youth. Notice that this event is purposely using details from me, President Obama, and the Great Seal of the USA as part of its construction, with the obvious intention that we all go down in flames together. Notice also that President Obama's birthday is on the 4th and mine is on the 11th, which is 7 days later.

Next, the Walk the Line video starts out talking about 1955, the year I was born (8/11/1955) and I attached a note to that effect. There are multiple reasons this was so important to them to react in such a bizarre manner. First, my 1955 birthdate on the 11th matches details of Revelation and other prophecies and the sum of its digits is 30, which is the number of degrees in a zodiac age. This year though, the sum of the digits of 8/11/2014 equals 17. Also, I'll be 59 years old and 5+9=14. As you can see, both of those numbers as well as the multiple 7's were used in framing the timing and symbolism of this shoot down on the 17th. Two of the most important numbers encoded in the Great Seal of the USA are also the symbolic values associated with my birthday and age on 8/11/2014, during this year as verifiably encoded by the 13-level pyramid plus the shining capstone. Considering what I have already shown you about the Vatican's and cohort's obsessive use of date, number, and other symbolism as "dark magic" and the great effort and time they put towards it to block the truth, you can be sure they took the time to come up with the important details I've discussed and as you can see by now, it clearly scared the bejesus out of them.

Next, pay close attention that my birthdate is one month prior to 9/11 and both are on the 11th. Remember the name of the prophecy from late December 2005 is Eleven Now Speaks to You Urgently and Hurricane Arthur was cruising up the coast of all 13 colonies on 7/4. My birthdate this year and the 13th anniversary of 9/11 are purposely included in that reference, as well as the meaning of two candlesticks symbolizing Truth and Justice, and two pillars symbolizing the wisdom of dualism.


As with all other such events, I have been targeted locally simultaneously using a combination of tactics which always include sympathetic magic and related techniques backed up by harassment, (attempted) intimidation, noise, etc. The size of the effort and the resources used clearly points to very deep pockets and even deeper arrogance, both locally, in other states, and across the pond. The partnership between deep pockets, religious leaders, the right wing, and the Vatican have been on full display. The shoot down of Flight 17 on the 17th was no different. Here's a little recent insight from my Facebook page again. I'll expand on it later, but this is already more detail than most want to see in one article.

I started writing this last month, shortly after the shoot down and have waited until now to publish it as I observed others and allowed certain things to unfold before moving on to what comes next. Since the events of the 17th of July, the efforts against me locally have continued and it is clear the local actors are coordinating their efforts with those orchestrating these events and activities taking place elsewhere in the USA and the world. In the next article in this series I'll explore more proof of the use of magic and related techniques, both against me and on the world stage. When you look at the use of symbology as dark magic and sympathetic magic in the 7/17 event and the 9/11/2001 attacks, the correlations become obvious. Thanks to my efforts, you can now also see how the Vatican uses those same techniques and why this is happening now, during the early years of the 17th 360-year cycle on the Hebrew calendar. Until then…

The next article contains more details relevant to this and related events.

Peace and Wisdom…
"Step lightly among clouds so the new day heats your path as wisdom's sight perfects your way"…!!!